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16 DIY Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

A great way to jazz up your garden, patio, or yard is to incorporate decorative elements onto the walls or fences in the area. Although it is common to decorate walls inside the home, it is not typical to embellish outdoor walls. However, including some wall decor can add a personal touch and help develop the overall atmosphere of your outside space. Read on to gather some inspiration for outdoor wall decor.

16 DIY Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Hula Hoop Greenery

The beautiful part of DIY is that you can take the most ordinary objects and turn them into eye-catching decor that transforms your outside space. This project uses hula hoops and greenery to create a beautiful plant pattern across the wall. This project is excellent if you want your garden or patio area to look even leafier and immersed in nature. One cool way to jazz up this project is to replace the faux greenery with living greenery. If you are an advanced gardener, this could be a creative and fun way to expand your plant collection.

2. Boho Wall Art

If you are a fan of a boho look, then this wall art is a perfect choice. This design uses round strips of wood, but you can use any shape that appeals to you. However, the round strips are useful for creating mandala designs. There are a few ways to include art on the surface of the wood. You can use a wood-burning tool to make designs or even paint the wood! One thing to keep in mind is that it is important to seal the wood with a finish so that the weather does not damage it. Here’s a tutorial to help you DIY this wall art.

3. Doormat Dream

This DIY art design is great if you have a table or rectangular garden bed that you would like to highlight in your outdoor space. Believe it or not, this design only requires two materials, a doormat and spray paint. This doormat incorporates an intricate swirling design. However, the options for shapes and designs of doormats are unlimited! Another versatile aspect of this project is that you can spray paint the doormat any color you desire to go with your other outdoor accents.

4. Framed Moss

If you’re looking for a few smaller elements of decor, take a look at this DIY project. Moss wall ideas have taken the world by storm! This project combines a mossy natural look with a funky picture frame to create a unique addition to any wall. This project makes use of decorative moss. One pro to this design is that you can make as few or as many frames as you want, depending on the size of the wall you’re hoping to decorate. If you want to add your spin, then you can look for frames with different shapes and colors.

5. Rusting Floating Planter

This DIY wall art is ideal for plant lovers looking for creative ways to expand their garden. This project repurposes an old cookie tin to create a funky floating planter. Using acrylic paint and textured sponges, this planter is rustic and trendy. However, it is easy to choose a different color scheme for a brand-new look. For example, you could paint the tin black or white for a minimalist look. This floating planter is a fantastic home for succulents or other lower-maintenance plants. Here’s a nifty tutorial to create these rusting floating planters! All you need now is to learn how to maintain the moss wall!

6. DIY Dream Catcher

Another great choice for boho lovers, this dream catcher is made from unexpected materials. Believe it or not, they made this piece of decor from an old bicycle wheel. The center of the dream catcher is a vintage doily. The wheel is disguised by various fabric scraps, laces, and ribbons wound around it. Experiment with different colors and textures of fabric for an even groovier look.

7. Family Words

Does your garden or backyard feature any pillars? Pillars can be a great way to include unique vertical wall decor in the layout of your patio or outdoor space. This sign brings to mind fuzzy feelings of family and love. Using different sizes of wooden rectangles, this design features inspirational words.

8. Vintage Flowers

This wall art is perfect for vintage lovers. It makes use of a vintage window grill showcasing a colorful burst of flowers. Try searching at local vintage and thrift stores for an old vintage grate and experiment with painting or retouching the grate so that it matches your space. For the center of the grate, feel free to use fresh or artificial flowers.

9. Dragonfly Art

One of the most beautiful insects is the dragonfly. One item that is often thrown in the trash is damaged or worn-out fans. However, this is a brilliant way to repurpose those items and create something that looks brand new! They painted fans to create the long wings of the dragonfly. In this example, they used a table leg for the body of the dragonfly. However, you can use any long item you have lying around that is sturdy enough to support the wings of the dragonfly. Here’s a tutorial to help you make your giant dragonfly.

10. Tree Mural

This DIY mural is an innovative way to help out the neighborhood wildlife while adding a gorgeous accent piece to any wall. To create this masterpiece, use outdoor paint to design a beautiful tree on the side of your house, shed, or patio wall. Then place birdhouses on various branches of the mural. This creates the illusion that the birdhouses are hanging off the branches of the tree as they would be in real life! In addition, this helps make the neighborhood birds happy and well-fed.

11. Light-up Landscape

If you are hoping to add a touch of luminance to your outdoor space, this wall decor adds a warm, glowing ambiance to any setting. To make this project, you’ll need a sleek picture frame and a light feature that is safe for outdoor use. Placing the lighting inside the frame creates the effect of a 3D glowing landscape popping out of the frame. This design is amazing for those warm summer nights spent lounging on the deck or barbequing with friends.

12. Framed Tree

This project is similar to the last one. However, it is simpler and does not feature any lighting. You can collect branches from your garden to DIY this wall decor. This is special, as it adds sentimental value to the decor. Alternatively, you can purchase faux branches as well. After you have collected some beautiful branches, divide them into three sections. Place each section in a frame of your choice. This wall art is especially cool if you live near a forest as it brings a piece of local nature to your own home.

13. Garden Wall

Another delightful option for plant lovers is this DIY garden wall. To make this wall, you will need faux greenery such as ivy or grapevines. This project is very straightforward. Once you have chosen the greenery that appeals to you, then you can place the vines across the wall in a diamond pattern or any other pattern that looks good to you. One way to make this design pop is to intertwine fireproof twinkle lights, ribbons, or smaller strings of flowers with the main vine.

14. Trellis Shapes

Are you looking for a more rustic, natural piece of decor? This wall decor uses a variety of sticks to create different shapes, such as a rectangle or a circle. A wonderful bonus to this design is that it serves as the perfect trellis to grow climbing plants, such as clematis if you want to add a colorful embellishment to your area. However, even the plain branches make a lovely addition to outdoor decor, paying homage to nature.

15. Wooden Wreath

When it’s spring, people DIY tulip wreaths, there are wreaths for Halloween, and of course, wreaths for Christmas! But this is something in between. This is another unique DIY project that makes use of sticks. This project arranges smaller sticks in a circular shape, creating a look similar to a wreath. Have some fun and experiment with making different sizes of these wooden circles. It looks fantastic just displaying one, but you can also make a pattern by displaying a few different sizes next to each other on the wall.

16. Fence Gallery

For a colorful addition that leaves room for imagination, check out this wall decor. The only materials needed for this project are empty frames. You can use any old frames you have and paint them to match, or you can buy inexpensive frames from the dollar store. For a more unique look, try mixing and matching different frames. The way the frames are arranged on the fence is reminiscent of an art gallery.

In Summary

Wall decor is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. Not only is it a great creative outlet for experimenting with new DIY projects, but it has the power to transform the vibe of your garden or patio. Whether you are hoping to make a space to include even more plants or simply hoping to spruce up the aesthetic of your yard, the options are limitless!