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15 DIY Plant Stands and Shelves to Showcase Your Indoor Garden

Plants are good for your mental health, teach us the value of long-term investments of time, purify the air, and make the house look amazing, If you pair them with the right shelves, everything just falls into place. If you’re a fan of making things and crafting a unique style, you’re in the right place: these amazing DIY plant shelf ideas can help you make the most of your space and in your own style.


plant shelf tutorials for narrow spaces and window shelves

Simple Plant Shelves

This very simple but effective DIY plant shelf (above left) is ideal for small and narrow spaces. It is a project that doesn’t take a long time to complete and, when ready, you will have a set up consisting of a bunch of parallel plant shelves that are perfect from small and medium pots.

The project itself is very inexpensive, as you will mostly need some common boards, a nail gun, some paint for the finish, a chop saw and some sandpaper. As far as the complexity of the project is concerned, it’s mostly a matter of cutting the pieces of wood, nailing them as per the instructions given in the tutorial, and then mounting the end results to the wall.

Get the instructions on CleverBoom.

DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

Making these hanging plant shelves (above right) helps you take advantage of window space that would otherwise be wasted. All you need for this project are some bits of wood and rope, plus a series of tools that you probably already have lying around the house, like a drill and sandpaper.

diy plant shelf 3

The instructions are really easy to follow and you get explanatory images that will guide you along the way and make the process a lot smoother. Note that if you have any blinds at the windows, you should remove them before placing the hanging shelves. Also, make sure that you choose a window that doesn’t face the sun directly, as most house plants don’t require direct sunlight exposure.

Learn how on Living the Gray Life.

Suspended Plant Shelves

This shelf (at left) is is another simple and easy-to-make project for wall-mounted plant shelves that requires just a minimal investment in materials, as all you need are some wooden boards, some brackets, and some screws. You can also opt for spray paint if you want to give the shelves a particular color, but those of you on a budget can just keep the expenses to a minimum.

From that point on, it’s just a matter of measuring the wooden boards, cutting them to an appropriate size, drilling a few holes, and mounting the brackets on the wall so they can support the weight of the boards and the indoor plants. The instructions are straightforward and the pictures are really helpful in guiding you along the way.

See the tutorial at Greywood Mama.

indoor outdoor three shelf tier for plants diy 4DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf

Don’t let the name of the project fool you: it’s a perfect one for both indoor and outdoor plants, and it’s really easy to make if you have a little bit of spare time and some patience. This three-tier shelf project (right) has two upper shelves with elevated edges to prevents the pots from falling off.

Much like the other projects that involve making wooden shelves, this one mostly requires investing in the wood and screws that are necessary for the tutorial. Of course, you can choose to embellish your end result with something like string lights or perhaps by painting the shelves in your favorite colors, especially if you plant to use it inside.

Get the details on Hydrangea Treehouse.


Wire Plant Stand

What if we told you that making your own plant stands is as easy as learning how to bend wires. For example, this stand (below left) is a project that needs only a lampshade with a wire frame and a set of wire cutters. Optionally, you can buy a can of spray paint to give the stand the color you want.

If you buy a lampshade from a thrift store, you can remove the cover and then use the wire cutter to remove the center part that’s usually surrounding the lightbulb. The only tricky part is that you are going to have to find plant pots that fit into the wire gap, but that shouldn’t be too complicated if you bought an ordinary lamp shade.

Get the tutorial on The Merry Thought.

diy plant stands 5 and 6

Marble & Copper Plant Stands

This DIY project is a little more intricate and requires a larger investment in materials, but the end result is absolutely marvelous. By combining some copper inch pipes, marble tiles, and a few other tools that are needed for this project, you too can end up having these fabulous plant stands that are a regular statement.

The project isn’t that complicated either, as it involves a few cuttings for the copper pipes, using pressure tees, adding some strong glue, and having a little bit of patience while you wait for the glue to dry.

Learn how it works on A Joyful Riot.
drawer shelf plants diy 7

DIY Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand

This shelf (above) has to be one of the most ingenious projects we’ve seen in terms of DIY plant shelves. You’re basically repurposing and old drawer and giving it a fresh new look to use it as a planter on top of a stand. The project requires a little bit of paint so you can give your drawers a better aspect (and this is a part where you can get really playful).
plant stand diy 8
The project is more about paying attention to the details rather than doing any complicated work. As for the bottom part of the stand, you can simply purchase a folding tray table (you can find one for less than $10 on Target or Amazon’s website) and give it a fresh coat of paint as well, if needed.

Make your own with the tutorial from Happy Together by Jess.

Plywood Plant Stand

Using plywood to make plant stands is a cost-effective and easy idea that anyone can put into practice with a little bit of patience. The project at right requires minimal materials: plywood, a tape measure, a jigsaw or bandsaw, and a pencil.

What you will have to pay close attention to are the measurements you make before cutting. If the instructions aren’t clear, you are also provided with a reference picture that will hopefully make more sense. When you’re done, you will have created a simple, but visually effective plywood plant stand that goes really well in the living room, especially if you have a wooden coffee table.

Learn how to do it yourself at The Merry Thought.

Ladder Plant Stands

Simple Ladder Plant Stand

Ladder plant stands are absolutely gorgeous and while they tend to take up a little bit more space than hanging or wall-mounted shelves, they are worth the extra space they take up. This nifty DIY project (below left) requires some pine boards, glue, nails, tape measure, a table saw, sandpaper, and a few other small things that are either inexpensive or already found inside your home.

Provided that you don’t waste too much time on measuring and cutting the pine boards, this is the kind of project that could easily be finished in less than three hours even if you’re not the kind of person who is comfortable around power tools.

Get started with the instructions on The Merry Thought.

plant shelf diy 9 and 10

DIY Ladder Plant Stand

When we first saw this project (above right), we got this warm feeling inside and knew that we could create a zen plant corner anywhere in the house if we just made a ladder plant stand to keep all our pots and planters together. We decided to share this DIY plant stand tutorial with you because it’s easy to make and the end result is super-effective.

You can experiment with using different types of wood for this project as long as you follow the measurements correctly. If the written instructions are confusing, there is also a picture with the finished ladder stand where you get to see exactly how much every wooden piece is supposed to measure. The project shouldn’t take more than 2 hours, with the measuring and cutting of the wood being the most tedious and time-consuming part.

diy plant shelf 11

Find the tutorial at Giggle Living.

Outdoor Ladder Plant Stand

The outdoor ladder plant stand that you see in this picture costs less than $20 to make and it uses the instructions found in this tutorial. It is an easy project that almost anyone who can hold a hammer should be able to do. It uses 2 x 4 wooden boards and a few other materials, such as stain, glue, screws, saws, drill machine, tape measure, etc.

This project is a little more complex than the others we’ve seen but the end result looks really professional. People will easily mistake this ladder plant stand for something that people buy in stores. Once you’re done and you’ve smoothed out the edges, you can paint or stain the wood so that it can last outside in the sun and rain without rotting after the first couple of weeks.

Check out the video tutorial on How-To Specialist.

A-Frame Plant Stands

Easy DIY Plant Stand

Simple, yet very practical, this A-frame plant stand (below left) is perfect for people who want to have all their small and medium plants in one place. It is effective for indoor and outdoor use (make sure that the wood is treated if you plan to expose it to the elements).

The instructions are, once again, very simple to follow, with images that will guide you through the steps and offer reassurance that you’re going everything right. Overall, the project involves creating a basic ladder and then making the shelves that complete the structure of the A-frame stand.

Full instructions at How-To Specialist.

diy plant shelves 12 13

A-Frame Folding Plant Stand

When you look at the end result of this DIY project (above right), it kind of makes you want to try and do it yourself even if you don’t have a single succulent in the house! Made from cedar wood, this A-frame folding plant stand seems like the perfect accessory to showcase not just your plants, but your books, collectibles, holiday souvenirs, and whatever else deserves to be on this unconventional pedestal.

This particular project might be a little more complicated than the rest, but don’t let the pictures of a benchtop planer cutting wooden boards intimidate you: there are other ways to make this happen even if you don’t have such fancy equipment at home. You can also try purchasing wooden bits that are already cut in the size needed, or you can cut them yourself using a handsaw. Might take longer, but it’s doable.

Learn how at Created by V.

Cheap DIY A-Frame Plant Stand

Making your own ladder plant stand isn’t as complicated as it may seem, and you don’t even have to purchase a ladder to make it happen. If you are the least bit passionate about DIY projects, you can use a bunch of boards, some hinges, tape measure, sandpaper, varnish, some stain, and a few other tools to make your own cool-looking ladder stand to showcase your favorite plants. Also, the fact that they are all in one place makes it easier to water them.

As for the instructions, each step is carefully accompanied by pictures that you can use for confirmation to see if you’re doing everything right. When everything is in place, you should end up with a beautiful ladder plant stand that provides you with plenty of space for your pots and planters.

Get the free plans at My Bright Ideas.

diy plant shelves 14 and 15

Modern A-Frame Plant Stand

The reason why A-frame plant stands are so popular isn’t just because they can fit a lot of different plants, but also because everyone loves to see the combination of wood in contrast with the green of the plants and other flower colors. This last project that we wanted to show you uses a bunch of Home Depot materials (such as plywood, scrap wood, nails, or golden hinges).

Aside from the fact that you have a list of well-explained step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by pictures, there is also a video embedded that will show you exactly how the tutorial creator made this amazing A-frame plant stand come to life. Have to say, this is one of our favorite DIY projects for plant shelves.

Learn more at Handmade Haven.

Bottom Line

As you can see, making your own plant shelves or stands isn’t all that complicated, nor is it expensive up to a point where it’s not even worth the try. Of course, you can always turn to ready-made shelves available in online and offline stores, but when you have a free weekend with nothing much to do, why not put your skills to the test and make something that you can take pride in? Have you ever tried making your own plant shelves?