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7 DIY Plant Stands and Shelves to Showcase Your Indoor Garden

You work hard to ensure your plant babies receive the proper care and attention each and every day. Why not take the opportunity to showcase your hard work for all to enjoy?

When it comes to displaying your plants, shelves and stands are a stunning addition to any home. They help plants reach those brilliant rays of sunlight, add height variation, and show off your indoor gardening skills!

Don’t want to invest in pre-made plant stands or shelves? Do you prefer to get your hands dirty? Take a look at these seven DIY plant stands and shelves to showcase your indoor garden!

Laundry Rack Shelf

If you want to save on building material costs, then this is the DIY plant shelf for you! This laundry rack shelf is easily made with the items in and around your home.

Firstly, find a laundry rack that is the height and style you prefer. Either use your own, or head to local second-hand stores to find one. Because a laundry rack is made to support the weight of wet laundry, the only thing you need is to find shelves!

Use anything from shallow baskets to unused trays, or even leftover wooden boards from other DIY projects. Rest these horizontally across the rungs, secure them in place, and fill the make-shift shelves with your plants!

Pallet Shelves

For those who like rustic furniture, use pallets for your DIY projects. Specifically, use pallet boxes to make your very own plant shelves!

This is a great DIY solution for those who may not have access to advanced wood working or building tools. Not to mention, pallets and pallet boxes are often given away for a fair price by local sellers.

To create this plant shelf, acquire as many pallet boxes as you want, to meet the height and width you desire. Use basic tools like a drill, screws, stud finder, and wall anchors to guarantee the stability of your new shelves.

Arrange your pallet boxes in any pattern you like, securing them together. Once that is complete, you’re done! You made a DIY plant shelf to showcase your beautiful plant babies!

Stool Plant Stands 

Need a DIY project that requires little to no effort on your part? The answer is these incredible stool plant stands.

Take the opportunity to visit local thrift stores or search online for local sellers to find the items you need. Look for bathroom, bar, or shop stools that are made of wood – the color and size don’t matter.

Once in your possession, use a saw to cut down the legs of the stool to the height you want. Sand the cut ends down to make them smooth. If you like the stool color, great! If not, use wood stains or the paint of your choice to make it completely yours.

Once it is painted, add felt furniture pads to protect your flooring, then set your plants in their new home. Just like that your stool plant stands are ready for showcasing!

Macramé Plant Shelf Hangers

Are you a fan of crafting? If that’s the case, then show off your tying skills with these adorable macramé plant hangers!

Not sure how to macramé? Follow online tutorials to easily learn how to make them! Once your plant hangers are made, begin to install the shelf.

Find a rack or board to hang up high. Either suspend your new shelf between two sturdy structures or use L-brackets to secure it to the wall. When using L-brackets, verify the weight limitations to ensure it is able to withstand your numerous plants.

Finally, add hooks to the end of your macramé creations and set your plants to hang from their new home. Don’t forget to add some plants on top of the shelf for even more foliage!

Pro Tip: Don’t want to manage a drainage tray in your macramé hangers? Grow houseplants that don’t need drainage holes!

Horizontal Plant Ladder Shelves 

An artistic way to hold your plants is to use a ladder! But this DIY shelf is hung horizontally.

Find a wooden ladder that matches your aesthetics and use basic wall-hanging tools to suspend it. Hanging hardware like D-rings and drywall anchors are good for heavy loads. Look for studs within the wall and use these to anchor your new shelf in place.

Once the ladder is hung, it is time to decorate! Add each of your potted plants along the top and bottom side rails. Keep in mind, this horizontal plant ladder shelf works best for smaller plants.

Another great option is to place newly propagated plants, water-grown plants, or small terrariums here!

Vertical Plant Ladder Shelves

Similar to the horizontal plant ladder shelf, this DIY project requires very few building materials. Though instead of using a single-section ladder, it uses a step ladder.

Find the place in your home with the best lighting for your houseplants and set up the ladder. Next, cut boards or planks to the width and distance of the ladder rungs on each side. Place your measured and cut boards through the center, resting on the rungs on opposite ends, and voila! You have a plant shelf!

Pro Tip: Some plants work better for vertical gardens! Check out these five best plants to add to your vertical plant ladder shelves.

Railroad Tie Stand

A common solution for outdoor retaining walls, railroad ties! But, they’re also a great solution for storing your plants indoors.

This rustic beam is thick enough to support wide planter pots, but not so big as to fill up a room. It works to raise your plants up off the floor and gives access to more sunlight.

To build this stand, find a railroad tie that works for the length of your space. Purchase a pair of bench legs that match your style and attach them to the base on either end. Remember to verify that the legs are able to withstand the weight of the beam and your plants.

To finish, secure the legs tightly in place, and now is the time to flaunt plants of all kinds!

Start Showcasing!

Ready to relish in the ooh’s and ahh’s of home visitors when they see your grand display of plants? Grab those building materials and create your own plant stands and shelves!

Make something simple like pallet shelves or do a project involving more intricate details like the macramé shelf hangers. Whatever you choose to make, create something worthy of your plants!

Have you done a DIY shelf or stand display for your plants? Comment below with your favorite ways to show off your houseplants!

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