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15 DIY Indoor and Outdoor Plant Stand Tutorials

You have the perfect plant, the perfect pot, the perfect room or spot on the patio… and no stand or shelf to tie it all together. Not to worry. With these DIY plant stand ideas, you can showcase your plants—with style, on the cheap, and in an afternoon. Pick your favorite tutorial and get to work building the perfect easy-peasy plant stand for your plants, indoors or out.

Outdoor Plant Stands

Versatile Stand

This patio plant stand is versatile in that it stands up to the elements, but also looks great inside your home. Because it requires few materials, it’s affordable and easy to put together. The tiered style allows you to put two large plants on the stand or two small plants. But it’s not ideal for taller plants.

Rustic Stand

If you’re looking for a cheap way to store your plants, this $20 plant stand is the way to go. You may even be able to build this for less than $20, depending on what you have on hand. It has a rather rustic appearance, so it won’t work well in a yard with modern decor. That said, it’s simplicity could make it the right addition to your backyard.

Watch the tutorial here.

Plant Shelf

If you can still a few holes and pound a few nails, you can build this outdoor plant shelf. It’s simple to build and the instructions are very clear. More importantly, the stand looks great on patios and in yards. It has three tiers, but each tier can fit quite a few plants. If you have tall plants, they’ll have no issue on the top shelf. But the lower shelves are better for small plants.

This video has the simple step-by-step instructions.

Easiest Outdoor Stand

One could argue that this is the easiest of the DIY plants stands to make. There’s only one material you need to make this – a tomato cage. First, you cut your tomato cage to for your chosen pot. Then, you place your pot in the stand. There’s no need for fancy tools or any hard labor. In only a few minutes, this stand will be ready for your pot.

Here’s a quick video guide.

Herb Stand

Do you want to completely eliminate the need for pots? With this herb stand, you can plant directly in the planter. As long as you have good soil for it, your plants will be happy. This stand has a simple design, but a modern appearance. The angled frame gives you four separate stands, which means you have plenty of space to grow all of your favorite herbs.

Cheap Plant Stand

Not all plant stands need to be stylish. If you’re more concerned about affordability and ease of design, check out this video. It’s one of the easiest DIY plant stands to build because there’s almost no construction required. Simply get four cinder blocks and two pieces of plywood.

Check out the quick tutorial. 

Rolling Plant Stand

If you have some skills working with wood, this rolling plant stand won’t be too difficult for you to put together. It’s very tall and can fit many plants, so this stand really makes a statement. With built-in wheels, the stand is easy to move around on your lanai or patio.

diy plant stand tutorials outdoor and indoor display ideas

Ladder Stand

This plant ladder might be made for outdoor use, but it’s stylish enough for indoor use as well. What makes this ladder stand out is its top tier. On the top tier, there are four cutouts for pots. The bottom two tiers are flat surfaces, which gives you the flexibility to configure your plants however you want. It might not be the easiest stand to build, but it is one of the most unique.

Check out the how-to video here. 

Indoor Plant Stands

Minimalist Stand

For a refined yet minimalistic look, you might want to build this plant stand. It isn’t too difficult or expensive to build, and the end result is worth the effort. A double tiered A-frame makes it possible for you to fit quite a few plants on this stand. If you have a lot of succulents to showcase, this stand won’t let you down.

Learn how to make your own.

Bookshelf Stand

You don’t need to be a master woodworker to build a stylish indoor plant shelf. What makes this plant stand so great is its simplicity. Essentially, it’s a bookshelf. With multiple shelves made of boards and 3x8s, this stand costs less than $20 to make. Putting it together is very simple and won’t take much time. It matches almost any decor, making it perfect for any room of your home.

See the DIY instructions!

tutorial for low cost midcentury plant standLow Cost Stand

Perhaps the most affordable of all the DIY plant stands, this project (right) costs under $5. The end result is a mid-century style stand that looks best when paired with a tall and bushy tree. However, you can put almost any plant in it. Using dowels, wood glue, and a pot of your choice, you can make a stylish stand for a single plant. The only tools you need are a drill and a hack saw.

Build your own!

Elegant Stand

If you’re willing to spend a little time on your plant stand, this three-tiered build is a worthy choice. It’s simple, yet elegant. Ideal for modern, contemporary, and even bohemian decors, this stand showcases trailing plants very well. A pothos would look great on it, but almost any indoor plant would work on this stand.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Simple Stand

Sometimes, simplicity is best. This is one of the DIY plant stands for you if you only want a single stand that’s easy to make. In fact, this stand is so simple that it will only take a few materials from the dollar store. You need two pizza pans, some dowels, and a few other materials, you can have a bohemian chic plant stand. Place a bushy plant or a flowering plant on the stand, and you’ll really attract attention.

A Frame Ladder Stand

For a real showstopper, you should make this A-frame ladder stand (below). You need a few power tools to make this, and it can be time consuming. But the end result is worth the effort. The stand works well with bohemian and modern decors, depending on the plants and the pots. Whatever plants you choose to place on this stand, you’ll have a conversation starter in your home.

Check out the video.

DIY plant stand tutorial a-frame ladder indoor plant stand

Reclaimed Wood Stand

As long as you have some wood scraps laying around, this stand will cost you almost nothing to build. Cut down your scraps of wood to size and follow the directions in the video. You can stain it for a more refined look. When your stand is done, you’ll have a place to show off your favorite plant and pot.

Gather your things and get DIYing!


Whether you’re a professional carpenter or someone who doesn’t know a scroll saw from a hack saw, you can build your own plant stand. These DIY plants stands range from simple to complex. Pick out your favorite one and get ready to show off your favorite plants.