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Amazing Raised Garden Bed Ideas Any Beginner Can DIY

As DIY lovers, we know how difficult it can be to incorporate creative and, at the same time, budget-friendly ideas in your garden. And while there are numerous of them out there on the world wide web, not many of them are actually suitable for beginners. So if you like container gardening, and at the same time prefer using raised garden beds, this is the article for you! There are many benefits of using raised garden beds.

Not only do they give you control over the health and quality of your soil, but they also save you from the laborious work of bending and kneeling, especially if you spend hours gardening outside. They’re great for people who suffer from constant back pains. Apart from that, raised garden beds look nicer and help keep critters away. Soil drainage is better in raised garden beds and weeding would be less painful. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some amazing raised garden bed ideas that are absolutely perfect, even for amateur DIY-ers.

8 Amazing Raised Garden Bed Ideas Any Beginner Can DIY

1. Waist Height Raised Planter

waist height raised garden bed
Image credits: Wicked Makers via YouTube

Gardening is considered to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable hobbies out there. However, it can be very difficult to maintain and practice if you have physical discomforts such as knee pains or back pains. Moreover, this solution is perfect for pregnant women and elderly people. Wicked Makers came up with an interesting tutorial on how to make a DIY waist-height raised planter box.

The tools you will need are:

  • Miter Saw
  • Circular Saw
  • Drill
  • Trim Router
  • Impact Driver
  • Kreg Jig
  • Tape Measure

The needed materials are:

  • Rough Sawn Cedar (2x4s)
  • Cedar Fence Pickets (1×6)
  • Exterior Paint
  • Varnish
  • Exterior Screws
  • Wood Glue

2. Stacked Logs Raised Garden Planter

logs raised garden bed
Image credits: eggrole via Creative Commons

This one is perhaps the easiest one to do. While it is extremely simplistic, it can also bring a very welcoming and rustic vibe to your garden. Furthermore, it is a very eco and budget-friendly way to incorporate them into your backyard. First, you will need to dig down into the ground and create a border for your planter. Next, you will have to build the log walls. We recommend you use the overlapping logs approach, which looks better and is much stronger. However, it will take longer to construct. You can find out more about how to create this DIY stacked logs raised garden bed project.

3. Fabric Raised Planter

fabric raised garden bed
Image credits: Colorado High Altitidue Gardening via YouTube

While this is a very simple raised planter, it is also extremely beneficial for the plants as well. Fabric-raised beds are a guarantee that your plant’s roots are well aerated and have a good level of drainage. They are perfect for vegetables and root crops. Moreover, you will be guaranteed that you will have a higher yield in the end. The lightweight fabric beds are easy to assemble and come in many colors and sizes. Furthermore, they are a very cheap alternative, compared to most of the other DIY projects we’ve mentioned. Here’s a tutorial on how to build your own fabric-raised garden bed planter.

4. Tiered Raised Bed Planter

Tiered Raised Bed Planter
Image credits: mccun934 via Creative Commons

Tiered planter boxes are probably the most complicated option we’re suggesting, but if done right, they can be the star of your garden and make heads turn. One of their best features is that they can be stacked upon one another for a few tiers, thus creating a fantastic hanging garden. Moreover, some of them can even feature a trellis which is very helpful if you have climbing plants you want to incorporate. Here’s an in-depth tutorial detailing the steps and plans for building a tiered planter.

Materials and tools you will need are:

  •  Lumber per the plans
  • 16 wide corner braces
  • Miter saw
  • Kreg jig
  • Power drill
  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Staple gun
  • Landscape fabric
  • Pocket hole screws

5. Simple Raised Bed With 4×4 Posts

4x4 raised garden bed
Image credits: shawncampbell via Creative Commons

Taking a more simplistic and classic approach by making simple wooden raised beds is also a good idea. If you are looking to create a farmhouse backyard look that is still elegant, this is the option for you. This is also one of the easier DIY projects since it doesn’t require much in terms of equipment and materials and is not as time-consuming as the rest. Here’s a nifty tutorial that talks about how to build an easy DIY 4×4 raised garden bed. The materials and tools you will need will be:

  • Drill and screwdriver
  • Handsaw and tape measure (if you are cutting the planks yourself)
  • 2 pieces of 8-foot long 2”x6” lumber
  • Exterior screws
  • 2×4 or 4×4 pieces to use in the corners to screw or nail the other pieces to

6. Trough Raised Bed

Trough Raised Bed
Image credits: mikecogh via Creative Commons

It may seem as though troughs have one single purpose – to be used for food and water for animals. However, they also make fantastic raised beds! What’s even better is that you can turn them into both waist height and on-ground ones with very minimal effort. Furthermore, they are designed to be portable and are made entirely out of materials that will not get damaged easily. Just don’t forget to add some drain holes. Otherwise, this adventure will have a very abrupt and fatal end for your plants. For more information, take a look at this detailed tutorial on how to convert your trough into a raised garden bed.

8. Used Tires Raised Garden Planter

recycled tire raised planter
Image credits: Noble Research Institute via YouTube

If you’re looking for cheap and creative ways to repurpose old tires, how about converting them into planters? Used tires may not be your first choice for a raised garden planter however, they have become more and more popular lately. This is because they are one of the more eco-friendly options. Bigger tires, for example, the ones from a tractor or a big truck, are very good if you want to create a higher raised bed, whereas car tires make very nice “pots” for flowers. There isn’t a lot you need to do in order to complete this project. You will need to attach something to the bottom of the tire so that the soil stays in it. However, ensure that there are holes in the bottom for proper water drainage. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a raised garden planter out of used tires.

9. Concrete Block Raised Bed

concrete raised bed
Image credits: oliva732000 via Creative Commons

Concrete blocks are ideal for gardening and can serve a purpose in quite a few creative gardening ideas. While they can be used as pots themselves, they can also be utilized in the creation of a raised garden bed. All you will need to do is dig into the ground a couple of inches, so as to ensure that the blocks are secured in place, and build up from there. Making raised garden beds can become very pricey if you don’t pay attention. This is why we recommend using cinder blocks – they are only about $1 each, which makes them a cheaper option. Here’s a tutorial about making a concrete block raised bed.

In Summary

Raised garden beds can bring a lot of benefits to your garden. Some of the more notable ones are the lower amount of weeds, easily controlled pH levels, lower soil erosion, and longer growing time. This is why it is recommended to use them, instead of planting them directly into the ground. Unfortunately, custom-made raised garden beds can often be extremely pricey and some of the fancier DIY ones are difficult to put together. This is why we made this list of the eight amazing raised garden bed ideas any beginner can DIY. Hopefully, it has inspired you!

Happy Gardening!