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DIY Vertical Garden with Pallets Designs and Ideas

Vertical gardening is an amazing way to grow practically anything (well, besides shrubs and trees!) with very little cost sunk into it. Using pallets to build a vertical garden costs even less money and often takes less time.

If you’ve got pallets at your disposal and limited space, these vertical gardens with pallets designs and ideas could be exactly what you’re looking for to spark creativity and get that new garden started.

Free-Standing Pallet Herb Garden

Vertical herb garden built from pallet wood
Image credits: Virginia State Parks via Flickr

If you’re tight on space but don’t have a wall you can adhere to your vertical garden to, this pallet herb garden design is a perfect choice. It doesn’t require a lot of construction, it stands on its own, and you can get to planting within a few hours.

No-Build Hanging Pallet Garden

Pallet filled with plants, hanging on red wall
Image credits: BracketBrick via Flickr

This one is for the less-handy sort. No building required! Just line the bottoms of the inside of the pallets, fill with soil, plant your seeds or seedlings, and hang. All done!

Small Hanging Lettuce Garden

Lettuce and other plants growing in small hanging garden boxes
Image credits: dieneves via Pixabay

If you’re looking for a more precise look, this design is a great option for you. You’ll look like you’ve got a professionally designed hanging lettuce garden for your wall, but it’s just made from pallet wood and stained or painted.

Pansy Wall

Pansies growing inside a pallet, hung on the wall
Image credits: various Brennemans via Flickr

Another no-build option is this hanging pansy wall. You can stick with pansies or, of course, switch out the flowers for other options. Personally, I’d probably choose a plant that grows full greenery to fill in the “cracks” here, but honestly, any well-cared-for plant will do the trick.

Strawberry Wall Planter

Strawberry plants peeking up through a pallet planter
Image credits: Sylvia Thor via Pixabay

Another twist on the pansy wall is the Strawberry wall. Plant the strawberries while the pallet is on the ground, then lift it and hang it up, and voila – easy, simple, strawberry pallet garden vertical planter.

Simple No-Build Multi-Garden

Multiple pallets on a wall, filled with plants
Image credits: Maryland Science Center via Flickr

For the folks with wall space but no desire to deconstruct and reconstruct anything with pallets, this is the perfect option. Simply hang the pallets on the wall, fill them with soil and plants, and you’re done.

Solid Pallet Succulent Garden

Succulents growing in a pallet wood planter
Image credits: Ben Chun via Flickr

This design works perfectly with solid pallets made of plywood. You’ll clean up the pallet a bit, turn it on its side, and stand it tall. Fill the built-in “boxes” with your succulents and enjoy.

Decorative “Messy” Vertical Vine Garden Box

Vine plants and decorative pieces bursting out of pallet wood planter
Image credits: Christine McIntosh via Flickr

For the more artistically inclined, this design is an award-winner, according to the photo credits. And you can see why. The unique vertical garden has a box built at the bottom with a pallet wall behind, providing the decorative vine plants to climb freely and take over with wild abandon. Add your unique touches to create your distinct look.

Open “Window” Standing Vertical Garden

Vertical garden made from painted pallet
Image credits: sommonedbyfells via Flickr

For this design, you’ll need to add some feet to the pallet and remove a few of the slats, so there’s more room for the plants to “boom” within freely. The design looks great and works well for many plant types that get a bit bigger than some of the other designs allow for.

Painted Pallet Flower Box

Half-painted green pallet filled with flowers
Image credits: Brendan Purdy via Flickr

Another simple pallet vertical garden option is this painted pallet flower box. It doesn’t require much reworking of the pallets, though you’ll obviously need to add a coat of paint. Alternate the paint like this design or make the whole thing a solid shade, if you like. The result is a lovely and simply built vertical planting zone for a variety of plants.

Leaning Wall ‘O Herbs

Herb garden in pallet wood
Image credits: Kaija via Flickr

For those looking to free up space for an herb garden, this simple idea is great. It’s just using the pallet, virtually as is, filling the panels with soil, then planting those herbs. They’ll naturally peek out between the panels, seeking sunlight, though you will probably want to train them to help them all the way out like those pictured here.

Your Best Vertical Garden Design

Vertical gardening is, of course, a great way to grow a variety of plants at home without losing a lot of ground space. The right design, however, will make all the difference. I’d recommend considering each option carefully, based upon your construction and gardening skills equally. Most are pretty easy on both, but a few require some extra know-how.

While using pallets for your climbing and wall gardens is pretty easy and inexpensive, too. However, it’s important to gather up your vertical gardening tools before embarking on this little adventure. I recommend building your gardening foundation (i.e. the pallet planters) before getting the plants or seeds ready.