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50 DIY Water Feature Ideas for Your Home and Backyard

Terra Cotta Pot Fountain

Terra Cotta Pots
Image credits: RASimon via Canva

Here’s another simple flowerpot fountain that uses terra cotta pots specifically for a distinct look. Follow the easy tutorial, and in no time, you’ll have this multi-tiered fountain bubbling away on the front lawn.

Terra Cotta Fountain

Terra Cotta Fountain
Image credits: TinkerJim via Canva

For a different take on a terra cotta pot fountain, check out this tutorial on Instructables. This one has a more “traditional” shape to it and shows you exactly how to achieve that.

Styrofoam Form Tabletop Fountain

Image credits: jinglemarket via Canva

Here’s a unique DIY water feature that uses Styrofoam forms to create the fountain. Follow the YouTube tutorial carefully to craft this unique piece. The best part? It’s a light-up fountain!

PVC Pipe Indoor Waterfall

PVC Pipes for Drinking Water
Image credits: akaratwimages via Canva

You can craft this unique indoor water feature using PVC pipes in different sizes. Just follow the YouTube tutorial that calls for a drilling machine, foam board, sandpaper, PVC, and silicone. It’s easy and doable for most folks.

Illuminated Water Bottle Tabletop Fountain

Illuminated clear recyclable plastic water bottle
Image credits: fulcrumsf via Canva

Here’s another fun water feature you can craft from “junk” you’ll recycle. Specifically, you’ll need to find some water bottles and some PVC pipes and casting. It’s easy, fun, and looks amazing, especially when lit up.

Recycled Tea Kettle Fountain

fountain made of cup and tea pot
Image credits: pavel_balanenko via Canva

If you’re like me, you’ll love this idea that uses an old tea kettle to create a brand-new water fountain! You’ll need an old metal kettle that still holds water, some bowls, a barrel, and maybe some rocks to create it with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Mini Tabletop Waterfall

small fountain
Image credits: kainoi007 via Canva

For an indoor water feature that won’t take up much space, consider making one of these mini tabletop waterfalls. The YouTube video shows you every step of the process, including the supplies you’ll need. It won’t take long to make!

Relaxing Tabletop Fountain

Mini fountain for garden decoration
Image credits: Kwhisky via Canva

This gorgeous tabletop fountain is probably going to be my next DIY project. Seriously. It is beautiful! And the guys who do the video are fun and quirky and make the tutorial easy to watch and follow along. You’ll need some pipes, of course, and the supplies (as listed) to make your geodes!

Tabletop Bamboo Fountain

Traditional Bamboo Fountain in Japan
Image credits: vasaleks via Canva

If your idea of a tabletop fountain is more like what you’d find in a Zen garden, this tutorial is the one for you! It will take you through the process of making a beautiful, simple tabletop bamboo fountain you can use indoors or out.

Ceramic Bowl Fountain

Water fountain
Image credits: GaryAlvis via Canva

Another simple tabletop fountain you’ll love is this beautiful but simple ceramic bowl fountain. It’s perfect for use on the patio, the front porch, the office, or just about anywhere that you can plug it in.

Fairyland Fountain

Fairyland Fountain
Image credits: artwithdEva via Instructables

This unique fountain is intended for indoor use, and I absolutely love it! It’s like bringing a magical fairy garden into the house. Follow the instructions on Instructables, but make it your own with recycled materials like plastic jars and containers, bottles, decorative stones, beads, and more.

Galvanized Bucket Solar Fountain Planter

metal bucket
Image credits: NevaF via Canva

I am all about using solar energy to run anything I possibly can to help save the planet and relieve pressure on my pocketbook. This lovely, galvanized bucket solar fountain is now a favorite idea because of it! Follow the tutorial for a fun, attractive solar fountain planter you can make in just a weekend.

Upcycled Canoe Pond

Flooded Canoe
Image credits: joeygil via Canva

I love this idea for anyone who’s got an old, no longer functioning canoe, kayak, or johnboat. Follow the instructions on Hometalk and turn that old small watercraft into a full-on pond for the front or back yard!

Little Mermaid Fountain

Little Mermaid Fountain
Image credits: joeygil via Canva

For those who grew up with Disney’s The Little Mermaid as a favorite movie, this indoor fountain hits the nostalgia spot. Follow along with the tutorial to create this beautiful feature and enjoy it with your own kids.

Tipsy Solar Fountain

Solar bubbler birdbath
Image credits: Beth Bachelor via Canva

Here’s another fun solar fountain that’s easy to make. This one, though, is a “tipsy” fountain, meaning the planter uses a solar-powered pump to get all goofy on you! Enjoy this fun galvanized bucket design for a cheap, fun outdoor water feature.

Zen Fountain

Zen fountain
Image credits: dirsve via Canva

No list of outdoor water features would be complete without an option for a beautiful indoor Zen fountain like this one. Follow the instructions to create an elegant fountain using a ceramic bowl, small pump, river rocks, and epoxy.

Illuminated Fountain

Illuminated Fountain
Image credits: ManuelM126 via Instructables

Another fun indoor fountain option is this unique illuminated fountain that uses a stone tile mat, an LED strip, glass stones, and a pump to create a beautiful, colorful fountain. Follow the instructions carefully, but tweak your ideas to make them work well for your space.

Salvaged Sink Birdbath

Natural sinks in the garden
Image credits: myrainjom01 via Canva

Not all water features are for human enjoyment alone! This particular water feature helps you salvage an old sink for the pleasure of birds who’ll love making your garden their summery home. The fun DIY won’t take that long to make, and your feathery friends will love it.

Rustic Trickling Waterwall

Outdoor shower
Image credits: ShotShare via Canva

For a simple yet beautiful rustic water feature that won’t cost a fortune, consider making this rustic trickling watefwall. The wooden box base hides the plastic container, and the waterfall uses an old makeshift shower head for a gorgeous and surprisingly soothing feature for the back or front yard.

Salvaged Bathtub Garden Pond

Bathtub Planter
Image credits: Shellphoto via Canva

I love anything that salvages old materials, so this salvaged bathtub garden pond makes me super happy. Just find an old clawfoot tub at a salvage yard and follow the instructions for a gorgeous, unique water feature.

Glazed Ceramic Egg Fountain

Ceramic Decorative Fountain
Image credits: ArtTower from Pixabay via Canva

For a beautiful, colorful fountain, check out this tutorial for a glazed ceramic “egg” fountain. And though it might like super complicated, it’s a fairly easy project with just a few steps. Follow the instructions carefully for beautiful results!

Mini Waterlily Garden

Waterlily Flower
Image credits: scrisman via Canva

If you think you’d like something a bit different from the run-of-the-mill water feature, consider this miniature waterlily garden. The tutorial will take you through all the steps necessary to create a fairly simple, inexpensive container water garden.

Pondless Waterfall

Image credits: Albert Paran via Canva

If you have a little bit of space but not too much or simply don’t want a full-on pond, this little DIY pondless waterfall might be the perfect water feature for you. It won’t take up much space, is reasonably easy to build, and adds a lot of beauty without a lot of maintenance.

Natural River Rock Fountain

China Garden River
Image credits: ssiltane via Canva

For those with a bit more advanced DIY skills, this natural river rock fountain could be just the thing you’re looking for. You’ll need to be able to lay concrete if you don’t already have the “right” spot within a concrete space and do a bit of digging, among other things. The result is gorgeous and adds a unique and wonderful touch of natural beauty, despite being human-made.

Water Features Galore!

Whether you ultimately opt for a few fountains, build a pond, or create your waterfall indoors or out, you’ll find your water features keep on giving that peaceful, lovely feeling of soothing comfort.

Before you choose, keep in mind the kind of maintenance required to keep your water feature running. How much outdoor living space you’ll require to build it, and what kinds of activities do you want to enjoy around it (e.g., lazy reading by the waterfall versus someplace the kids can play).

Build and enjoy! And don’t forget to find some great aquatic plants to add!