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40 DIY Winter Wreath Ideas for Your Front Door

There are so many more seasons for wreaths than just Christmas. I love hanging wreaths around the front and back doors all seasons. But I’ve had difficulty finding lovely winter wreaths that I’d be proud to hang up on my door when that Christmas wreath comes down.

Being crafty, though, I have tons of options for wreaths I can make at home. I’ve rounded up a ton of projects for you to consider making for this winter, too – in case you, like I, can’t find any great ones from the store or just want to make your own.

Book Page Wreath

Looseleaf book pages
Image credits: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

As a musician and bookworm, this particular wreath really appeals to me as a beautiful, subtle winter wreath, although I’d be game to use it in any season. You’ll just need some old novels or sheet music (I’m planning on combining the two!) to craft with as you follow this tutorial.

Upcycled Hula Hoop Wreath

wreath made form hula hoops
Image credits: Elena Chukovskaya via Pixabay

For a giant wreath, check out this hula hoop wreath tutorial. You’ll use paper for embellishments, or if you’re crafty enough, you can find some other materials to tweak it with for outdoor use in wetter climates.

Snowman Wreath

Adorable snowmen decorations lined up on shelf
Image credits: Artem Kniaz via Unsplash

Instead of just one snowman wreath, here’s a whole round-up of snow wreath tutorials and ideas you just might love for your post-Christmas front door. The Fluffy Snowman Wreath is my favorite!

Plaid Scraps Wreath

Plaid fabric stacked
Image credits: Henrik Hjortshøj via Unsplash

Suitable for Christmas or general wintertime, this plaid scraps wreath is a perfectly easy and wonderfully cozy wreath to make up this season. Gather plaids of common colors or mix it up – however you like! – or go with just two plaids that scream “wintertime” to you for this super easy wreath.

Upcycled Snowy Wreath

Snowy wreath
Image credits: uwantjacqui via Pixabay

For those who’ve got old wreaths sitting in the back of the closet, this upcycled snowy wreath is the perfect solution. Grab some pinecones, berries, greenery, or other wintry pieces from the dollar store, and do up that wreath right!

Simple Pinecone Wreath

pinecone wreath with cinnamon sticks
Image credits: Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

For a low-budget project that looks amazing, try this simple pinecone wreath. You just need some pinecones, a ribbon, pony beads, and a wire hanger to craft it up. If you want, you can add some spray paint, too.

Winter Wonderland Wreath

Snow covered trees
Image credits: buvrix27 via Pixabay

For that nod to the snow lands of the Great North, check out this adorable winter wonderland wreath from Pocket of Posies. The wreath uses faux fur (you could potentially use a feather boa, too!), bottle brush trees, and similarly easy-to-acquire pieces to craft this lovely little wreath for the front door.

Easy Winter Scarf Wreath

winter scarves stacked on each other
Image credits: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

For a super easy project, try this attractive winter scarf wreath. It’s the perfect transitional piece between Christmas and winter and is super cheap to make. Just pop over to a thrift store or dollar store to find the supplies.

Modern Paper Leaf Wreath

oragami paper leaves in red, yellow, and green
Image credits: Mandrixta via Canva

This tutorial shows you how to make a modern-looking paper leaf wreath for the front door instead of just using classic wreaths for your transitional wreath. While I love colors in my wreaths, the original design leans more toward the frosty gray for that special wintry touch. And, admittedly, a neutral color theme works for the whole season – so it’s a great fit for a splash of something special on that door.

Beautiful Yarn Wreath

Yarn wrapped in rope, in basket
Image credits: AR via Unsplash

A lot of folks get out the knitting and crocheting in the winter season. Well, here’s a fun and unique way to take that yarn and create a wreath instead of a doily! But you don’t have to be able to crochet or knit to craft this yarn wreath. In fact, kids can make it with you, and you just need a Styrofoam wreath, some yarn, and winter-themed adornments like faux greenery, silk ribbon, or ombre yarn.

Beautiful Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood leaves
Image credits: Elena Mozhvilo via Unsplash

For a twist on winter wreath making with greenery, consider doing this boxwood wreath instead. The leaves don’t dry out the way fresh evergreen greenery does, and you can keep it for years to come. You can even refresh it with new embellishments each year, as needed, to keep things fresh and “new.”

Wintry Post-Christmas Wreath

Frosted berries outdoors
Image credits: Galina N via Unsplash

Check out this YouTube tutorial for a fun, easy step-by-step for creating gorgeous, snowy DIY wreaths for your front door, specifically intended for use after you take down your Christmas décor.

Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger

Snowflake ornament
Image credits: Pasja1000 via Pixabay

So, this isn’t technically a wreath, but it is a wonderful “instead” for your front door. This winter door hanger is super cheap to make (maybe like $5) and just uses dollar tree snowflake ornaments and hot glue, plus any embellishments you want to add. I’m all about glitter, so I’m decking mine out with some dollar store glitter, too.

Bottle Brush Tree Wreath

Bottle brush Christmas decor trees
Image credits: Kari Shea via Pixabay

This fun little bottle brush-style tree wreath is a favorite of mine. It’s perfect for winter or Christmas, depending on whatever adornments you add along with the trees. I love the idea of adding some of the mini-Christmas village characters for an extra boost of vintage delight.

White Winter Flowers Wreath

White flowers attached to grapevine wreath
Image credits: e2grafikwerkstatt via Pixabay

Here’s a stunning, elegant wreath for your front door: a white winter flowers wreath. You can follow the basic tutorial for an easy construct and add some of your unique touches. I like the idea of adding some silver touches and gold for a sparkling overall piece.

Burlap Wreath

Burlap twine rolled up, scissors on top
Image credits: Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

This burlap wreath is the perfect rustic-chic take on wintertime. Go with neutral burlap and pine needles or cinnamon-like picture for a truly rustic look, or go with colors and sprigs of greenery for a slightly more farmhouse feel.

Eucalyptus Wreath

Eucalyptus wreath on white background with scissors nearby
Image credits: Georgia de Lotz via Unsplash

For a truly vintage feel, try this eucalyptus wreath tutorial from Harlow and Thistle. This tutorial includes the instructions for the paper maché cowbells, too, for this simple, beautiful take on a rustic, vintage design.

Gold Hoop Floral Wreath

Gold hoop with greenery on it
Image credits: Volodymyr Hryshchenko via Unsplash

If you can find a macrame ring or thick gauge crafting wire, you can make this gorgeous seasonal wreath. You’ll simply add some silk flowers or faux greenery as adornment and mostly leave the hoop open for a minimalistic, chic design.

Yarn Ball Wreath

Yarnballs in a basket
Image credits: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Another easy wreath made with yarn uses the whole yarn ball for a fun, quirky, and wonderfully cozy wreath. Choose colors that complement the season or make one that blends with the seasons by going with colors that match your home.

White & Blue Wintry Wreath

White and blue ephiphany wreath with candles
Image credits: Skyler H. via Pixabay

For a wreath that smacks winter with colors other than red, try this white and wintry blue wreath. You can include sparkling adornments, too, making it catch the eye even more as passersby stop to admire the loveliness.

Feather Boa Winter Wreath

Close up of white feathers
Image credits: Evie S. via Unsplash

As an actress and costume fanatic, I love feather boas. But until recently, it never occurred to me to decorate with them. Well, now that knowledge has come to me, I’ve been crazy over tutorials like this one that shows you how to craft a fun, winter-themed wreath out using a white, silver, gray, or light blue feather boa.

Embroidery Hoop Village Wreath

Winter house ornament
Image credits: Anatasiya Romanova via Unsplash

If you’ve got some embroidery hoops lying around, this is a great winter wreath project for you. You’ll use hoops and tiny buildings – ornaments or those you find at the dollar store – to craft a wintry scene for your front door.

Wispy Vine Bird Wreath

Wispy vine wreath with birds and pops of red
Image credits: elac via Pixabay

For a white or silver and red winter wreath with a pop of color, try this wispy vine wreath tutorial. The red of the cardinals (or flowers) pop against the white background and draws the eyes to the wreath as a whole.

White Pinecones Wreath

White and brown pinecones and ornaments in a bowl
Image credits: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Another simple yet elegant wreath is this gorgeous white pinecone vintage-style wreath. You’ll just need some spray paint, pinecones, and berries to craft this beautiful wreath.

Snowball Wreath

Snowballs in a red bucket, red gloves next to it
Image credits: Jill Wellington via

This simple, beautiful snowball wreath is super fun to make. You’ll want to snag some pom-poms and other crafty materials to serve as snowballs, then follow this tutorial for a lovely addition to the front door this wintertime.

Shimmery Disco Ball Wreath

Shimmery ornaments
Image credits: freestocks via Unsplash

As I may have mentioned a few times before, I’m into glitter and sparkle. So, I love this shimmery disco-ball-Esque winter wreath. You’ll want to snag some of those disco-ball style ornaments from the dollar store before they run out, then craft away!

Winter Bell Wreath

Image credits: Raimonds Klavins via Unsplash

Something is inviting and uniquely charming about bells ringing in the wintertime, especially amidst the swirl of wind and snow. So, to capture that feeling, follow this winter bell wreath tutorial using greenery, bells, spray-on-snow, and seasonal embellishments like pinecones for the perfect wintry touch to the front door.

Dried Floral Wreath

dried floral wreath hanging on edge of railing
Image credits: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

For a simply pretty winter wreath, try this floral wreath using dried flowers. You’ll need some grapevines, wintry flowers, and greenery (in the tutorial, they use exclusively white/cream pieces) to craft this beautiful partially naked wreath.

10-Minute Colorful Scarf Upcycled Wreath

Colorful scarves tied onto display
Image credits: Siora Photography via

Here’s another favorite idea for a wintertime warmth wreath that is using colorful scarves to upcycle an old wreath. It only takes 10 minutes to take and whatever colored scarf you like.

Rustic Fabric Wintry House Wreath

white church ornament
Image credits: Karolina Grabowska via Canva

For this wintry house wreath, you’ll need a styrofoam wreath form, white fabric or canvas (dropcloths or bedsheets from the thrift store would do it!), and some decoration pieces to craft this gorgeous, wintry welcome for your front door.

Simple Sweater Wrap Wreath

Folded sweater
Image credits: Pexels–2286921 via Canva

Want to upcycle an old sweater? Here’s your chance! This tutorial shows you how to use some yarn and an old sweater to wrap and decorate a wreath. It won’t take you long, and it’s gorgeous and cozy!

Rustic Farmhouse Wreath

rustic wreath
Image credits: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Using eucalyptus, evergreen, pinecones, and other natural adornments, this gorgeous farmhouse wreath is a lovely option for a cozy front porch. The base is a hand-crafted (or store-bought) grapevine wreath.

Winter Greenery Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine wreath
Image credits: Katie Weber via Canva

Starting with a grapevine wreath, you can adorn and embellish along with this wintergreen grapevine wreath tutorial to your heart’s content. Berries, leaves, greenery, ribbons – this one has it all and looks chic.

White Berry Eucalyptus Wreath

eucalyptus wreath on white background
Image credits: Sparklestroke via Canva

This beautiful wreath uses white berries to create the illusion of falling snow. To make this beautiful piece, you’ll need some foam balls, white berries, and cheesecloth. It’s pretty simple but looks like you bought it from a fancy store.

Layered Paper Wreath

stacked sheets of colored paper
Image credits: PYRO4D via Pixabay

This layered paper wreath is a fun one to wile away some wintry evenings when you’re stuck inside. You’ll cut out dozens of leaves, then curl and apply them to a wire or foam wreath form. You can customize the colors to match your house or go with something specifically seasonal. I’d recommend layering in progressively lightened shades of one color for a monochrome look or piling on your favorite colors of the winter season.

Felt Ruffle Wreath

Close up of felt rose
Image credits: Luis Cortés via Unsplash

To make this gorgeous felt ruffle wreath, you’ll need a styrofoam wreath form, felt cut into circles, and straight pins. It’ll be perfect for an evening craft while you watch a movie or a project to do with the kids.

Pop-Pom Wreath

Pile of crafting pom poms
Image credits: Eliza Diamond via Unsplash

A fun, simple wreath the kids can help you make is this pom-pom wreath. It can be all white with unique adornments or multicolored and just flat-out fun. Whatever you want to do with it (or the kids!), it’ll be warm and inviting for guests as they arrive.

Smooth Velvet Wreath

Close-up of gray velvet
Image credits: Elly van der Pas via Unsplash

For an elegant yet homey front door adornment, consider whipping up one of these smooth velvet wreaths. Find some velvet scraps or ribbon, a wreath form, and some elegant (or adorable) décor pieces, and soon you’ll have the perfect piece for that welcoming space.

Critter Pom-Pom Wreath

Stuffed polar bear toy
Image credits: aKasakow via Pixabay

For an adorable touch for your front door, consider making this critter pom-pom wreath. You’ll need some tiny wintry critters, like seals or polar bears, and spools of yarn for making your pom-poms.

Shimmery Pom-Pom Wreath

Jars of crafting pom-poms lined up
Image credits: Brina Bunt via Canva

Finally, for those who, like me, enjoy a good splash of sparkle and shine, this shimmery pom-pom wreath is a great choice for a winter wreath for your front door. Mix in some shimmering pops of color, if you like, too, or stick with the tutorial as is. Either way, it’s an elegant, vibrant wreath no one can ignore.

Your Wreath is Right Here

Whether you’re looking for something utterly chic or something cozy and cute, this lengthy list of winter wreath tutorials ought to do the trick. There are tons of different ideas here that you can craft as-is or let your imagination flow out from, making your tweaks and changes as you go along. The key is enjoying the process. Have fun!