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Do Gutter Brushes Work?

Homeownership doesn’t end with the payments on your house. It also includes a regular maintenance schedule that requires diligence and cares all season long. One of the most important, and often overlooked, tasks is gutter cleaning. Gutters are designed to catch rain runoff and direct it to the sides of your buildings to avoid cement staining, rutted soils, and muddy areas.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just rain that runs down your rooftops into gutters and it doesn’t take long to end up with a buildup of leaves, twigs, and mucky debris which can weigh down your gutters- making them obsolete. Other damage can occur as well with time and seasonal changes, which is why a good gutter guard is worth considering. If you have wondered if gutter brushes work, then this article can help you decide if this is a product that might save you time and money when caring for your home.

What is a Gutter Brush?

Gutterbrush fixed on the gutter.

A gutter brush is a type of gutter guard that sets in your gutter. The name implies exactly what it is as well- heavy bristles set in a circular shape that is placed in the gutter itself to block large debris but allow a free flow of water through the gutter. They are easy to install and easy to take out for simple maintenance when needed.

The center of the brushes typically a galvanized steel wire to avoid rusting and provide enough heft to stay put even in the worst weather. Bristles are often made of polypropylene to keep their rigid shape and stand up against the onslaught of heavy rainwater and debris runoff. This also helps protect them from UV damage and dry rot.

They come in various sizes and lengths to fit your specific needs, and any leaves or other lightweight materials are stopped by the bristles to eventually blow away. Twigs and sticks may catch in the bristles and need removal, but does not impede the flow of water when they do. Snow also is caught over the top of these bristles with melted snow allowed to run down the gutter rather than build up, creating ice dams or ice creeps up under your roofing materials.

Is a Gutter Brush Worth it?

Woman installing gutter brush on the roof gutter.

Gutter brushes are very effective, easy to install on your own without the added expense of hiring a professional, require basic maintenance that is easy and quick to complete, and are very affordable compared to other gutter guard options. Designed to last up to 5 years, they are a worthwhile investment and come with a warranty and guarantee to protect your investment. If you prefer a more detailed review, take a look here: under is it effective to decide for yourself if a gutter brush style gutter guard is worth your consideration.

The company that came up with the initial design also provides contractor partner programs to provide samples for clients and helps with advertisements and brochures for a handout. If you own a landscaping and home maintenance business, their profit margin is fair and worth taking on. They also provide samples directly to private homeowners so you can decide if it is a product to invest in for your particular home needs.

Things to Keep in Mind

A gutter brush placed in the gutter with dried leaves on top of the gutter brush

No gutter guard is truly 100% maintenance free, so don’t expect to never have to climb up to your roof simply because these are installed. As mentioned twigs and other larger debris may not be able to blow away due to their heft. Dirt and dust can also get into your gutters and may need to be rinsed down during yearly maintenance if you live in an area where it can accumulate. Helicopter seeds and pine needles may also get caught up and require removal after heavy storms or during yearly clean-out.

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Consider Your Needs for Effectiveness

Extremely colorful classic restored house with beautiful landscaping in a rural city.

When questioning whether a gutter brush is effective you also need to take into account the location of your house. Obviously, if you are thinking of installing a gutter guard of any type you have a need to keep materials out of your gutters. Consider a few of the following questions to decide if this is a worthwhile investment for your home needs:

Your house location is important to take into account. If your home is under a large number of trees that put out measurable amounts of debris on a regular basis, then you need to think about what types of debris are falling. Deciduous leaves will easily blow away, but pine needles may become stuck and require more attention from you.

The climate you live in can make or break a product. Gutter brushes are protected from heat and cold and don’t rust- making them an excellent option for wherever you live. They also don’t break down to create their own gutter clogging issues.

The amount of gutter you need to protect should also play into consideration. Since it is an easy DIY installation and at an affordable price point compared to many other guard choices, if you have a large amount of gutter to fill this may be an excellent option to help save on overall costs.


In short, gutter brushes are very effective and well worth the consideration of anyone looking for easier home maintenance. Gutters require regular attention, and climbing up on a roof can be both hazardous and time-consuming. With a gutter brush you can definitely remove the need to be on your roof as often, or for as long, when you are taking care of yearly maintenance checks. It saves time, and it saves money, in the long run.

If you have any questions or comments about gutter guards or gutter brushes, in particular, feel free to ask below. And, as always, please share.