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Does Landscaping Add Value to Your Home?

There is one term real estate agents use that every homeowner who thinks about selling their property should know. This term is called curb appeal. It basically describes how attractive your property is for potential buyers by looking at it from the sidewalk. Since the landscape is one of the first things anyone can see while passing by, it has a major impact on curb appeal.

According to a study conducted by Virginia Cooperative Extension, a well-landscaped home can increase the worth of your home from 5.5 to 12.7 percent. Also, more than 75% of the best real estate agents claim that homes with well-cared landscapes are worth from 1 to 10 percent more than homes without landscapes.

So to make a long story short, landscapes add a lot of value to your home. However, the real question is what you can do with your landscape to increase the curb appeal of your property. Below we want to share some of the basic tactics that will take your landscape to the next level and make you more money when selling a house.

Come Up With A Plan

Home Sketch Design
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Before planting anything in outdoor spaces, you need to know how your landscape should look. That’s why having a plan is key. There are many landscape design tools available for free that can help you create landscaping projects. However, if you don’t want to do it on your own and you don’t mind spending extra money, we recommend you find a landscape designer.

This approach will help you avoid many mistakes when it comes to planting and positioning plants, trees, flowers, bushes, and more. It’s especially important since you want your landscape to look organized and match the style of your home.

Do Not Hesitate

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Even though you have just moved into a new home and you don’t think about selling it anytime soon, you should start organizing the landscape as soon as possible. Remember that some plants and trees need years to grow, and that’s why you should start planting them immediately. A fully grown landscape with beautiful mature trees and appropriate plant size adds plenty of charm to your home, and in a few or several years, when you decide to sell it, its price will be higher.

Take A Proper Care Of Your Lawn

Mowing The Lawn
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Having a green and fresh lawn is something that people notice immediately. It’s crucial to mow it frequently, but there are some other things you can do to make it look even better. One of the things that will distinguish your lawn is edging. It gives your lawn a clean appearance what increases the curb appeal.

The other recommended treatments for your lawn are raking, fertilizing, and aerating. Of course, do not forget about watering your lawn, especially during the hot season.

Apply Softscaping 

Santa Barbara Home Entry Porch with Flowering Vine
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Hardscaping refers to adding inanimate objects to your landscape, such as pavers, a swimming pool, stone walls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, etc. Softscaing, however, is the opposite of it, and the idea of it is using living elements to your landscape. Those elements could be plants, grass, soil, flower beds, and more. It’s very useful while adding value to your property since the price of living elements is way lower than inanimate objects.

By adding them, you can easily make your landscape look more appealing and get people’s attention. Just remember to plan first their location in your yard before planting them.

Match The Landscape To Your Home

Landscaped Home
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As simple as it seems, many people tend not to understand the importance of having a landscape that matches the style of your home. If you spend thousands of dollars on a landscape that differs from the design of your home, you can actually lose its value. To make sure that the landscape you want to create will harmonize with your house, it’s best to consult with a landscape architect.

To Sum Up

As we have already said, the landscape is one of the first things prospective buyers notice while passing by your home. That’s why it has a crucial impact on curb appeal, meaning it increases the worth of your property. It’s especially important to keep it look clean and fresh to get the highest return on investment possible.

Thanks to our few simple tactics, we are confident that you will take your landscape to the next level and enlarge the price of your home when selling it.

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