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21 Dog Fence Ideas for Your Yard

Having a dog fence in your yard is important for keeping your dog from running into the street or getting lost. It also helps to protect your dog from other animals that may wander into your yard, and people who would attempt to steal them. Plus, your dog will really appreciate being able to roam freely without being tethered to a leash every time they are outside. Here are 21 dog fence ideas you can use for large or small yards that will fit any budget.

1. Temporary Dog Fence

Temporary Dog Fence
Image credits: Bestpet via Amazon


Easy to assemble and easy to pull apart, this temporary dog fence is an excellent choice for dog parents who live in a rental home with decent yard space. This temporary dog fence will give you the peace of mind you need to let your small or medium-sized dog roam freely in the backyard without worry. If your furry friend is a bit aggressive or is overly playful, you’ll never have to be cautious about inviting guests over.

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2. Wood Fence

wood fence
Image credits: Gary Smith via Unsplash

If you’re not a big fan of metal or wire dog fences, then you may be interested in wood dog fence ideas. Sturdy wooden fencing keeps your dog safe from strays and wild animals and prevents mad dashes into oncoming traffic. It’s perfect for keeping your dog out of the garden without compromising the aesthetics of your backyard, and you can make it as open or confined as you desire depending on the size of the backyard.

3. Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence
Image credits: KimberlyPT07 via Pixabay

Unlike wooden fences, chain link fences are ideal for the curious dog who loves watching passers-by! Chain link is a cheap dog fencing option that is readily available in all parts of the country and comes in various sizes and colors. The best part about getting a chain link fence for your backyard is its high durability and low maintenance. Plus, should any part of the fence get damaged, the fix is so quick and easy, you could probably do it yourself.

4. Puppy Fence

Puppy Fence
Image credits: Pinterest

If you’re going to make an enclosure for your puppy, why not make it fun? Puppies need stimulation in their early days since they’re learning about the world around them. This dog fence includes a playground area that will prevent your precious pup from feeling lonely or bored. Say goodbye to whimpering and separation anxiety, and hello to an emotionally stable pup.

5. Small Dog Fence

Small Dog Fence
Image credits: Pinterest

Dog fences for small dogs don’t have to be huge, and shouldn’t feel like a prison. This fencing idea offers any small to medium-sized dog ample room to play while you tend to garden duties or chores inside. If your worry is poop on the lawn or your driveway, this fence idea allows your dog to play outside without having to walk on eggshells in fear you or anyone else steps in something.

6. Picket Fence

Picket Fence
Image credits: Scott Webb via Unsplash

Nothing quite says home like a picket fence! Dog fences can sometimes take away from the overall landscape of your home, but this option blends right in without compromising on security! Heck, visitors might not even know you have a dog fence unless they hear or see your dog.

7. Fence For Large Dogs

Fence For Large Dogs
Image credits: backyardbuildingsllc via Etsy

There’s nothing more disappointing than finishing construction on a dog fence, only for your large dog to hop right over it. With this option, your large dog has enough space to feel comfortable with no possibility of escape! Since it’s see-through, your dog won’t miss out on any of the action, and will still feel like they’re at home.

8. Cheap Dog Fence

Cheap Dog Fence
Image credits: Flo Karr via Unsplash

Running a bit low on funds? No problem! Deer netting is cheap, flexible, and mobile, so you can put it up in the summertime and take it down during harsh winters. This makes it ideal for small to medium dogs who won’t do too much digging or gnawing and will prevent them from coming into contact with predators. The best part is that deer net is widely available, and shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket if it is damaged.

9. Tall Fence

If your dog on its hind legs is almost as tall as a child, you’ll need a tall fence to keep them inside. 5-7 inches is the recommended height, but having something that makes it virtually climb-proof is what really does the trick.

Check out how this dog owner keeps his large husky contained.

You can even use this fencing idea indoors!

10. Patio Fence

Patio Fence
Image credits: Hometalk via Pinterest

Introducing indoor-outdoor living, but for dogs! This patio fence allows your dog to enjoy the outdoors without getting their paws dirty, while being able to retreat inside to be with the family. It will also keep pesky strays from coming onto your patio. It’s also perfect for homes with small children who can get injured by things in the backyard if left unattended.

11. Pallet Fence

Pallet Fence
Image credits: anaterate via Pixabay

Perhaps the single best part of having a pallet fence is that you don’t have to buy new pallets to make one! Second-hand pallets are one way you and your dog can help decrease deforestation and protect the environment. They look like any wooden fence and can be painted to look more modern, or left bare if you prefer a more rustic look.

12. DIY Dog Fence

Are you a DIY junkie? Yes? Then you’ll be excited to know that you can build your dog’s fence all by yourself. With lightweight material, tool-free installation, and overall simplicity, anyone can build this dog fence with minimal time and effort.

It’s perfect for non-aggressive dogs who don’t charge at visitors and small to medium-sized dogs who love their outdoor time. Check out this quick installation video to find out just how easy it is:

13. Portable Dog Fence

If you’re not tied down to one location and insist on taking your furry friend everywhere, you’ll need a dog fence that you can pack up quickly and easily. This fence provides more than enough room for indoor and outdoor play while remaining sturdy and durable. There’s no need to dig up an entire yard to put it in place, and you never have to worry about your dog getting loose. Now you can take your dog along with you when camping or when touring the country in your RV.

14. Wire Fence

Wire Fence
Image credits: Helena Lopes via Pexels

Wire fencing blends in perfectly in backyards with a lot of vegetation and allows it to appear virtually undisturbed. In forested areas where wildlife may encroach on your property, you can rest assured that your dog will remain harm-free. Its see-through design will allow your dog to alert you to any trespassers that might overstep their boundaries.

15. Metal Dog Fence

Metal Dog Fence
Image credits: Candid_Shots via Pixabay

For large and high-energy dogs, metal fences are truly the best option to keep both your dog and passers-by safe. No dog on this planet can chew through this metal barrier! Save yourself money in the long run with this highly durable option that can withstand years of rainfall and sunlight exposure. With little to no maintenance needed, your dog can play outside every day without you ever having to worry.

16. Invisible Dog Fence

This short video demonstrates how easy it is to set up an invisible dog fence. If you like the idea of an open yard, but still wish to keep your dog contained, this is the perfect option. When your dog attempts to pass the boundary, his collar will produce a mild, safe electric shock that lets them know to step back. This trains your dog to restrict themselves to one area, and in time, you won’t have to worry about them leaving the yard.

17. Traditional Dog Fence

Traditional Dog Fence
Image credits: Sherry Howe via Pexels

There’s a lot of hype surrounding invisible dog fences, but you can never go wrong with a properly built traditional dog fence. These are designed to keep your dog (and even small children) in, and everyone else out. What’s even better about these fences is that you can find them in any design and color to go with your backyard and enhance the overall appearance of your yard.

18. Peep Bubble Dog Fence

Peep Bubble Dog Fence
Image credits: via Amazon

Worried about dog snatchers, but don’t want to completely isolate your dog? How about a peep bubble dog fence? This way, your dog won’t be seen unless they want to be, but will still be able to keep an eye on what’s going on outside. It will also keep your curious dog from creating a hole of their own in the fence you worked so hard to build!

19. Play Area Dog Fence

Play Area Dog Fence
Image credits: Pinterest

Some dogs are okay with having a single toy to play with during their outdoor time, but others tend to get bored much quicker! Incorporating a play area in your dog fence ensures your dog keeps active and gets all the exercise they need before it’s time to come inside.

20. Lattice Dog Fence

Lattice Dog Fence
Image credits: Chandler Cruttenden via Unsplash

If you already have lattice fencing around your yard, why spoil the design with a dog fence that doesn’t fit the aesthetics? Lattice dog fences give you the continuity needed to keep your yard space looking elegant all while keeping your dog contained from neighbors and strays.

21. No Jumping Dog Fence

No Jumping Dog Fence
Image credits: Ddddddarya via Unsplash

Got a jumper? It’s no biggie. You can make it impossible for your dog to jump out by getting a covered dog fence! Your dog will still have enough room to roam about without the possibility of escape.

Final Note on Dog Fence Ideas for Your Yard

Fences are a great way to keep your furry members of the family safe from external dangers, thieves, and other animals. If you truly want to prevent your dogs from escaping or getting hurt, fencing your yard is a great way to do it. These are just a few of the best dog fence ideas for your backyard. Now I’m curious, which one will you be using to keep your dog safe?