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Which Way to Go: DR. Leaf Vacuum VS Cyclone Rake

Now that fall has officially arrived, bringing with it the smell of bonfires and clean air, the dreaded job of yard maintenance before Old Man Winter makes an appearance is upon you. In order to keep your yard in tip-top shape and to protect your lawn from succumbing to the cold snow, you need to ensure that you take the proper steps to ensure that your lawn can spring back in the spring!

Shrubs and small trees should be wrapped in burlap or netted material to maintain temperature and shape; flower gardens should have a layer of mulch or other protective material added to maintain soil quality and delicate plants should be transplanted to an indoor greenhouse or potted for the home.

Why Should You Rake the Leaves from Your Lawn?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of if you truly need to rake the leaves from your lawn before the winter settles into the atmosphere is that it is for vanity reasons only or the physical appearance for your property.

This is actually not the case, although definitely a factor in the visual maintenance of your lawn, because it is actually because the thicker the leaf coverage on your lawn is, the less likely your grass will continue to grow come spring. A thick leafy coverage all over your lawn can smother the grass from much-needed oxygen and UV rays to make it through the winter, allowing for a healthy comeback once the spring temperatures thaw the frozen ground.

DR. Leaf Vacuum VS Cyclone Rake Comparison

DR. Leaf Vacuum ​​​Cyclone Rake
dr leaf and lawn vacuum
Cyclone Rake Classic Leaf and Vacuum
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  • Wide variety of models
  • Free shipping
  • 1-year warranty
  • Small coverage
  • Have Ride-on models
  • Within 2-3 business days from order
  • 3-year warranty
  • Doesn’t reach small corners

A Closer Look

The big trees that are on and surrounding your property will also lose their leaves, depending on the species of trees and how they are affected by the cold weather. If your lawn is on the smaller side, with a minimal surface area, you might find that it is easier to clean these lost leaves with a rake and to sweep your walkways free of debris with a broom.

However, those with a larger lawn may find it beneficial to invest into an outdoor appliance such as a leaf vacuum to remove the leaves from your property and offer an easier method of disposal than trying to rake piles into waste bags. Two of these devices that show promising reviews and top-quality are the DR. Leaf Vacuum and the Cyclone Rake. So what makes them different except for how they function? Let’s find out.

DR. Leaf Vacuum

a person operating dr leaf and lawn vacuum


The cost of this product ranges, depending on where you buy it. But usually hovers around the $2000.

Features and Maintenance

The DR. Leaf Vacuum is a trusted and respected brand that carries a large range of leaf vacuums to suit whatever the customer’s individual needs may be. They offer a variety engine powered leaf vacuums that can remove leaves and debris by sucking them up through a long hose, similar to that of a household vacuum, and depositing them into a holding tank. Once you have removed all the leaves from the lawn, you simply open the holding tank and offload the yard waste inside into your method of disposal whether that is a compost pile or a biodegradable waste bag for your curbside waste collection.


With free shipping on their products and an astonishing one year trial period for which you are free to use your DR. Leaf Vacuum as many times as you want to ensure this is the product for you, it is no wonder more people are turning to this brand for their lawn maintenance needs.

Cyclone Rake

operating Cyclone Rake Classic


Again, the price of this product can vary depending on when and where you buy it. But you can usually expect a price range of around $1000 for the standard model.

Features and Maintenance

The Cyclone Rake line of ride-on leaf vacuums can rival any of the top brands with its large variety of leaf vacuums to fit your every yard maintenance need. There could be a variety of reasons for needing a leaf vacuum, from the size of your yard to physical constraints to something as simple as you own a lawn maintenance business and only want the best equipment for both yourself and your employees. The Cyclone Rake brand offers a ride-on leaf vacuum to fit everyone needs, from smaller models perfect for the home in the suburbs to a large ride-on model that will be right at home in your business equipment arsenal.

The strong and powerful engine of the Cyclone Rake will mulch leaves into a smaller size, making it the perfect product to complete that compost pile you have been working on or to climate the number of biodegradable bags that are needed to remove the leaves from your property.


With competitive pricing, a full year for a trial period and a free three-year warranty, Cyclone Rake ride-on leaf vacuums are quickly becoming the go-to model for both homeowners and business owners.


Before deciding what product is the best for your needs, take the time to consider all the factors that can be looked at before making your final decision. Take into consideration the size of your lawn, the amount of walkways and pathways you need to keep clear, the amount of leaves that annually show up on your lawn, and how many trees are in the immediate area that will shed their leaves to make way for new buds come spring.

Talk to your local hardware store about the warranty and maintenance requirement of each product if you are purchasing in-store or consult with the customer service department of each brand if you are purchasing your product through an online method. Look into financing options or monthly payment plans that can reduce the stress of shelling out a lump-sum payment and decide what the best method is for your wallet.

Consider what it would cost to replace the sods of your lawn and weigh that against the price of the leaf vacuum device while looking at the time, effort and ease that can be gained by using such a device! These products are meant to eliminate stress, time and the amount of physical effort needed to maintain the pristine condition of your lawn, not add to it!