Dreo Space Heater Review
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Dreo Space Heater Review

The Dreo Space Heater is a compact ceramic space heater that’s perfect for use in practically any space in the home. It works as a counter or tabletop heater for spreading heat wider around a room or as a floor space heater to help push the winter chill away.

Our apartment in Chicagoland is generally pretty warm, but every now and then it kicks out and we’re stuck freezing our toes off. Our poor cat huddles in the closet, dragging stray clothing items into a corner to warm up. So when I heard about the Dreo, I thought it would be a great heater to try out, since we have so many small spaces that need to be kept warm.


Image Credits: Rita Pike / Backyard Boss

When I first saw the information on the Dreo space heater, I was initially intrigued by the description of a heater that would cool down almost instantly for safe handling, powerful heat for both small and large spaces, and had an economy mode to help the environment and my electric bill. I ordered the heater on the spot and waited just a few days for the arrival.

Dreo Space Heater
    Compact tabletop ceramic heater for use in small to medium spaces to heat things up quickly.



Getting Started

The day I decided to start the test, the air outside was a mere 35 degrees. Not bitterly cold, certainly, but cold enough a real coat is required if you’re out there for long. My apartment was already really warm, though, so, I decided to throw open the windows to get the full test on. After about an hour of chilling out the apartment, I got out the Dreo mini heater to see if it could live up to the hype.

First, I removed the Dreo from the corner where it had been collecting dust for a few days. I swept off the dust, noticed a few nicks on the surface of the finish (I’m looking at you, Stardust!), and set it on my dining room table to investigate.

I noticed a vent on the back with a dust filter. I pulled it off to take a look and discovered that it’s a little difficult getting back in place, but once it’s in place, it’s secure.

It was now time to plug it in. My kitchen counter felt like the best place to spread some heat out, since I’d had the kitchen door open to the chill. The Dreo is specifically designed for use on tables and countertops and works safely on these surfaces without damaging them. The housing is cool to touch (save for the grate on the front, of course), so wood and laminate aren’t warped by the heater.

The key is making sure the space around the heater is clear. For best safety, keep pets, children, fabrics, Christmas trees, and similarly flammable items away from it, like any other heater. Admittedly, the back of the heater doesn’t get hot, so you won’t burn yourself if you come in contact with it, so it’s much safer than other heaters. But it’s still advisable to keep the backside of the heater clear as well.

Product Features

Image Credits: Rita Pike / Backyard Boss
  • Optional 70° Oscillation – The heater rests on a trackball system that provides smooth, quiet rotation up to 70°. You can stop the oscillation or let it turn, spreading the heat around the room more evenly. It’s extremely quiet.
  • Tip-Over Protection – If the heater gets tipped over, it will automatically shut off.
  • Overheat Protection – If the heater begins to get too warm, it will automatically turn itself off.
  • VO Flame Retardancy – The heater is designed with high flame retardancy to help keep you, your kids, your pets, and your home safe.
  • Lightweight and Compact – The space heater only weighs 3.8 pounds and is only 10 inches tall, making it exceptionally portable.
  • Instant Cool Down – One of my favorite features is the fast cooldown. When you hit the power button, it counts down 30 seconds, forcing progressively cooler air through the vents. The front grate is cool to the touch when the 30 seconds are complete.
  • Four Modes – The Dreo space heater features four different energy-efficient modes. High runs 1500 watts for instant heating. Low runs 1000 watts for slow heating. Eco mode is the self-adjusting mode that allows the heater to sense when to heat up and when to cool down. Fan mode runs just like a standard desk fan, with no heat produced.
  • Digital Thermostat – The heat setting is easy to change with a simple touch of the button on top of the portable heater.
  • Easy Carry Handle – On the back of the heater, you’ll find a built-in handle for easy portability.
  • LED Display and Control Panel – The easy-to-read LED display on the front of the heater makes it easy to see what temperature the heater’s set to, allows you to view the current mode, and see other components for a custom heating experience.
  • Built-in 12-Hour Timer – The heater will automatically turn off whenever you set it. From 1 hour to 12 hours, select using the timer button on the top of the heater.
  • Detachable Filter – When it’s time to clean out the dust filter, it comes out easily and just needs a wipe down with a soft cloth. The filter blocks out dust, pollen, and airborne particles for cleaner air.
  • Grey or Black – Choose your color preference between a smooth dark grey or classic black.

What I Like

The Dreo space heater is kid and pet safe! Image Credits: Rita Pike / Backyard Boss

So, I’m kind of in love with this little heater. I love the compactness of the design. It’s perfect for use in my walk-in closet where the cat likes to sleep but gets chilly. It’s also great for use in the kitchen on the counter or in my office on my standing desk. I get cold pretty easily, so having an oscillating heater I can use practically anywhere makes it a winner in my book.

Energy efficiency is a huge thing for me, too. Electric is expensive for the pocketbook but even more so for the environment, so having a device that allows me to keep my family warm without pulling tons of power from the grid makes a huge difference.

My cat is a little afraid of it, but that’s a good thing. She can get close enough to stay warm without singeing herself on the front grate, which is always a concern for me. I highly recommend only using on tables and similar surfaces if you have pets that might snuggle up too close.

The oscillation is another winning component for me. Not just because it rotates (tons of heaters do that) but because it’s super quiet while it does that. I had to look at it to know it was even rotating on the lo mode.

Because I have a cat and a husband who bumps into things in the night, the tip-over protection is really important and I’m happy this safety feature has been included on this portable heater.

The eco mode is a lifesaver for me, too. It gets pretty hot sometimes in the apartment when the steam vents are working too well. I often run around in winter wearing just a tanktop! So, if I need the space heater, I like knowing it will self-regulate as the temperature rises in the apartment.

I have found that the Dreo space heater is perfect for my plant room, as well. Because of the eco heat setting, I can crank the heat up in there to keep the plants warm enough during the winter and don’t have to worry about it getting too hot in there or costing me a fortune in heating bills.

The fast heating and fast cooling are another huge selling point for me on this. If you’ve ever used a standard ceramic heating element heater, you know what I’m talking about – they are typically slow to get things warmed up and even slower to cool down for safe transport.

This electric heater, though, has almost instantaneous heating and a 30-second cooldown. After having three windows thrown wide on a near-freezing day, I was able to heat up my space to a comfortable temperature in less than 10 minutes on the high heat output mode.

 What I Don’t Like

Image credits: Rita Pike / Backyard Boss

There’s not a whole lot I don’t like about the Dreo space heater. The appearance is sleek and modern, it works extremely efficiently and quickly, and it does everything as promised.

There’s only one thing I don’t love about it, and it’s a minor thing. The sleek exterior looks great but the surface is easily scratched or marred. Before I even turned it on, the top of the heater already had a few mars that I can’t wipe off. For that reason, I’d probably go with the grey instead of black, just to reduce the marred looks.

    Dreo Space Heater

A black and gray ceramic space heater on white background
    Check out the unique, compact space heater from Dreo. It's the perfect solution for taking the edge off a chilly apartment or room, with energy-efficient heating modes.


The Dreo Space Heater is, in my opinion, a fantastic little heater for big heat. My cat’s a little nervous around it, but even she’s started warming up to it (pun intended). You can safely place it in practically any space to heat things up, including counters and tables, dressers, and desks. I recommend you keep it on higher surfaces if you have pets, and let it warm up your plant room on cold winter nights.

Would I recommend this heater? Definitely! It’s great for anyone looking for an eco-friendly, budget-friendly space heater for small to mid-sized rooms, with or without pets or little kids. It’s probably the safest space heater I’ve found and that makes me feel good about recommending it to practically anyone.