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65 Dried Fruit Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

This holiday season, let’s go back to the classics! One of the most traditional ways you can approach Christmas decor is to use dried fruits. They effortlessly add vintage yet timeless touches to your home and are incredibly versatile too.

We shouldn’t underestimate the beauty of these edible decorations. You can use a variety of fruits like dried holly berries, oranges, apples, and many more in your design.

For some extra inspiration, here are some dried fruit Christmas decoration ideas to check out!

1. Simply Ornamental

Simply Ornamental
Image credits: Catalin Apostol on Unsplash

The simplest and easiest approach to dried fruit decor— use them as ornaments! Simply dry your fruit of choice and poke a hole through them. Take some twine and thread it through the hole to hang your fruit just like how you would treat your Christmas balls. These easily stand out against evergreen trees and garlands.

2. Berry Hearts

Berry Hearts
Image credits: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Everyone loves a good holly berry accent in their Christmas decor. Hollies are a staple of the season and are always a good way to add more red elements to your space. One thing you can do is turn them into a heart-shaped ornament with soft twigs, wire, and twine. This helps your design look sweeter too! For extra zing, add some glitter to turn heads!

3. Citrus Smiles

Snowman Made of Citrus Fruits
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

If you want a simple orange slice tree ornament but want to put a quirky spin on it, try this! This funky snowman ornament is made with three connected dried orange slices, a red wire ribbon scarf, and a cheerful expression. It’s an endearing addition to your design and is a fun project for kids to do.

4. Cookie Pairs

flat lay gingerbread cookies dried citrus christmas with cop
Image credits: Изображения пользователя EnryKun via Canva

If you’re already using citrus slices as ornaments, why not commit to the edible decorations and pair them with some decorative cookies? Match your dried fruit ornaments with cookies baked in various fun holiday shapes. You can either use traditional salt dough cookies or opt for the deep brown gingerbread cookies instead!

5. Naturally Golden

Dried Orange Slice on as Decoration on Christmas
Image credits: vladeep via Canva

It’s normal to see homes decked out in white and red or blue and silver color combos during the Christmas season. While those are enchanting mixes, consider adopting a bright golden palette to bring a glamorous edge to your decor! Mix in your gold accents with some dry orange slices to blend in the rustic with the refined and add another layer of fascination to your design.

6. Caged Fruits

Dried fruits in a basket
Image credits: IngridHS via Canva

Spherical ornaments are the go-to for homes but mixing in some different shapes can add more dimension to the area. Stars, in particular, are a lovely novelty shape for this season and can also be made with dried fruit. Simply mold wire mesh into your desired shape and use them as cages for dried fruit slices.

7. Bucket of Apple Slices

Tasty Dried Apples
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

When talking about Christmas tree decor, dried apple slices are so underrated! These serve as wonderful fruit decor and give your home an effortlessly rustic appeal. Apples are a tempting holiday snack and having small buckets and jars of them lying around when you have guests over helps keep your visitors occupied while you wait for the meal to start.

8. Pining for Oranges

pine cones, dried orange slices
Image credits: Alexander Schmitz via Canva

Who would’ve thought that pinecones and cheery oranges would go so well together? It’s a lovely combo full of texture, color, and wonderful aromas that make it stand out. This fragrant holiday arrangement is made to fascinate both your eyes and your nose. This means that, even if it’s not visible right away, you’ll definitely be able to tell it’s there thanks to its delicious scent!

9. Add a Pop of Berries

Christmas Ornament Background
Image credits: esthermoreno via Canva

When adding dried fruits into your design, you don’t have to be so big and obvious with it! If you have some old holiday decor that you want to freshen up for this season, use dried red and white berries to update them. Stick your berries onto the decor you have to enhance it. This can make a surprisingly huge difference!

10. Twisted With Berries

Salted Christmas themed Pretzels
Image credits: clubfoto via Canva

Who wouldn’t want a bite of some pretzels during the holidays? Decorate this classic holiday treat with some dried berries to make them look cute and taste great. Creatively display these yummy treats by hanging them around your snack area and telling your guests to pull them out when they want to munch on something sweet and savory!

11. Spiced Ornaments

Tree Branches and Dried Oranges
Image credits: mikhailsabela via Canva

These are rustic ornaments made with evergreen needles, cinnamon, and bits of dried oranges. It’s full of spices that add fragrance, texture, and character to your design. They look terrific and can be an easy DIY project if you want to add more personal touches to your home. As long as you have all the ingredients at home, some glue, or a hot glue gun for last-minute fixes, this one could be for you to charm your holiday guests!

12. Chilli Garlands

A Lot of Dried Red Chilli Peppers as Food Background
Image credits: berkay08 via Canva

Chili peppers are, technically, fruits and they have a vibrant red color that looks lovely in Christmas decor. It’s a less common method of decorating for Christmas but it’s extremely striking and attention-grabbing. Hanging these garlands around your home is an easy way to add a unique texture to your design. Add some glitter to the mix and you’ve got a show-stopper.

13. Keep it Whole

Rustic Dried Fruits
Image credits: Matthew Gibson via Canva

When you’re adding edible ornaments to your Christmas trees and garlands, remember that they don’t have to be sliced! Using whole dried citrus fruits is a lovely approach to your holiday decor that’s great for country-style spaces. They look beautiful and can help you mix up the textures and shapes in your design.

14. Apple Danglers

Christmas ornaments with red apples
Image credits: weisschr via Canva

If you can hang whole oranges in your Christmas decor, nothing is stopping you from having whole dried apples in your decor too! Dangling a handful of apples around your home is a funky spin on the common Christmas balls that people don’t often see. It’s a fantastic way of adding texture and character to your design and also works as a great conversation starter.

15. Mixed Berries and Cinnamon

Christmas Wreath Decor
Image credits: Зображення користувача Bogdan S via Canva

Usually, cinnamon sticks accompany dried oranges for the classic fragrance they make together. That said, cinnamon also works fantastically with berries! If your holly berry decorations are a little underwhelming, you can fall back on your tried-and-tested cinnamon stick to add depth and a gorgeous aroma. It’s a truly lovely addition to any Christmas decor.

16. Apples and Flower Details

Apples and Flower Details
Image credits: uphilldeb via Pixabay

If oranges are classically paired with cinnamon sticks, apple slices look gorgeous with dried white flowers. It’s a more rustic approach to Christmas decor but it’s definitely worth trying if you prefer a softer and more feminine arrangement in your home. What’s even better about this is that it’s a timeless match that’ll look great throughout the cold season, even after Christmas has gone.

17. Yummy Adornments

Christmas cookies food ingredients ornaments fairy tale book
Image credits: LiliGraphie via Canva

Holiday decor isn’t complete if your yard is empty. To decorate your outdoor spaces without risking your expensive Christmas decor, use edible ornaments! Dried fruits are fantastic for outdoor decor since they’re low-cost, easy to replace, and very memorable. They’re also a tasty snack for any birds that hang out in your garden during the season of giving.

18. Wreaths and Oranges

Wreaths and Oranges
Image credits: Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Everyone needs a Christmas wreath in their home and it’s normal to see evergreen wreaths decorated with tinsel and ribbons everywhere. If you want to go a more rustic and unique route, this warm orange wreath might be what you’re looking for! Combine dried citrus fruits, pinecones, and dried peppers to have a one-of-a-kind fruit ornaments holiday wreath for your home!

19. Perfume Wreath

Perfume Wreath
Image credits: Tobyotter via Creativecommons

While other orange wreaths were made for beauty, this wreath was made specifically with its aroma in mind. With a clever mix of dried orange slices, winter flowers, and cinnamon bark, this uses naturally fragrant elements to create a unique holiday scent that will greet everyone as they enter your home!

20. Minimalist Orange Wreath

Woman attaches orange on Christmas wreath
Image credits: Rostislav_Sedlacek via Canva

If you want an orange wreath that’s a little more simple yet still creative, this might catch your eye. This minimalist asymmetrical wreath is made with a circlet of soft branches and wire and has been scarcely decorated with greenery, dried fruits, and star anise. It’s unbelievably easy to create yet can still be a stunning addition to your home.

21. Have a Berry Christmas!

Have a Berry Christmas
Image credits: Nicole De Khors from Burst

As much as you can have a wreath made of oranges, you could also opt for a gorgeous red berry wreath instead! Red is the color of the season and using these berries with some natural accents helps you avoid overcomplicating your wreath design. Using this style keeps your decor minimal, rustic, and memorable.

22. Twined Up

Christmas Wreath on Rustic Wooden Background
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

You’ve seen wreaths made of evergreens, oranges, and berries but now it’s time to meet the twine wreath. This is perhaps one of the most contemporary takes on adding a wreath to your home. It’s a sophisticated design made by wrapping twine around a circular base. It’s then decorated with acorns, cinnamon sticks, golden ribbon, and, of course, some orange slices too!