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The Best Dyna Firewood Processor: 2020-2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

A great firewood processor makes a world of difference when it comes to turning logs into firewood. If you need a way to produce enormous amounts of firewood, for commercial use or otherwise, a Dyna firewood processor is one of the best investments you can make.

Dyna firewood processors are great. We’ve collected reviews of our favorite Dyna machines here, along with a guide for determining which is right for your needs. 

Best DYNA Firewood Processor Comparison

DYNA SC-16 FIREWOOD PROCESSOR (2019) - The Best Dyna Firewood Processor: 2020-2021 Reviews & Buying Guide DYNA SC-16 FIREWOOD PROCESSOR (2019)
  • High-output performance
  • Optimized to work full time
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
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DYNA SC-15 TANDEM AXLE FIREWOOD PROCESSOR (2020) - The Best Dyna Firewood Processor: 2020-2021 Reviews & Buying Guide DYNA SC-15 TANDEM AXLE FIREWOOD PROCESSOR (2020)
  • High-output performance
  • Fast processing time
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
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DYNA SC-14 FIREWOOD PROCESSOR - The Best Dyna Firewood Processor: 2020-2021 Reviews & Buying Guide DYNA SC-14 FIREWOOD PROCESSOR
  • Suitable for home and commercial use
  • Easy to tow
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
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DYNA SC-12 XP FIREWOOD PROCESSOR - The Best Dyna Firewood Processor: 2020-2021 Reviews & Buying Guide DYNA SC-12 XP FIREWOOD PROCESSOR
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
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Why Choose a Dyna Firewood Processor?

Multiple firewood processor rental companies are available. All guaranteeing portability, efficiency, and reliability. But you ought to opt for Dyna, and here is why. DYNA offers high output firewood processors of various configurations—serving individuals in diverse industries. DYNA’s highly advanced machines enable homeowners and commercial operators to purchase firewood processors in-line with budget and needs. With DYNA’s continuous innovation and industry-leading solutions, you don’t just get long-lasting firewood processors; you also enjoy dynamic wood processing machines and strong warranties.

How Do Dyna Firewood Processors Work?

To kickstart the DYNA sawing process, you need a skid or excavator—the availability of any of these machines would help you stack woods in the DYNA processor’s log deck without engaging in manual labor. Logs inserted into the processor’s log deck are fed into the harvester’s bar mechanically via the processor’s trough.

A circular blade in the harvester’s bar is used to see the wood in shape—this process might require manual labor from your end if you are using a DYNA SC-12 XP firewood processor. After the cut, the round is positioned into the splitting chamber to undergo a splitting process.

The wedge in the splitting chamber splits the wood into 2 to 16 pieces depending on the DYNA firewood processing machine you are using. After splitting, the DYNA processor conveyor pulls the split round into the waiting delivery truck, bus, or woodpile. 

Best Dyna Firewood Processor Reviews

Different DYNA firewood processors are offering a portable, efficient and reliable machining process. Explore the below-listed options to know which suits you best.

Best Continuous-Use DYNA Firewood Processor

dyna firewood processor sc16 machine

If your business requires a full-time firewood processing machine, you don’t need to look any further. The DYNA SC-16 Firewood Processor (available in 4, 6, and 8-way splitting options) comes with a four-cat diesel engine capable of sawing four 16-foot long logs per hour. Its splitting cycle is only 4 seconds.

DYNA SC-16 firewood processor is designed with an ergonomic joystick. This joystick enables flexible control of the harvester saw, log clamp, and live deck from the operator’s station. The firewood processing machine manufacturers also took considerable measures to ensure that the gigantic SC-16 machine doesn’t fall short in flexibility/portability by designing its cat engine with an electric trailer brake control.

Some of the optional upgrades made to the DYNA SC-16 firewood processor include a change of selector valves, belt conveyors, extra life deck arm, LED lights, footrest, and more.

DYNA SC-16 Firewood Processor (2019)
    The DYNA SC-16 Firewood Processor is our flagship model, designed for full-time, high-output production. The SC-16 Firewood Processor is simple to operate, and easy to tow.




Best Commercial-Use DYNA Firewood Processor

dyna firewood machine processor sc 15

Possessing a logging capacity comparable to that of the DYNA SC-16, the axle firewood processor cuts three cords per hour with a splitting cycle of 7 seconds. The DYNA SC-15 is integrated with a 16-foot conveyor that facilitates easy-to-adopt momentum when processing finished rounds into large firewood piles, dump trailers, or trucks.

SC-15 offers 4, 6, and 8-way splitting options and is optimized with three ergonomic joystick controls accessible via the operator’s station. Designed in line with industry trends and innovations, you get to enjoy a color LCD easy-to-read control panel built to maximize machines’ durability and efficiency.

DYNA SC-15 tandem axle firewood processor comes with an automatic bar and chain oiler, automatic crooked log in-feed correction, hydraulic Booster Valve, hydraulic deck lifter, and an adjustable height 16-foot belt conveyor. You can make optional upgrades to features such as the machine’s hydraulic log loader, operator seat, footrest, life deck arm, LED lights, etc. 

DYNA SC-15 Tandem Axle Firewood Processor (2020)
    The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor combines the industrial-size, high-output frame and log capacity like the DYNA SC-16, with the power and speed of a highly reliable and versatile DYNA SC-14.




Best Budget-Friendly DYNA Firewood Processor

dyna firewood processing machine sc 14

Are you in search of a highly efficient firewood processor at a budget-friendly rate? The DYNA SC-14 firewood processor is amongst the best options available. The industrial machine cuts two cords per hour and possesses a 7-second split cycle. With a DYNA SC-14, you can saw up to 12-foot long logs via its flexible 4, 6, and 8-way splitting options.  

The DYNA SC-14 ergonomic joystick control and sawdust chute make it suitable for home and commercial usage. The DYNA 14 firewood processor is equipped with standard features such as an adjustable height belt conveyor, automatic bar and Chain Oiler, hydraulic deck lifters, automatic crooked log in-feed correction, hydraulic booster valve, etc. 

DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor
    The DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor is our most economic processor, combining reliable, high-output performance, up to 2 cords per hour, with our standard gas 999cc 38 HP EFI.




Best Home-Use DYNA Firewood Processor

dyna firewood processor sc 12

Need an upgrade from a log splitter? If so, the DYNA SC-12 firewood processor is for you. This firewood processing machine can handle a full cord of 10-foot logs per hour in a 13-second cycle with options for four- and six-way splitting.

DYNA SC-12 is the most straightforward DYNA firewood processing machine to set-up. While the SC-12 went through the same heavy-duty construction and designing sequence as other DYNA machines, its operational syntax and control are quite different.

DYNA SC-12 comes with a manual log clamp, manual saw, 4-way firewood splitting wedge, 8-foot belt conveyor, 2-inch ball hitch, and 20 HP Honda gasoline engine.

DYNA SC-12 XP Firewood Processor
    The DYNA SC-12 XP Firewood Processor is a great way to upgrade from a log splitter. Using the same heavy-duty construction and design of our larger models, the DYNA SC-12 XP Firewood Processor is our entry-level firewood processor at an affordable price.




What to Consider Before Buying a Dyna Firewood Processor

dyna sc12 log splitter manual feed closuep
DYNA SC-12 Log Splitter

The days of tedious manual labor in firewood processing are long gone. Individuals in forestry, wood-fuel, and agricultural industries rely on firewood processors to take the hectic out of their day-to-day tasks. Here are a few factors to consider when buying a DYNA firewood processor

Home or commercial usage

Why do you need a DYNA firewood processor? Do you need it to cater to a small firewood processing task, or you need it for commercial purposes? When looking to buy a DYNA firewood processor, a detailed understanding of its usage/requirement helps pinpoint you in the right direction.

Business model

If you need a DYNA firewood processor for your business, you might want to consider your business model and requirement. Consider factors such as your business’s size, the number of logs you need to process a day to keep your business running, and the type of DYNA firewood processing machine that would serve best.

Estimate your budget

Whether you are looking for a DYNA firewood processing machine to help maintain a flexible workflow at home or for your business, a proper estimate of your budget is the only starting place. Which DYNA firewood processing machine can your budget help you acquire?


What’s the warranty policy for a DYNA firewood processing machine?

No particular time frame is attributed to the lifespan of DYNA firewood processors, but all come standard with a two-year warranty. You can make a purchase assured you will have a no-hassle repair, exchange or replacement for 48 months of use.

Can I rent a DYNA firewood processor?

Yes. Firewood processors are quite expensive and most times require hefty loans or investments. To save costs, you can rent any DYNA firewood processor of choice for a specified fee.

Additionally, DYNA offers resale deals on used and refurbished machines.

dyna firewood processor rental

Which DYNA firewood processor is best for commercial operators?

DYNA offers firewood processing machines of different range and size. Commercial operators can opt for the SC-14, SC-15, or SC-16 depending on their workload, budget, and business size.

How much does a DYNA firewood processor cost?

The DYNA SC-12 XP Firewood Processor, which is the smallest machine available, is priced at approximately $23,000. That said, larger firewood processors can cost tens of thousands of dollars more. You can explore DYNA’s product site to get a full rundown of the products available and their respective prices. 

 A Final Word About DYNA Firewood Processors

DYNA firewood processors are among the best in the world. In terms of power, precision, and ease of use, among other significant factors, DYNA machines are products most manufacturers can’t beat.

If you are not impressed with DYNA, our Best Firewood Processors guide may be helpful.

Do you use a DYNA firewood processor? If so, which model and would you recommend it to our readers? If not, why not? Let us know in the comments section below!