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Dyson Space Heater Review

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier Heater

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier Heater

Dyson is a trusted brand for many homeowners and now they’ve made a great space heater, the Hot + Cool fan space heater!

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No matter what time of year it is, there is always a need for temperature regulation whether that’s heating or cooling. In order to supplement central heating or even as a primary source of heating many people rely on space heaters. Space heaters are an effective way of saving on your energy bill and still maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office.

Dyson has developed a Hot + Cool fan space heater that provides a smooth stream of warm or cool air flow to help you regulate the temperature within your surroundings. It comes in several different models that you can choose from, which provide other features such as air purification along with heating and cooling. It is considered a high-end space heater, providing quiet, even and efficient heating and cooling. But what makes it different from other space heaters and does it meet the expectations set for a high-end space heater?

What is the Dyson Hot + Cold Fan Heater?

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater + Fan - HEPA Air Filter

The Dyson hot + cold fan heater is a space heater that is designed to be used all year round, to provide both heating and cooling. It is a small and compact fan heater, with a loop-shaped air amplifier that is used to project the cool or warm air as compared to a typical fan-based space heater.

The fan heater is meant to provide an almost silent yet strong stream of air that helps regulate the temperature within a space. It is effective for both large and small spaces and provides a wide oscillation range effectively distributing warm or cool air throughout the room. The fan heater is also designed to be highly safe as it does not have any exposed blades or hot coils. It also has a cool to touch exterior which prevents any harm to kids or pets.

In addition to being a fan and a space heater the Dyson Hot + Cold Fan Heater also comes in models that provide air purification. The fan heater purifies, monitors and cleans the air within your space as it provides a comforting heat or cool air to you. The purifying system monitors levels of pollution capture very fine pollutants and senses particles and gases and reports them in real time. It filters out gases and particles from the air you breathe, preventing allergies and other issues.

The following are some pros and cons of the Dyson Hot + Cold Fan Heater.

Pros Cons
  • Year-round use
  • Air purification option
  • Remote access
  • Smartphone app control (Depends on model)
  • Wide oscillation
  • Easy tilt function
  • Immensely quiet operation
  • Safe for use near kids and/or pets
  • Quite expensive
  • Filters may need replacement after long time use
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How does the Dyson fan heater work?

How Dyson Heater and Cooling Works

The Dyson hot + cold fan heater is a space heater that utilizes airflow technology, known as air Multiplier technology, to provide a stream of hot or cold air. The heater draws air in through the use of an impeller, which then passes through the ramp, and low pressure is created due to the Bernoulli principle. This results in inducing the air behind the fan which then causes the surrounding air to follow the air flow. The air flow generated by this is greatly amplified as compared to the initial air flow and it is approximately about fifteen times stronger than the initial air flow.

The shape of the Dyson space heater is can be cylindrical or round and it does not contain any fan blades or exposed heating coils which makes it a very safe choice for anyone with kids or pets. This is thanks to the air multiplier technology that is used to carry the hot or cold air around the room.

Similar to this the technology used in generating the heat is also very innovative. The Dyson space heater utilizes positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic plates to provide heat. The PTC ceramic plates heat up as electrical energy is provided to them and they are strong conductors of heat. This is a similar function that is used is most ceramic heaters. However, Dyson effectively utilizes this technology along with the air multiplier technology to provide efficient and effective heating.

The Dyson space heater also uses technology that is similar to jet engine coolers, this allows the ceramic plates that are located within the loop airflow amplifier to not only heat the air flow but to also generate a small flow of cool air. The cool air flows between the ceramic plates and the thermoplastic of the heater, which acts as a buffer in order to ensure that the surface of the fan heater remains cool to the touch.  The ceramic plates used are self-regulating and reach a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius or roughly 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

Who Should Use the Dyson Hot + Cold Fan Heater?

Projects purified air to every corner of the room - Dyson

The Dyson hot + cold fan heater is ideal for anyone who is looking for an all-year-round device that can help them effectively regulate the temperature in their surroundings. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for a heater or fan that is lightweight and easily portable. The fan heater can be easily moved between different rooms and even different floors of the house.

The Dyson fan heater is not only useful as a fan and a heater, but it is also very useful for anyone who is concerned about their air quality, allergies, particles, dust, and debris within the air they breathe. It works as an air purifier those who need to clean their air as well as heat or cool their home. Those people who wish to monitor their air conditions such as the level of various gases within the air in their home as well as other pollutants, they can easily do so with the hot + cold fan heater.

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Features and Benefits

When it comes to the best space heater Dyson has you covered. The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater comes with many benefits and features that are unique to it and that provide you with the most comfort while moderating your home or office temperature as well as purifying the air you breathe.

Effective heating and cooling all year around

Dyson Effective heating and cooling


One of the big benefits of this Dyson machine is that you only need one device for the whole year to provide you with temperature regulation and air purification. This is better as compared to having two different devices for heating, and cooling. It can be more cost efficient, saves space and is overall more efficient.

Air purification and regulation

One of the biggest features that sets the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater apart from other space heaters is that it is not only a heater and a fan, but it also has the function of an air purifier. This is an immensely important feature as you can monitor and clean any particles, dust, debris, and gases from your home or office. It is great for anyone who suffers from allergies as well as for use to monitor any unwanted or unsafe gases within your space.

Jet focus control

The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater has jet focus control which means that it provides both long-range personal heater as well as fast and even heating for the whole room. This means that the heater has a versatile range of uses and isn’t just limited to personal or small range space heating.

Enhanced safety features

Dyson safety features

This heater fan is ideal for anyone who has little children or pets as it is designed to be immensely safe for use near children or pets as well as prevent any other hazards associated with space heaters. The Dyson fan heater has no visible or exposed fan blades which means that it poses very minimal risk of injury.

It also has no visible heating element and a cool to touch surface which means that if pets or children do end up near the device it does not pose a risk of burning or hurting them. Another safety feature that comes built in the fan heater is that it has an auto turn off function for when it tips over. This again is very safe for any kids or pets that might knock into the heater or any other case in which the heater is knocked over.

Accurate room heating

The heater comes with an intelligent thermostat which regulates the temperature and maintains the temperature that you have set. It releases warm airflow to reach the temperature and it can be energy efficient as once the set temperature is reached you can power it off or it will lower the output.

Almost silent operation

The air channels on the Dyson fan heater have been specially tuned and streamlined to reduce air turbulence. They are now 75% quieter as compared to their previous generations and provide almost silent operation. This is ideal for if you have your fan heater in your bedroom for a comfortable sleep or in your office or anywhere else where you need effective and silent heating or cooling.

Smart Phone Application

The Dyson Link app lets you control your machine - at home, or remotely

The Dyson Hot + Cold fan heater has a smartphone application (app) that you can download and use to get not only information about the air of your environment but you can use it to control the device as well, this depends on the specific model and does not control the heat setting for most of them to meet with safety requirements.

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Customer Reviews

Now that we have looked at the benefits and features of the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater, let’s look at what other customers have had to say about it. One of the best ways to assess whether a product is what you are looking for or not is to check the reviews of other customers. We have taken the liberty to compile the views of different customers about some of the important features of the Dyson hot + cold fan heater.


Majority of users find the Dyson fan heater to be of very good quality, they rank it as a high-quality product. It is commented to be of superior quality and service, it provides effective heating and cooling as well as air purification. Many people found the display to be bright, high quality and easy to use. Some people found that although the quality was really good, the fan heater was still a bit overpriced.

Ease of use

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Product and Remote

Out of all the reviews and comments that were consulted for this aggregate review, they found the Dyson fan heater easy to use. They found the device easy to use along with the remote and the smartphone application. It is also easy to replace filters and maintain.


Majority of people found the air purification system to be of really good quality and found it quite helpful. Most people find that the air purification system makes it easier for them to sleep better at night as well as made them see a noticeable difference in the quality of the air in their homes. Most people found that having the heater, cooler, and air purifier all in one was a great combination and very convenient as compared to multiple devices.


A large sum of people found the smartphone application to be very useful and convenient. They found that the app provided them with a lot of useful information and was very useful in being able to monitor the statistics and information from the air purification system. A couple of people did have trouble with the app while trying to download the app and get it to work.

The Bottom Line

The Dyson hot + cold fan heater is a great overall device that combines a heater, a fan, and an air purifier all together. It is great for economizing on space and the cost of purchasing all these devices separately. It comes with many benefits and features such as silent operation, a smartphone application, and enhanced safety features. Overall, most people rated the fan heater quite highly on all major aspects although some people found that it was a bit expensive.