39 Amazing and Fun Easter Activities: For Parents and Kids
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39 Amazing and Fun Easter Activities

Holidays can be a stressful time for parents. There is so much to do, so little time, and now there’s someone who is always craving for your undivided attention. What’s a parent to do? How do you divide your attention between the holiday responsibilities, the Spring season, and spending time with the little ones?

We’ve put together a few top-notch ideas that will help you include the kids in Easter game ideas. We’ve also provided some fun game ideas that will push the children’s creative limits, test their knowledge and their imagination, but also their skill. And, most importantly, we have some suggestions on how to get the kids out of the house and playing in the great outdoors.

Easter Activities

Artsy Easter Fun

Little girl using Crayola Crayons 24 Colors isolated in white background

Nothing will ever get a child to stay still for more than five minutes like crayons do. Not only is art fun for children, but it gets their imagination going and keep them entertained. You can download shapes and contour for kids to fill with color. You are just one crayon box away from giving you children a fun Easter activity, which is particularly helpful when the weather isn’t on your side.

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Candy Chow-Down

Box of colorful Eggs on Gray Surface

While no one wants to have a hyperactive kid that’s the result of eating too much sugar, a candy eating contest can be a trial in a much more complex Easter marathon. If you play your cards right, you can create one of the best afternoons of your child’s life. Oh, just make sure that the candy is egg-shaped. You know, for the sake of consistency. This also makes great Easter party ideas for kids!

Dream Decor

Person Tying Knot on Chicken Decor with colorful eggs on the side

Engaging the entire family in creating Easter-themed decorations can be a lot of fun. Whether we’re talking centerpieces for the Easter table or house/yard decorations to spruce up your home, this activity can provide hours of laughter, but can also develop a child’s crafting skills.

Pretty Little Painter

Woman Pouring Down a Brown Paint

When it comes to cool Easter activities for families, this one is a great idea. Painting is a very fun activity for kids, no matter if we’re talking boys or girls. Your children can create Easter paintings and decorations that they can take pride in, and you can participate by giving them guidelines or teaching them how to create different shapes and elements.

Where’s Eggsy?

Easter Bunny And Eggs On Grass Field

The Easter egg hunt for scavenging is something that a lot of children look forward to. It’s a pleasant activity that will get them out of the house, while also engaging their competitive spirit. You can make it a competition, and have the person who gathers the most eggs win an exciting prize. To make this activity even more entertaining, how about having the kids paint the eggs that you’re planning to hide, while you make the bunny yourself?

Easter Craftsmanship

Person Holding Oval White and Green Ornament

Easter egg painting is more than just a fun activity: across a lot of cultures (and particularly in the Orthodox religion), painting the eggs is pure craftsmanship. Depending on the age of your child, you can experiment with teaching them more elaborate patterns to paint.

Baby-Egg Banner

Easter activities and crafts project: colorful easter eggs decorated with pencils and markers and stickers, made into a banner

This is a fun and simple project, with doesn’t require any additional materials other than what your kids already have. Just grab some white paper, cut it into little egg shapes, draw using crayons or watercolors, grab some clothespins, color them, put the eggs on a string, and you have the cutest little Easter decoration made entirely by your kids.

Bugs & Elmer

Trying to catch the Easter Bunny in the yard

If you or someone you know has a pet bunny, here is another fun Easter activity: get your kids to try and catch the little fellow. Make sure that it all happens in a supervised perimeter, because you don’t want the kids nor the bunny to run off in the middle of the stress. Also, make sure no bunnies are harmed in the process.

Baby Blossom

Cute girl watering first spring flowers. Easter home interior and decoration. Child taking care of plants. Kid with water can. Toddler with flower basket. Little gardener with hyacinths and daffodils.

One of the greatest things about Easter is that we celebrate it during the season when all nature comes to life. This means that you can give life to plants, and what better way to do so than get your children to participate. Gardening is a wonderful hobby for kids (under adult supervision, of course), teaching them how to respect nature and how to be responsible with taking care of flowers.

Easter Game Ideas

*Pretends to Throw an Egg*

The Original Easter Charades Game Perfect for Your Easter Party Games

Excuse my sentimental note, but playing board games was my favorite childhood activity (spoiler: it’s still in my top 3). With a game of Easter charades, the whole family can participate. Your children will get the chance to maybe add some new words to their vocabulary, but also get into the festive spirit.

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Glow-In-The-Dark, Little Star!

72 PCs Easter Eggs with Mini Glow Sticks for Kids Glow-In-The-Dark

Glow in the dark Easter eggs can make great party decorations, but they can also be used for some really fun family activities. Hide the glowing eggs, have your children hunt for them, and the one who gathers most eggs wins a prize. But here’s the catch: they’ll have to look inside the house, in the dark. Make sure you provide them with a flashlight, so they won’t bump into furniture and get hurt.

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Easter! You’re it!

easter egg tag game, a little girl showing her back with easter eggs sticking on it
Learn more at www.getyourholidayon.com

A game of tag with live bait? I like the sound of it! If you’re willing to sacrifice an old shirt, stick some Easter treats on it and run around the yard, having your kids try to catch you and snatch away as many goodies as possible. It’s a great way to get your kids to exercise, because we all know how much they love sitting in front of the computer.

Hit the… Air, Jack!

Jumping Jack — Pull Out a Carrot and Watch Jack Jump Game

Now is the time to determine who the ultimate Jumping  Jack winner is… but in the Easter edition! This game is fun for the entire family, and you can adapt the rules as you want. Whoever catches Jack wins a bag of treats, or the person who makes Jack jump has to do the dishes. Either way, there will be a winner.

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Easter Olympics

iBaseToy Potato Sack Race Bags, Potato Sacks for Races Luau Party Games for Kids Outdoor Games Birthday Party Game

Here’s another fun way to get the family out of the house. You can create your own Easter Olympics with the bags branded with a bunny, to put everyone into the spirit of the holidays, while also appealing to their competitive side.

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Toss It Like You Mean It

Fun Express - Easter Bean Bag Toss Game for Easter isolated in white background

Put your entire family’s skills to the test with this Easter-themes bean bag toss game. You can pair this activity with other outdoors ones, like the potato sack race, and create the ultimate Easter competition that will prove, once and for all, which are the ultimate champions: the kids or the adults!

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Wacky Races

Egg and Spoon Race Game - 6 Eggs and 6 Spoons - Made of the Finest Wood

Are you ready to see how well your kids do when it comes to coordinating their motion? This simple, yet very fun game, involves running around with a spoon and an egg in your mouth, to see if you can get the egg to the destination without it falling off the spoon.

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B1 With Easter

Easter Bingo Game for Kids - 24 Players

Easter-themed bingo? Yes, please! It’s another game that both adults and children can enjoy together, particularly when there are some interesting prizes to be won. It can also help children get their numbers game on, while stamping those adorable-looking festive icons.

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Put a Ring on it

VIPITH Inflatable Bunny Rabbit Ears Hat with 4 Rings Toss Game Toy Easter Party Game Holiday Gifts Toys for Family Kids

Inflate those bunny ears, put them in a corner of the room (where there are less chances of breaking your favorite vase) or outdoors, and gather the children round in a fun game of ring toss. The game is perfect to play throughout the entire year, and even on rainy days, provided you can find a spot for it somewhere inside the house.

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Nancy Drew, Easter Edition

Gotrovo Expansion Pack for Treasure Hunt Game Edition

You know what’s even more fun than an Easter egg scavenger hunt? A scavenger hunt with riddles to solve! Not only does it get the cogwheels turning, but it’s a much more intriguing and long-lasting game for your kids. I promise, you WILL want to join in on the fun.

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Easter Party Ideas for Kids

More Tossing & Turning

JOYIN Easter-Themed Bunnies Family Toss Game with 4 Carrot Design Bean Bags Party Favor Supplies, Games Pack and Decoration in Easter for Kids

If you like the previous bag tossing game, here is a larger version, perfect for the great outdoors. This bigger banner with larger openings makes it easier for kids to hit their targets, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t join the game. You might want to keep the banner nearby; it might be requested at the kids’ next birthday party.

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Easter Donkey

Konsait Pin The Tail on The Easter Bunny Rabbit Easter Party Game Set, Easter Family Game, Office, School Fun Easter Party Game for Kids, Children, Easter Party Supplies

Remember that game where you were blindfolded and had to pin the tail on the donkey? This is the exact same game, only Easter-themed. You get an adorable party poster with a bunny that’s missing its tail, a bunch of reusable stickers, two blindfolds, and some glue dots.

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Fun in the Sun

Children's Team Building on Green Grassland

Do you have a large family with a bunch of kids and they’re all coming over for the Easter holidays? Are you responsible with taking all the children in the class on a trip this Easter? Then how about putting together an Easter-themed team building? It will give the kids a chance to communicate, know more about each other, engage in fun activities, and play competitive games that get them out of the house, for a change.

Singing & Stringing

Kids easter activity and crafts: stringing plastic easter eggs

You can buy a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and have your kids create hanging masterpieces for the holiday. There’s also the alternative of making your own. Think about the awesome decorations you can make by painting empty egg shells and attaching them to a string. Make sure that you help your children to empty the eggs with the help of a needle, just to avoid them getting hurt. Then brings out the watercolors and let’s get crafting!

Bunny, Pawty of 4

Children development in kindergarten, preparation for Easter. Creative activities for children. Creative concept. Children Center and Developmental Activities

Just because you have a really small kid doesn’t mean you can’t share some of the hosting responsibilities for the holiday. They might not be able to throw an adult Easter party, but they can be the best party planners for a bunny get-together!

Stay True to Blue

A smiling boy in his blue themed easter party

If you have a boy, how about throwing a blue-themed Easter party? You can invite a couple of their playground friends over, or have the little buy host a small family get-together. It will give them something to do and, who knows, you might actually have a great party planner in your home!

Take a Peep

Chocolate bunny and assorted easter candy

Can a children’s Easter party ever be complete without inviting over those delicious peeps? Of course I don’t mean people, but those delicious marshmallow candies that will make your children happy, provided they don’t overdose on the sugar. Buy a bunch of these and give them as treats or as competition prizes.

Merry… Easter?!

Adorable little girl having fun outdoors with Easter bunny toy, decorated fresh green tree with coloring eggs, Happy Easter holiday

Who says you can’t turn Easter into Christmas? Well, you can’t make it’s not, but you can decorate a tree with colorful Easter eggs and other holiday-themed decorations. This can be a part of a larger activity, where you and your children first craft the decorations, and then hang them into one of your outdoor trees.

Forever Memories

Family Easter breakfast. Child with bunny ears at decorated table with eggs basket, chick and rabbit on Easter morning. Egg hunt and festive meal for kids. Spring home decoration. Girl with dyed eggs.

Having an Easter-themed breakfast party is a win-win situation: the kids get to have a lot of fun amongst the colorful decorations, while the parents can take advantage and make a photo shoot. The pictures are definitely going on the fridge! Oh, and how about munching on some boiled eggs that the kids painted themselves?

Plastic Makes Perfect

A collection of pastel colored plasic Easter eggs over a bright white background

There are a bunch of things that you can use plastic eggs for. You can use them for your egg scavenger hunt, you can fill them with candy and give them out as prizes, you can give them to your kids so they can color them, but they can also be used to make creative Easter table centerpieces.


Birthday girl with pinata over the white background

You saw our idea for pinning the tail on the bunny, you knew this piñata thing was coming. If you don’t want to buy it from the sore, you can create your own piñata and fill it with egg shaped candy, gummy bunnies, peeps, marshmallows, or whatever other treats your kids fancy.

Gather Round

Little boy and girl play toy tea party outdoors. Children with bunny ears on Easter egg hunt. Kids playing in the garden in spring. Toddler and baby with toy rabbit and doll dishes. Family celebration

What better way to entertain your little girl then by helping her throw an Easter-themed tea party. You can have some of her friends over, or you can bring her stuffed animals to the party, the important thing is to have the table decorated in the spirit of the holidays.

You’re on My Egg Radar

Two little girls searching for chocolate easter eggs in a back garden. They are looking in the flower bed, next to the daffodils.

In the same spirit of scavenging for Easter eggs, how excited would your kids be if the eggs were actually made of chocolate? You can buy egg-shaped chocolates in most supermarkets, but what if (drum roll) you guys made them yourself? The ingredients are easy to find, and you’ll need some egg-shaped mold. That’s double the fun, and a chance to spend more time with the kids.

Easter Activities for Families

Sentimental Value

family of two, mother and her son, celebrating easter time at home with fun activities and easter egg hunt

Store-bought holiday cards are nice, but don’t they have so much more sentimental value when you make them yourself? And doesn’t that value quadruple when they’re made by the kids? With just a few basic materials, you and your children can create your own little home-workshop, and make amazing Easter cards to send to the entire family!

Best Party Ever

Group of parents and children sitting outdoors and enjoying a easter garden party. They are enjoying food and drink.

Are you hosting the next neighborhood Easter party? You can make it a fun one for both adults and children by creating an Easter-themed décor, with egg-shaped treats for the little ones, and some eggnog treats for the adults (hey, eggnog isn’t just a Christmas drink, ok?).

Ready, Set, GO!

Several people run in the egg and spoon race at the GREAT festival, a spring festival celebrating Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

If you don’t want to buy a colored eggs and spoon set, you can literally use eggs and spoons you have around the house. Fun for both adults and children, it will give adults a chance to compete against the ambition and dexterity of children who, mark my words, will go to great lengths to win.

Turning the Page

Smiling Afro-American family reading a book in the living-room

Easter or not, reading to and with your children should be a permanent activity. But since it’s the holidays, you can purchase some Easter-related books, maybe some stories that include magic bunnies. You can also take advantage and read to them about old Easter traditions, which could spark an interest for history.

Yummy in My Tummy

Chocolate fondue with fresh berries on a blue wooden table

To give the little ones a real Easter treat (as is “something you don’t do every day”), how about you guys making chocolate fondue together? Make sure you don’t leave the kids unsupervised, particularly if you’re planning a hot-chocolate type of fondue treat. Dip in those marshmallows or berries and enjoy spending the holidays with the youngsters!

Brunching & Munching

Hot Cross Buns traditionally eaten hot or toasted during Lent

Making brunch together can be tons of fun, as long as you make sure the kids stay far away from knives or lit ovens. Whether you want to enjoy a nice quiet family meal or are having guests over, you can ask the little ones to help set the table or decorate the plates.

Take Me to Church

a white church in the middle of a green field with tall trees besides it

Regardless of your religious beliefs, Church can teach children a lot of useful things about spirituality, forgiveness, understanding, peace, and respect. Church will always be a safe haven and a family activity for the ages, so including this in your to-do list for the holidays might bring you some unexpected inner peace. Plus, it’s time spent with the family, and that will always be a win.


Is there any other activity that you tried with your kids and feel like it could be turned into a permanent Easter tradition? Feel free to share, we know a bunch of parents who’d love all the suggestions and ideas they can get!