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10 Easy-To-Grow Flowers For Beginners

When you’re new to gardening, there’s a great sense of pride when you’ve planted flowers, and experience their vibrant colors once they bloom! However, some flowers can be more challenging to grow or need specific conditions.

That’s why it’s a good idea to start with tolerant, easy-to-grow plants that can grow even if conditions aren’t ideal. To help you with this, we’ve created a list of 10 flowers that are easy to care for to give your garden the best chance of success.


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Marigolds are yellow-orange flowers that like full sun and have a long blooming period. That means you get more time to enjoy their beauty, and achieving them won’t be much of a hassle. 

These plants are a great choice for beginners, as many varieties are good with heat and bugs, so you won’t need to fuss over them too much. You only have to water them once a week, or if the soil looks dry. But, they do prefer well-drained soil and spring planting!


Having fun on pumpkin patch on sunny Saturday morning.
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These are great for outdoor gardens as their well-known, recognizable, and easy to care for – not to mention their stunning yellow color! True to their name, they like sunny spots and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sunflowers can tower over the rest of your garden and grow strong and tall. So, these might be a better choice if you have room to plant them outside.

Sunflowers are tolerant and will thrive in most conditions, but they do not like to be too cold. Just make sure to water them regularly. 


Alyssum flower with small purple and white flowers
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Alyssums are less known but, are always a great choice to brighten up your space. They have tiny flowers in gorgeous colors including white, pink, or purple. This plant likes the sun and prefers mild temperatures where it isn’t too hot or too cold.

If you plant alyssums in your garden, you may attract bees and other pollinators. This is great for your garden and other crops as bees will help your plants thrive. However, this great-smelling flower can spread seeds quickly; if you’re not careful, you may find it growing in other spots.

Black-Eyed Susan

yellow black-eyed susans, with dark centers against green grass
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Black-eyed Susans are a wonderful solution for beginners as there a good flower to get a hang of the ropes! These are popular plants that are known for their bright yellow flowers and dark centers. They do great even in poor soil and require regular watering. You can also prune them throughout the season to promote more blooms.

Black-Eyed Susan’s sprout quickly and are a perfect addition for beginners gardens. They are also a perennial, which means they can re-grow in the Spring.


Flower in the garden background
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Cosmos are mostly annuals, but you can also find perennial varieties. If you want to add some color to your yard, these flowers are a wonderful choice. They even work as companions for other plants.

This flower thrives when there are few nutrients available, making them very hardy. But remember to plant them where they can get enough sun.


bunches of small white flowers
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Yarrow may not be your first choice, but as a beginner, these are very tolerant plants that produce small, white flowers. Easy to grow and care for, these flowers will bloom even if the conditions would be unfavorable to most other plants. Additionally, Yarrow can absorb lead from your soil.

Another thing that’s great about this delicate plant is that it can also be planted in containers! So, not only can you bring these dainty, delightful blooms to your garden, you can also bring them indoors to decorate.


pink and white flowers
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Petunia’s are a popular and easy flower to grow, and you can choose from a variety of colors. These work well in hanging baskets and prefer direct sun and well-drained soil. Also, it’s recommended to let the soil dry between each watering.


small blue-purple flowers
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If you’re looking for a plant that won’t have a problem with pests, catmint may be an option for you. And, while it is not to be confused with Catnip, catmint is part of the same family.

Catmint produces purple flowers, and some varieties may attract cats! But be careful since this plant can be invasive and may spread over time if you don’t keep an eye on it.

Butterfly Weed

clusters of bright orange flowers
Image cr edits: CoastalSandpiper via Pixabay

Monarch Butterfly’s especially like butterfly weed! These flowers grow a very vibrant orange and are tolerant of most conditions. It can survive in a variety of temperatures and soil conditions. It is tolerant of drought, and deer typically don’t like eating it.

Garden Phlox

clusters of white flowers with bright pink centers
Image credits: Pixel2013 via Pixabay

When placed in the sun and well-drained soil, Garden Phlox thrives. Its five-petal flowers grow in clusters of white, purple, or orange. But it doesn’t like spots with too much shade and will do best in alkaline soil. Although, if placed in conditions outside of its preference, it is usually still quite hardy.

Flowers for Beginners

Finding plants that are tolerant of many conditions is a great thing to look into for any garden. But it can be especially helpful if you are just starting.

For the best results, you may want to keep in mind what conditions you have and then look for plants that thrive in that type of area.