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EasyOn Gutter Guard Reviews

EasyOn Gutter Guard

EasyOn Gutter Guard

The EasyOn gutter guard system is readily available for homeowner installation, and is a popular way to help keep debris from washing into your gutters. Easy to install on any type of roof, it provides detailed instructions and tips so you have the best product experience possible.

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Gutter guards are a popular homeowner solution to regular gutter maintenance. Their popularity is well founded in that they allow water to flow through the gutters while catching and trapping debris before it can clog your gutter system. There are many different styles of guards that exist, but a mesh screen option is a top homeowner choice due to affordability and ease of installation.

The following EasyOn Gutter Guard System review highlights a popular choice that is considered one of the best in the industry. Made from premium materials it is designed for easy addition to any existing residential gutter, and requires minimal maintenance through for general upkeep.

The EasyOn Company

The idea of EasyOn Gutter Guard System was first conceived in 1996 when the company was in the gutter cleaning business and noticed how most guards rarely performed as promised. By 2003 the EasyOn system was launched and has since been improved upon to offer one of the highest praised systems in the industry.

EasyOn Gutter Guard System Overview


EasyOn is considered one of the best mesh gutter guard system designs, and is installed as such to allow rainwater to flow through the openings while catching all debris. It is considered durable and effective in catching almost all types of common tree debris to allow them to either fall or blow off the roof as they dry. Larger or heavier debris is easily removed by hand without impeding the flow of water.


  • Easy to secure
  • Installation is easy
  • Very efficient in blocking debris


  • Lifting roofing materials can cause damage- care in installation is required
  • Ice can form on the mesh screen
  • Micromesh screen may allow water runoff with large amounts of rain

Reasons to Consider a Gutter Guard

Simply put, a gutter guard can help save on both time and money in the long run. Although most guards do require some very basic maintenance to clean off any debris that may accumulate or get stuck, it is much faster and safer than having to clean out an entire gutter system. Guards catch the majority of tree leaves, needs, and twigs from washing into the gutter which can create clogs and water backup- placing undue stress on the gutter and roofline where they are attached. Clogs also become a breeding ground for mold, mildews, and insects, and can also build up with ice in the winter.

EasyOn Design and Construction

Tiny roof sand grit can not pass through the stainless steel mesh

The EasyOn design uses a surgical steel grade mesh for long lasting durability. It allows for water to run through it to the gutters and catches debris to blow off as it dries. It is considered fine enough to also catch the majority of shingle granule runoff as well, and what can make it through easily washed out through the gutter. It also is rated to handle up to 150 inches of hourly rainfall, which is close to double the highest recorded rainfall ever.

Lines with steel edges for stability, there are various ways to attach it to your home to avoid voiding roof warranty. They also are available in both 5 inch and 6 inch widths for a proper fit. The company provides a very comprehensive list of instructions to showcase how well it works with any roofing material.

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UL Certified For Rainwater Harvesting

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are a world leader in product safety testing. The materials used in the EasyOn Guards are certified for use with rainwater harvesting. These means there are no chemical or metal runoff with the water meaning it can then be safely stored for later use around your yard and garden. This is a popular way to help keep water from going to waste and save on watering bills.

How Much Does an EasyOn Guard Cost?

This system is considered an affordable, budget friendly choice for homeowners, but depending on who you buy them through, prices may fluctuate. On average the cost per foot lingers right around $2.70 and is sold in 4 foot lengths in packs of 6 or 25 (24 and 100 feet respectively). Costs drop with the amount sold in the package by almost a dollar on average, so it is worth keeping an eye on and shopping around for.

How to Install

As mentioned, EasyOn can be attached multiple ways to any existing gutter and roof. Each package comes with both super strength bond 3M VHB tape and self tapping screws. All you have to do is slide the edge up under your roof line (or bend down along the edge of the roof) and adhere to the facia board with your choice of tape, screws, or a combination of the two. Their installation guide is easy to follow for all your concerns.

How it Compares to Other Systems

Gutter guards are designed for one reason: to impede the flow of debris into your gutters. Because of this their purpose is naturally comparable to other systems, but a few things stand out about this particular design. For starters, it is made for homeowner installation- saving hundreds in labor cost. Plus it has multiple options for application. The mesh is designed to last up to 25 years, and only requires general cleaning maintenance of any debris that may accumulate and any natural blockage of mesh that may occur (easy to brush and rinse off with an annual cleaning).

Compared to the GutterGlove Gutter Guard System, you are looking at the exact same product created by the same company. If you have wondered if EasyOn is better than GutterGlove then you now know there is no comparison. EasyOn is made specifically for sale through a major warehouse distributor, while GutterGlove is sold across a wider distribution point. It also offers a pro-installed option through various companies that offer roofing services. That is the only difference.


The system comes with a 10 year warranty which can be extended to 25 years with online registration. This covers problems with material design and workmanship for a full repair or replacement.

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What People Are Saying

a man holding gutterguard product with grass on the background

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, which speaks well for the product considering it is sold through third party companies. The ease of installation, the strength of either option in reference to adherence, and how well it works are all commonly commented upon.

The biggest problem is with not taking care with installation if you choose to place it under your roofing materials. High rainfall off of valleys also flow more quickly than what it can handle, which is why the company also offers an easy diversion system you can order to help break the high flow of heavy rainfall and spread it out along the guard.


If you have been considering a gutter guard system, then the EasyOn Gutter Guard is definitely one worth taking a closer look at. This is especially true if you want to stay within a budget but still have a quality, long lasting product that is easy to install and works are described. Durable stainless steel mesh won’t rust, and can be easily attached to any existing gutter system with your choice of adhesive.

If you have used this guard before, or have any further questions, please let us know below. And, as always, please share.