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Easyon Gutter Guard VS Gutterglove: How to Choose?

Gutter guards are these efficient systems installed over your existing gutters, which can prolong their lifespan, as well as keep you safe from having to climb up that ladder. But there are features that make some gutter guards more efficient than others.

Two of the most commonly-recognized names in the gutter guard industry are EasyOn and Gutterglove. We wanted to compare the systems they offer, to make it easier for you to decide which one (if any) is the better choice for your home.

Easyon Gutter Guard VS Gutterglove Comparisons

EasyOn Gutterguard ​​​Gutterglove
EasyOn Gutterguard
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  • Two installation methods.
  • Non-invasive adhesive installation.
  • 25 years warranty.
  • Made with stainless steel.
  • Fine micromesh surface.
  • Two different options.
  • Made with stainless steel.
  • Compatible with most roof types.
  • 40 years of warranty coverage.

Taking A Closer Look

Comparing two of the industry’s leaders is never an easy task. Both EasyOn and Gutterglove have been favorites amongst homeowners who are looking to protect their gutters not just to save themselves the time and effort it takes to clean them, but also to prolong the lifespan of their gutter system and increase the value of their homes. Let’s take a closer look and examine what each of these brands has to offer.

While both of these systems are really good at what they do, there will always be controversy surrounding the efficiency of gutter protectors that have a very fine surface and might not handle a large water volume.

EasyOn Gutterguard



EasyOn uses a stainless-steel construction, which features a fine micromesh surface capable of keeping out most forms of debris out of your gutters. In fact, micromesh gutter guards are considered to be the best ones on the market, as they can keep out finer forms of debris, such as those pesky pine needles.


To better understand the efficiency of such a product, one must first see how the product works. When the rain pours down your roof, it meets the surgical grade stainless steel mesh on the surface of your EasyOn system. The fine mesh surface filters out the debris and prevents it from getting inside the gutters. The water freely flows through the surface of the gutter guards and eventually drains out the downspout.


a person installing easyon gutter guard on the roof

One of the main features of the EasyOn Gutterguard system is its two ways of installing the product. Because it comes with double-sided adhesive foam tape, you can literally tape the gutter guards to your existing system.

If you opt for this installation method, you must first clean the top of your gutters with a homemade mixture of alcohol and water. This will wipe out residue that might interfere with the proper installation of the guards. Then, it all becomes a matter of putting the EasyOn gutter protector in place and peeling the red strip off to uncover the adhesive.

When the gutter guard piece is in place, push it down firmly by sliding your finger across the top. The pressure will make the EasyOn protectors stick to the gutters. You will then have to join each section of the gutter guard with the next one while taking into account that the mesh surface extends a little over the ends of each section.

The other method of installation requires screwing the gutter guards onto the gutters with the included self-tapping screws. Thankfully, EasyOn also provided a graphic and detailed manual on how to process with screw installation depending on the roof shingles and type of gutters that you have.

The standard warranty period for the EasyOn Gutterguard is 10 years. However, buyers that make an effort to register their products online can extend their warranty to a generous 25 years.


a man holding gutterguard product with grass on the background


Gutterglove gives buyers the option to choose between the DIY gutter guards and the Pro-Install version. Their gutter guards are made with stainless steel and aluminum, being resistant to nature’s elements, and successfully passing the test of time.


The density of the micro-mesh surface of the Gutterglove is surely one of the best ones you’ll ever get the chance to test. The micromesh is extremely durable and dense, which make the entire system efficient at keeping even small particles and debris away from your system.

But, despite the fact that micromesh gutter guards are excellent at keeping debris out, there’s always the concern of how efficient they are at allowing water inside the gutters. Heavy rain leads to quite a lot of water volume that the micromesh surface sometimes can’t handle.

But, as advertised, Gutterglove can handle about 150 inches of hourly rainfall, as tests have shown.



The method of installation will vary from one type of roof to another. Thankfully, Gutterglove provides very detailed instructions and helpful images that will aid homeowners who prefer to install the gutter guards themselves, instead of turning to professional help.

But regardless of the type of roof you have, there are two important tips to keep in mind, for a more efficient installation process. First, remember to always clean your gutters before you start installing the protectors.

Second, make sure that you install the guards at a positive angle. This will make debris-shedding more efficient. For the best results, install Gutterglove at a 5 to 25-degree angle.


Gutterglove is covered by a 40-year warranty period, which is amongst the most generous ones offered on the market.

Bottom Line

Both EasyOn and Gutterglove are good gutter protectors, with a lot of similarities between them. They are both made with stainless steel, which can resist even in the harshest weather conditions. Their constructions feature micromesh surfaces, which are considered to be part of the world’s best gutter guards.

They function in pretty similar ways, although the EasyOn protectors feature a tape-on adhesive system that some homeowners might prefer due to the simplicity of installation. Oh, but Gutterglove has a better warranty… Which to choose?