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Everything You Need to Hang and Secure Your Outdoor Christmas Décor

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

The holiday season is here and while the colder winter months often bring us a beautiful winter wonderland, this time of year can also include some wild weather. From heavy snowfall to strong winter winds, your Christmas decorations are going to have to stand up to the elements if you’re going to avoid any problems.

Prevent unnecessary damage to your Christmas decorations this holiday season by properly securing everything for outdoor use. In this guide, we’re going to dig into everything that you need for hanging Christmas décor safely and securely around your property. After all, the holiday season is busy enough with all our commitments, you don’t need to be worrying about needing to fix or rehang your decorations after every storm!

Christmas Lights

colorful Christmas lights on a fence
Image Credit: georgealmanza on Canva

Outdoor lights are a versatile decorating option. They can be used wrapped around trees, incorporated with holiday garland, along the gutters to frame your house, and more. However, they are also highly susceptible to damage if they aren’t secured properly. It doesn’t take much for the small light bulbs to break and, depending on the type of light strand, a single broken bulb can knock out a whole string!

The secret to a brighter more festive display without the worry is to be strategic in your hanging process. Here are some great options for hanging your Christmas lights safely.

Safe Extension Cords

There are a wide variety of extension cords currently on the market, ranging significantly in both length and price. However, it’s important to note that not all extension cords are created equally. When hanging your lights outdoors, you want to choose cords that are long enough to accommodate the space that you are decorating without daisy-chaining them (connecting them one after another). The process of daisy-chaining can lead to overheating and increase your risk of fire.

Additionally, check to make sure that any extension cords that you are using are rated for use outdoors in the elements. Outdoor extension cords incorporate waterproofing/water-resistant features as well as more insulation to stand up to the cold winter temperatures.

    Yodotek 25 Ft Four Outlet Outdoor Power Extension Cord

black extension cord with multiple outlets
    This durable outdoor extension cords features four outlets evenly spaced along the 25-foot cord, each equipped with an IP44 waterproof cap to protect them from the elements when not in use.

A Reliable Ladder

When hanging your tree lights or outdoor string lights across the front of your house, one major safety hazard to consider is how you are going to reach these higher areas. The CDC reports that a large number of Americans experience fall-related injuries each holiday season from ladders, roofs, furniture, stairs, and porches. The best way to avoid injuries of this type is to use a safe and reliable ladder. This means choosing a ladder that can be adjusted high enough to easily reach your desired height, with secure traction and support.

    Little Giant Ladders Velocity M13 13-Ft Multi-Position Aluminum Ladder

aluminum folding utility ladder
    This aluminum multi-position ladder has a weight capacity of 300-lbs, wide-flared legs for additional safety and stability, and the ability to adjust and extend up to 13 feet high making it possible for you to reach to hang your lights without risking a fall.

Outdoor Light Clips

Hanging your lights using outdoor light clips is a great way to ensure that your decorations are secure without having to use tools or put holes into your walls and surfaces. They work by using a strong water-resistant and UV-resistant adhesive backing that holds firmly to a wide variety of outdoor surfaces including vinyl siding, tile, finished fences, painted cinder blocks, and windows. The hooks are a looped design that secures your string of lights in place through any weather. When you’re finished, they remove cleanly and easily.

    Command Clear Outdoor Light Clips

clear command hooks for hanging
    Hang your lights quickly and easily on any surface using these clear, water-resistant outdoor light clips with a strong adhesive that can be easily removed without leaving any unwelcome sticky residue behind.

Holiday Gutter Light Clips

Securing your lights along the gutters or shingles of your home can be a challenge, however, it’s one of the most popular places to attach lights during the holiday season. If you’re looking for that classic look of your outdoor holiday lights framing your home, try using light clips that are specifically designed for use in these spaces. Many of these plastic clips are designed for use with a wide variety of different lighting styles including traditional incandescent lights, more modern LED lights, mini lights, and even icicle lights or raindrop lights. They secure the lighting to your home in a way that prevents them from being blown loose, saving you from having to rehang them multiple times each season.

    SEWANTA Holiday Light Clips for Gutters and Shingles

clear gutter clips for Christmas lights
    Hang your lights securely around your home without the need for tools using these easy to install clips along your gutter edges or shingles.

Deck Light Clips

Similar to the gutter clips that we just discussed, deck light clips use a roll clip design, allowing them to securely hold onto the edges of deck railings, stair banisters, and other surfaces using pressure. Not only does this ensure that your lights aren’t going to go anywhere in the wind and snow, but it also eliminates the need for staples and nails which can cause unnecessary damage to your home or create a safety hazard if you nick the actual light strings when hanging. This makes it easy to add accent lights to any outdoor surface.

    SEWANTA Holiday Light Clips for Decks, Roof Eaves, Fences, and Staircases

Christmas light clips designed for securing lights on deck rails
    Easily secure your Christmas lights along the edges of surface with the roll clip design, holding them in place throughout the season with no damage and no tools necessary.

Front Door Wreaths and Window Wreaths

front door decorated with wreath and Christmas trees
Image Credit: TriggerPhoto on Canva

When hanging your outdoor wreaths, the goal is to secure them so that they aren’t going anywhere regardless of the weather while avoiding unnecessary damage to your home. This means choosing temporary solutions in place of nails or staple guns. The best choice for wreath hangers will depend on the surface that you are working with.

Over the Door Wreath Hangers

The most common wreath hangers on the market, over-the-door hangers are thin hangers that hook over the top of your front door, providing a hook on the front to hold your holiday wreath or festive decorations. These can range from basic, low-cost plastic door hangers to more elaborate, decorative, or adjustable wreath hangers depending on your needs. If you live in an area that experiences extreme cold, the metal choices are a better option as plastic may become brittle and break with ongoing use outdoors.

    LBSUN Adjustable Over the Door Wreath Hanger

an adjustable over-the-door wreath hanger in use
    Capable of supporting wreaths and door decorations up to 20 lbs., this metal door hanger is a strong and reliable solution for your front door holiday wreath regardless of its size.

Magnetic Wreath Hangers

If you have a metal front door, magnetic wreath hangers are an easy and reliable option for the holiday season. They are created with strong magnets, usually commercial strength, or industrial magnets, meaning that they will hold strong despite even the strongest winter winds. When shopping for magnetic wreath hangers, make sure to check the weight capacity of the products that you are considering, especially if you have a larger wreath or an elaborate one that weighs more than the standard wreath options.

    Picowe 2 Pack Magnetic Wreath Hanger

two black magnetic wreath hooks
    Constructed with a powerful magnet, these iron magnets can be used to hang your wreath or outdoor decorations securely on any metal surface.

Suction Cup Wreath Hangers

Designed specifically for the purchase of hanging holiday decorations like wreaths on windows, suction cup wreath hangers include a hook attached to a heavy-duty, waterproof suction cup. These hangers can generally be used on any non-porous surface including glass and smooth metal. When the holidays are over, simply remove the hook, clean the surface, soak the hook in warm water, and allow it to dry. When your suction cups are dry, they are ready to be reused, making this an investment that can easily be used for decorating year after year.

    VIS’V Large Clear Reusable Heavy Duty Wreath Hanger Suction Cups

two clear wreath hooks on suction cups
    These two strong suction hook wreath hangers can hold wreaths and decorations up to 22 lbs., while their waterproof design holds strong when faced with rain or snow.

Outdoor Adhesive Hooks

Much like the light clips mentioned above, these hooks use a strong adhesive backing to secure the hooks to a wide variety of different surfaces including pained walls, glass, tile, metal, finished wood, and vinyl siding. These hooks generally have a lower weight capacity than most of the other options on this list, making them more suitable for lightweight wreaths and decorations. They can be used on the walls or the front of the door or, if you are concerned about weight, another solution is to place the adhesive hook upside down on the inside of the door and hang your wreath with ribbon, looping up and over the door to the hook allowing the pressure of the door frame hold the wreath most of the time.

    Command Medium Forever Classic Metal Hook

a package with two metallic command hooks
    Using strong and durable water-resistant adhesive that can easily be removed with no sticky residue left behind, these bronze wreath hangers are a great choice for a wide variety of surfaces.

Holiday Garland

Christmas garland hanging on outdoor stair railings
Image Credit: SbytovaMN on Canva

Holiday garland is a popular choice for decorating doorways, porch railing, stair banisters, and other outdoor surfaces. Whether you plan on decorating with traditional holiday greenery accented with white LED lights and ribbon in traditional colors, or a brighter display with bold colors and a little festive flair, there are many options for safely hanging your garland this season. Whatever your outdoor decorating ideas involve, there are options here to secure them properly against the hazards of winter weather.

Garland Door Hanger

These tension-based hanging rods are designed to drape your garland around your front door, framing your entryway and creating a beautiful holiday display. These hangers can be easily adjusted, accommodating a wide variety of different doorway areas. The entire installation process will take only a matter of minutes and require no tools. When the holiday season is over, you can easily take your garland and supporting hardware down with no damage to the door or doorframe. These can also be used in a window frame if desired.

    BrylaneHome Garland Door Hanger

metal garland door hanger
    Made from lightweight, durable iron with protective rubber end pads, this mental tension hanger will allow you to easily drape your garland over your door using a tension rod design.

Decorative Twist Ties

We often consider ties and hooks based on their functionality, but these reusable twist ties offer an additional element of decoration to your outdoor display. Decorative ties are made with a durable and flexible wire that will secure your garland regardless of the weather conditions. A fabric cover is placed over the wire to add a decorative element in a variety of different styles and color options depending on your holiday decorating scheme including solid holiday colors, a red and wine candy cane style, or a festive combination of red, white, and green.

    Shappy Christmas Decorative Reusable Twist Ties

several green decorative ties
    Available in a variety of different colors, these decorative twist ties feature a strong wire to securely hold your garland in place, with a decorative, festive fabric cover.

Rubber Gear Ties

While a traditional cable tie designed for office use may not be suitable for outdoor use, rubber gear ties are made with a more durable design. The strong, bendable wires in a rubber gear tie are designed to hold the cords in your home or office over an extended period, making them a reliable choice throughout the entire holiday season. The rubber exterior is weather-resistant, allowing them to stand up to whatever snow, rain, or wind your decorations must endure.

    Nite Ize Original Rubber Gear Tie

orange rubber gear tie
    Made from tough rubber, these reusable gear ties are designed for securing electrical cords and office supplies, however, they are also a great option for hanging outdoor garland on banisters and stair rails.

Standard Zip Ties

Sometimes, before embarking on a decorating adventure, the first step is to take note of the options readily available already at home. The standard zip ties that are often used around the house or in the garage are also a reliable option for hanging your garland outdoors. Unlike the other options on this list, these ties are one-time use, meaning that they will be disposed of after they have been cut free at the end of the holiday season. The good news is that they are built to last, making them a reliable choice that isn’t going to fail while out in the elements.

    GTSE 12” Black Zip Ties

a pile of black zip ties
    Long, UV resistant nylon zip ties are suitable for use in the toughest weather conditions with their industrial-strength, UV resistant nylon construction.

Larger Yard Decorations & Inflatables

inflatable yard decorations in a snow-covered yard
Image Credit: steverts on Canva

When considering the safety and security of our outdoor decorating efforts, most people focus on porch decorations and outdoor lighting. However, any holiday display set up in your yard should also be factored into the equation. Often these decorative elements are lightweight, making them highly susceptible to the winter winds. Whether you’re working with inflatable decorations or heavier wooden options, securing your decorations in the yard should be on the top of your must-follow safety tips for the season!

Heavy-Duty Rebar Stakes

One of the most heavy-duty and reliable options for securing your outdoor decorations is through the use of rebar stakes. These long-lasting steel stakes are designed to stand up to anything that winter weather may bring while the weather-resistant coating protects them from rust and corrosion. The stakes are designed in a hook shape with a chisel point on the longer end. This allows you to hammer the stake into the ground while the hook secures your decorating project, keeping it from being blown away in the next big winter storm.

    Eurmax 12-inch Galvanized Rebar Stakes

metal rebar garden stakes
    Measuring 12 inches in length, these heavy-duty ground anchors have a chiseled tip making them easy to hammer into the ground while the J-hook design secures your decorations.

Steel Garden Staples

Like the rebar stakes, garden staples work by being hammered into the ground to hold your decorations in place. The difference is that they have two sharp-angled ends that are equal in length, both of which are designed to be hammered securely into the ground. This works similar to a staple gun, firmly holding your holiday decorations of all shapes and sizes against the ground along with other non-holiday uses such as inground pool covers, bird netting, and garden edging. They are a great investment for any homeowner.

    GROWNEER 6 Inch heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Garden Staples

a pile of metal garden staples
    Made from galvanized steel, these garden staples sink deep into the ground while the u-shaped staple design prevents your holiday decorations from pulling free.

Outdoor Tent Pegs

Campers and outdoor travelers have long used tent stakes to secure outdoor structures like tents and dining shelters. These same devices can be used easily to secure outdoor decorations, especially those that are lighter weight like wicker figures and inflatables. When choosing the best tent pegs for your holiday display, you want to choose a corrosion-resistant material with a larger stopper on the top for securing the rope or nylon loop that you are using to hold your decorations in place.

    Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Outdoor Camping Tent Stakes

metal tent pegs with orange plastic tops
    These galvanized steel tent stakes are packed with a durable orange stopper, allowing you to secure tents, canopies, garden structures, and outdoor decorations with ease.

Weighted Sandbags or Water Bags

If you are setting up your outdoor decorations in a location where hammering a stake or tent peg into place isn’t feasible, such as on a concrete pad or patio space, you may want to consider the use of sandbags or weighted water bags to hold everything in place. They can be purchased in a wide variety of different sizes and colors, allowing you to incorporate them seamlessly into your holiday display while the weight of each bag secures your decorations regardless of the weather.

    ABCCANOPY 4 Pack Tent Sandbags

four black weighted sandbags
    Constructed from waterproof 1680D polyester fabric coating with PVC, these heavy-duty weight bags can hold up to 25 lbs. of sand, rock, or dirt to secure any outdoor decoration or structure.

Enjoy A Worry-Free Holiday Season with These Decorating Tips

The Christmas season just isn’t the same without the warm glow of a holiday light display and the joy brought on by festive decorations. However, you also don’t want to spend your holiday season worried every time that the wind picks up! Take some time before the festivities kick-off and your schedule fills up to secure all your outdoor decorations properly.

When the next big winter storm hits, you can snuggle up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa in hand, and relax knowing that your efforts in hanging Christmas decorations this year will save you from any hassle or concerns. Surrounded by friends and family, there are far more important things to focus on!

Happy Holidays!