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Everything You Should Know About Lawn Care Maintenance

You can try and teach someone how to do something until you’re blue in the face. But a lot of people (like myself) are simply more visual. We learn much better through detailed images and videos and absorb the information. This could be anything from Game of Thrones trivia to how to bake a pie.

If you’re looking for good and helpful information regarding lawn care then look no further, I present to you the ultimate infographic. Everything is broken down by months and seasons so it’s sure to teach you everything you need to understand about proper lawn care maintenance and help you to maximize your efforts.


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About The Author

Candace Osmond

Award Winning Designer, Candace Osmond has been in the industry for over a decade. She studied Interior Decorating & Design and is also an accomplished writer and multi-published author. When she's not typing away from the comforts of her desk, Candace can be found travelling to warm destinations, tending to her garden, or enjoying the outdoor haven that is her backyard. Candace currently resides in the breathtaking Maritimes of Eastern Canada with her husband, two beautiful kids and one slobbery bulldog.


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