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6 Beautiful Fall Flowers to Add to Your Landscape

Summer is a time that gardeners relish. It is a season of full, colorful flowers, cascading greenery, and bountiful bushes. But once summer ends, can your garden still be bright and beautiful?

Getting stuck in growing only summer-blooming flowers in your yard and garden is easy. But when it comes to planning your landscape, it is worth planting flowers that bloom in the fall! Having fall flowers guarantees that your yard is still brimming with beauty even late into the growing season.

Wondering which fall flowers will keep your yard and garden stunning for longer? Take a look at these six beautiful fall flowers to add to your landscape!

1 – Canada Goldenrod

goldenrod plant with a monarch butterfly on the yellow flowers
Image credits: Michael Barrick via Unsplash

Look at your yard and garden. Now picture tall flowers of bright yellow for the fall season. Sounds stunning, right? Canada goldenrod, Solidago canadensis, blooms in late summer until early fall, offering plenty of time to enjoy them. This plant comes in different varieties and is excellent for drawing pollinators like butterflies and bees. When planting your goldenrod, place it in full sun. For the best long-term results for your goldenrod, divide the plant every three to four years.

Pro Tip: Not sure what to plant next to your goldenrods? For a pleasing aesthetic, many gardeners plant goldenrod next to asters to contrast the yellow with bright purple/blue hues!

2 – Ornamental Peppers

close up image of purple and red ornamental peppers
Image credits: Hans via Pixabay

When you think of fall flowers, ornamental peppers probably aren’t the first plant to spring to mind. But, Capsicum annuum, or ornamental pepper plants, are a unique addition to your fall landscape. While their blossoms aren’t anything to write home about, ornamental pepper plants begin to showcase pointy peppers in an array of magnificent colors in the fall months. The peppers turn from green to their mature shades of purple, red, yellow, or orange and are beautiful enough to rival any flower. Plant your ornamental pepper plants in full-sun locations once the risk of freezing has passed.

NOTE: While these peppers are technically edible, they are extremely spicy. The plant is also toxic to animals. For those with young children or pets, plant your ornamental peppers somewhere they are not at risk of being consumed.

3 – Black Eyed Susan

crop of black eyed susan flowers in a garden
Image credits: Nick Fewings via Unsplash

Black-eyed Susan or Rudbeckia hirta is a flower easily recognized by its sunshine yellow petals and dark black centers. These flowers bloom between June and October. While their flowers are bright for fall, be aware that they are either biennial or short-lived perennial, depending on where you live. Being a short-lived perennial means that they will only grow for about three to five years before requiring reseeding. Wondering why you else you should plant black-eyed Susan? This fall flower is beloved by wildlife! Bees, butterflies, and even birds are happy to pollinate, eat, and help your plant thrive!

4 – Autumn Joy / Stonecrop

close up image of autumn joy stonecrop sedum flower
Image credits: Manfred Richter via Pixabay

Autumn joy, also known as stonecrop, is a cultivar of Hylotelephium telephium. No matter what you call it, this perennial is easy to grow and looks fantastic in a fall landscape! The hardy plant requires full sun and will tolerate drought (perfect for the sometimes-forgetful gardener!). It prefers well-draining soil, though it isn’t picky! Autumn joy will still grow in a variety of soil types. Once the plant begins to bloom, it displays green flowers that eventually turn pinkish-red. With a name like autumn joy, it is no wonder this bush variety plant is popular among fall-loving gardeners!

5 – Asters

bright purple asters in garden
Image credits: Manfred Richter via Pixabay

Another fall favorite is the bright blue-purple flowers, asters! Often with bright yellow centers, these flowers draw the eye to any yard. What makes these plants such a great choice is how easy it is to care for them. Though they prefer full sun, as long as your asters have partial sun and soil with good drainage, they will not fail to show off. Asters are in full bloom between August to September, depending upon the variety. To promote bushy growth of asters, pinch off the main bud often about every week to two weeks.

6 – Chrysanthemums

bunches of orange, white, and purple chrysanthemums
Image credits: Genevieve Belcher via Pixabay

Also known by their shorter name, mums, chrysanthemums are a fantastic fall addition. Many colors and varieties of chrysanthemums are available for planting as established plants, propagated cuttings, or seeds. To grow chrysanthemums, put them in the ground only after the last frost has passed. Grow them in a place in your yard that has lots of sun, well-draining soil, and plenty of nutrients in the ground. Just as you pinch off the buds of asters, the same is done for chrysanthemums. Your mums will bloom in the fall (around September), showcasing stunning flowers all season!

Fall in Love With Your Landscape!

Ready to make your yard and garden a fall wonderland? Consider adding bush-like plants such as Canada goldenrod, autumn joy, or ornamental peppers to your yard. Looking for stunning flowers? Black-eyed Susan, asters, and chrysanthemums add the splashes of color you will love!

Plant your favorites throughout your yard and cherish those abundant and happy fall flowers all autumn!