22 of the Best Fall Landscape Ideas: #17 is Perfect!
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22 of the Best Fall Landscape Ideas

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. With it brings that cooler weather easily associated with comfy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and just an overall feeling of coziness.

To invoke this especially cozy time of the year, there are some really great ideas out there to accentuate your home and yard and get everyone into the spirit of fall. Whether you have a large property or a small home, it’s easy to step into the season with the help of these great fall landscaping ideas. If you’re looking to design a new landscape from scratch, there are dozens of software programs that will help you accomplish just that.

Get comfy and settle in to browse the following list of ways to create the perfect fall atmosphere for your yard just in time for one of the greatest seasons ever!

1. Gorgeous Foliage

Gorgeous Foliage

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that experiences brilliant foliage color changes, then most of the work is already done for you! Let Mother Nature do all the work and simply marvel at the wondrous fall wonderland outside. With trees like these in this photo, you need only to add a few additional elements—and that’s only if you really want to. Those two pumpkins on the porch are a nice touch, but the trees certainly steal the show here.

2. Pumpkins and Plants

Pumpkins and Plants
Even if you don’t live next to a bunch of great color-changing foliage, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you got! This simple scene features adorable potted plants and plenty of pumpkins. This just goes to show that as long as you’ve got that master of fall, the pumpkin, you can pretty much get as creative as you want. If you’re worried about pumpkins rotting before the fall season is over, you could easily incorporate plastic pumpkins to ensure the scene will last all season.

3. Natural Colors

Natural Colors
The natural color scheme between the hanging vine flowers, the green trees and the golden leaves makes this a classic autumn scene. Thankfully for this home, nature is doing all the work for them when it comes to incorporating a fall feel. The trees look gorgeous in the background of the scene while the deep red brick of the home makes the dusty pink flowers absolutely pop in brilliant color. I can already imagine little trick-or-treaters running up and down the pathway collecting goodies.

4. Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival
This would make a great picture background for a fall festival or a school autumn carnival. Even if you wanted to incorporate this cute scene into your own home landscape, you really can’t go wrong with such great colors and setup. The golden fence and rustic wreaths only add to the charm of the scattered pumpkins and gourds on the grass below. Incorporating all kinds of fall-themed elements can’t hurt when it comes to getting that feel across. This would be the perfect setup for some outdoor photos.

5. Pumpkins Galore

Pumpkins Galore


Pumpkins are your best friend when it comes to decorating for fall! You seriously can never have too many of them and if you live in cooler climates, they should hold up pretty well. If you live in warmer climates you can always pick up a few plastic or foam pumpkins from almost any home store. They make them look pretty lifelike these days and they’ll no doubt last you the entire season and then some! Either way, incorporating pumpkins into the scenery is not only adorable, but it’s traditional.

6. Natural Landscape

Natural Landscape

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If pumpkins and gourds aren’t particularly your thing, stick to the more natural approach with a well-groomed garden. Even if you don’t have too many trees or plants that change colors during the fall season, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them just as much! Sometimes the more natural, the better, and if you have a cozy garden like this one you can’t go wrong. Imagine sipping some hot tea or cider on this patio on a brisk fall morning? This would be the best scenery for it!

7. Rock Garden

Rock Garden


This gorgeous rock garden and water feature would make a wonderful addition to any landscape – no matter what theme you’re trying to adhere to. As a fall landscape, this is a wonderful idea to keep that natural element in the changing of seasons. Depending on what kind of foliage you have in your area, the colors of the surrounding landscape may differ or change completely. This is an easy way to let nature do its thing without having to add too much into the mix.

8. Pumpkin Porch

Pumpkin Porch

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You don’t necessarily have to go crazy when it comes to pumpkin placement. One or two of these glorious globes of orange will get the point across when it comes to fall landscaping. This picturesque porch features a few strategically placed pumpkins that catch the sun for a pop of orange passersby would not miss. Sometimes less is more – especially when trying to decorate a gorgeous larger home like the one depicted.

9. Autumn Patio

Autumn Patio


This patio doesn’t have a lot of pumpkins or frills involved. This patio is letting nature be the star of the show. The natural foliage and trees are all this patio really needs in order to incorporate that autumn feel into the mix. Again, native plants will do so much for you as far as changing with the seasons to give the space that elegant, nature-kissed look. If you’re someone who likes your patio or outdoor areas to look clean, polished and organized, then a simpler idea like this one in the picture could be your go-to.

10. Natural Front Lawn

Natural Front Lawn


Everything about this landscape just works. This house would look festive no matter the season or holiday with all these great colors and magnificent foliage. If you have a house painted a vibrant color like this great green color on the house in the picture, you may want to coordinate your foliage proportionately. For example, you wouldn’t want too many vibrant plants growing in front of the house because you wouldn’t want anything to look washed out. If done correctly, pairing plants with your house color can be a beautiful way to ring in the seasons.

11. Traditional Autumn Bounty

Traditional Autumn Bounty


If you want to go all the way, by all means, go all the way. This fantastic porch will undeniably be one of the best houses on the block with all the pumpkins, gourds and classic autumn attributes. Hay stacks are also a classic fall signature that actually serve a really useful purpose when stacking up pumpkins like these. They are great to use if you are creating a background for photos, as well. Everything about this front porch oozes the fall season and it looks adorable!

12. Delicate Flowers

Delicate Flowers


Incorporate the essence of the fall season by adding a few delicate flowering plants or vines. You can easily change up the pots if you want to make the scene look for autumn-like. Adding that cascading floral effect to the landscape is a great way to add some of your favorite plants or flowers without having to plant them in the direct ground so you can easily change them up as wanted. If you prefer fresh herbs, this would also be a great way to keep your favorite herbs on hand year-round.

13. Zen Garden

Zen Garden


This is a perfect example of how great natural foliage can look in your landscape. These Japanese maple trees are changing colors with the season and look absolutely stunning doing it! Most trees will naturally change colors with the seasons, but in case you have a landscape with trees or plants that don’t do this, you can always head over to a garden center to ask which trees will change color. There are plenty of plants that have that same effect, you just need to find out which ones will thrive in your area.

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14. Contemporary Landscape

Contemporary Landscape

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For the more modern or contemporary home, less is always better. This landscape features a polished, minimalistic yard that leads up to this exquisitely modern home. Everything from the tiny shrubs to the graveled pathway make this home unique. When it comes to incorporating that fall season feel, you can either add a few autumn attributes such as bundles of hay or stacks of pumpkins and gourds. If you aren’t feeling too traditional with a landscape like this, it’d be easy to also add smaller elements that won’t take away from the overall feel of the landscape.

15. Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers

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Don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on all those autumn decorations? Plan in advance and plant flowers that will pop in brilliant fall colors. Fantastic oranges, yellows, ambers and browns can fill your landscaped area to invoke that fall feeling without lightening the wallet too much. The best part of that idea is that the plants will look good all year long and you’ll know they’ll look even better come the fall season.

16. Tree Scene

Tree Scene

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If you have a great tree on your property that changes colors in the fall, half the work is already done for you! Make these kinds of trees your focal point by adding a mini garden right under them. Of course, you’d have to make sure to stick with plants that will do well growing in a shaded area and plants or flowers that have those fall colors such as orange, yellow or brown. With the right plant set up, your tree will easily become the best part of your yard just in time for fall.

17. Fall Garden Gate

Fall Garden Gate

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Create your own fall wonderland by incorporating a growing vine into a garden gate scene. These leaves on this particular vine are perfect for the fall season and it may even be the kind of vine that naturally changes colors. Adding plants to the landscape can definitely help bring in any season, but especially fall since so many plants do change colors to ring in the season. This is a simple yet elegant way to work with what you’ve got.

18. Autumn Leaf Canopy

Autumn Leaf Canopy

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I’m honestly not sure if this canopy is covered with a color-changing live vine or if fall leaves were just draped over this gazebo, but it looks great! You can easily find fall leaves and vines in any home decorating store, so if you don’t have time to wait for a vine to grow and creep up a gazebo like the one depicted, you can easily add some that you find. If you do decide to use fake branches and leaves, you can also change up the scene with holly berries for the winter season.

19. Fall Plants

Fall Plants

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This scene features plants catered for this specific environment just in time for fall. If you want brilliant colors and textures to bring in the fall season in your garden, it’s not a bad idea to get a consult or at least meet with someone who works at a local nursery to help get you what you need. Researching online can also help save you the trouble of planting a plant that ends up dying because it won’t grow in your area. Although there are so many gorgeous plants out there, the truth is they won’t grow unless they like the environment they’re in.

20. Garden Concepts

green plants, flowers, pumpkin on the top of the bricks, green plants below

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You can’t go wrong by incorporating hay-like or long, wispy fronded plants. There’s something about that airy feel that naturally invokes the fall feeling without having to change up too much in your garden. Better yet, you can always add smaller flowering plants into the scene to give your landscape some more of that great fall foliage color. It wouldn’t hurt to add a few pumpkins here and there, too. It is fall, after all! It’s ok to have a little fun with your landscaping around this time.

21. Backyard Fall Landscape

Backyard Fall Landscape

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This is a great landscaping idea for a backyard patio with steps. Already gorgeous and picturesque in itself, it’s really easy to add some of those smaller fall attributes to make the scene season ready. Not too many pumpkins here, but they are definitely there and add plenty of fall fun to the scene. The trees and plants incorporated in the scene add a variety of texture and color perfect for fall. The placement in this photo is perfect and is an overall great idea for a backyard.

22. Autumn Walkway

Autumn Walkway

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This is such a cute idea for a walkway! Imagine all the trick-or-treaters delight while walking up this fantastically decorated walkway to pick up their treats? Using each tree as a focal point is perfect when you have a lot of space you want to decorate without wanting to decorate all of it. The trees are already natural path markers, so making individualized Halloween or fall scenes at each one is a great way to add a lot without overdoing it. I can already see the Jack-o-lanterns flickering on the night of Halloween.


As you can see, there are so many ways to decorate your house and your landscape without it getting too expensive. Now is the ideal time to start landscaping and fall planting. Overall, fall is a really fun holiday and whether you want to incorporate more Halloween elements into the scene, or just stick with that classic autumn look, you can easily make your yard look fantastic. Natural elements always help, so stock up on pretty plants, pumpkins and vines to make everything look extraordinary!

So what idea did you like best? Did you see a few ideas and can’t decide? Incorporate a few elements from each idea and create your own fall landscaping scene! Take pictures and let us know how it went! And click here for more gorgeous and easy landscaping ideas.