7 Fast Growing Plants For an Instant Garden
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7 Fast Growing Plants For an Instant Garden

Sometimes, you really want (or need) to fill out your garden quickly and you don’t want to wait years to grow up the lush green and vivid colors of shrubs and trees.

When you’re in a hurry to get some garden glory blooming high, the following list of shrubs, vines, and other plants will help you get there. Some are great for a quick “privacy wall” while others provide nearly instant, lush colors to raise the profile of a dull yard. Whatever your need, these beauties should do it for you.


bamboo growing
Image credits: Frank Marckardt  via Pixabay

With massive growth rates at crazy rates (some species grow several inches a day!), bamboo is a super speedy option for fleshing out a barren area that needs some green and loveliness. The plants make for a great privacy screen or a plot filler. Plus they add an amazing tropical vibe to your space, making them great for a themed space. Just don’t plant them too close to a pool.


deep blue hydrangea
Image credits: Pexels via Pixabay

An absolutely gorgeous option for your fast-growing plants needs is the hydrangea. It’s one of the most popular, bushy shrubs with giant blooms out there – and the plant blooms for much of the summer and into the fall. In some cases, it will even bloom in spring.

The colors of the gorgeous flowers changed based on the pH levels of the soil in which they’re planted. You can “teach” the soil what color to encourage the blooms to be – ranging from a greenish white to a deep, rich blue like what’s pictured above.

Hydrangeas grow practically anywhere but do especially well in USA zones 6 to 9.

They make for great shrubs as a wall or as a stand-alone plant or bed filler.


Image credits: Alexei_other via Pixabay

If you love hummingbirds, butterflies, and sweet aromas, honeysuckle is a great choice for your instant garden. The flowering vines smell absolutely heavenly when the blooms come out, and all sorts of pollinators love to come zooming in for a sweet nectar sip.

The vine grows quickly and covers walls or trellis – and after some time grows into a shrub-ish presence in your space. So, plant now and have lush, beautiful blooms this season – and eventually you’ll have even more of a presence of the sweet plant as long as you care for the plant over time.

Butterfly Bush

butterfly on butterfly bush
Image credits: Nowaja via Pixabay

Another fast-growing plant to attract pollinators and tiny birds are the butterfly bush. The deciduous shrub blooms into long, colorful flowers all summer long, drawing in its namesake, along with moths, bees, hummingbirds, and others.

The plant does well in USDA growing zones 5 and southward, with evergreen status 8 and south. The tall, beautiful, hardy plants love full sun areas and well-drained soil. They’re also mostly deer-resistant, too, so even if you live on the edge of the woods, your butterfly bushes will be safe.


Image credits: Sonja Kalee via Pixabay

Another gorgeous climbing vine is the clematis. This stunning flowering vine will grow as much as 30 feet in just two or three months – meaning you’ll have some solid coverage ASAP when you plant these beauties.

Clematis does equally well in full or part sun and tosses out its beautiful white, pink, and purple flowers from late summer to fall. The deciduous plant is long-living and perennial so you’ll have this gorgeousness for years to come.

The plant does best when planted with the roots in soil and placed where it can spread out (think fence or trellis or wall). The blooms will keep coming all season long if it’s well-placed.

The blooms come in a range of colors and looks, so have some fun picking out just the type(s) you love.

Clematis does best in slightly acidic soil and thrives in USDA zones 4 to 9.


Image credits: Karolina Grabowska via Pixabay

A Japanese shrub that’s fast-growing and gorgeous is Privet. This lovely plant works as a tailored hedge and grows up to 15 feet tall and 7 feet wide. It pops out white flowers in summer and does well with shaping and pruning – and loves full sun.

Creeping Jenny

creeping jenny
Image credits: John Canty via Unsplash

Also known as moneywort, Creeping Jenny is a low-growing, creeping ground cover plant that pops out with vibrant flowers as it crawls along the ground. It’s a stunning choice for your rock garden as they don’t need soil for their creeping.

The plant produces vibrant yellow blossoms in early summer and does well in USDA zones 3 to 9. The plant likes partial shade and medium-wet to wet soil. If you plant it in the shade, the leaves will take on a lime green shade instead of the deeper green.

Fast-Growing Plants For All!

Your empty garden doesn’t have to stay empty long! With these gorgeous, fast-growing plants, you’ll have shrubs, vines, and more quickly spreading out, throwing their branches and blooms into the sky for vivid colors and lush greenery throughout your space.

Just be sure the ones you choose do well in your USDA growing zone – and you’ll be knee-deep in blooms and lush leaves in no time.