43 Amazing Fence Gate Ideas
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49 Amazing Fence Gate Ideas

Whether your style is the classic white picket or a more modern remote-controlled slide, garden gates are an important asset to any home. They’re great for privacy, security and even great for organizing a garden area. With so much versatility, it may be hard to choose what kind of entrance is needed for your backyard space.

Whether you have a large property to cover or a simple side garden, or maybe you want to keep pests out, the only way to do this is with a gate of some kind. We’ve compiled a nifty list of some great ideas when it comes to using a gated fence in your outdoor space. Keep reading and prepare to be inspired! Fence gates are an easy DIY project; just be sure to invest in a well-built and reliable nail gun.

Wooden Fence Gate Ideas

Weather-Worn Fence

Weather-worn Fence

Out of all the cedar fence gate designs out there, this gorgeous, rustic wooden fence is the perfect touch as an entranceway to the garden! The wood is raw, and because of its natural texture and color, it makes the whole scene feel rustic and purely country. This would be a perfect style of fence to encircle an old country cottage or an escape house deep in the woods or countryside. The design is overall simple but brings so much character to the space. The fact that it is a shorter fence is also a contributor to that old-timey feel.

Garden Gorgeous

Garden Gorgeous

Using a simple wooden design like this fence is a great way to add character without distracting from the interesting garden behind it. The massive hedges and other curiosities wait for you behind this tiny fence – what else will you find back there? Adding to this whimsical feel, this mismatched and roughly cut, raw wood gate is the perfect entrance to what lies beyond. This little fence holds a whole realm of wonder behind it. I can almost see the white rabbit from here.

Unique & Chic

Unique and Chic

Here’s an interesting concept to the standard white picket fence idea – add an interesting design to accentuate the gate part of the fence. Not only does this make your fence completely unique, it’s also a great way to stand out, especially in a suburban area where your neighbors may have a similar style of fencing. Stand out from the crowd with an interesting idea like this one. This fence is standalone in that it’s a relatively short fence, but it’s truly unique and interesting to look at. This proves you don’t need your whole outside area fenced in if you don’t have to.

Reclaimed Wood Gate

vintage wood gate between stone fence walls

If you love a nice, rustic look or just want nothing to go to waste, using reclaimed wood to create a simple, attractive gate like this one is a great way to solve two problems at once. You can find some old barn wood, pallet wood, scraps from the woodpile, etc—and a simple tutorial—and this gorgeous gate will be ready to go in no time.

Color Play

Color Play

Adding some colors to your outdoor space is always a good idea. With this gorgeous blue gate, who could drive past and not notice it? The gate breaks up that already fabulous hedgerow, which is basically acting as a fence. Break up your property fencing by utilizing the natural growth around your house and a gate idea like this one. It looks great and would work perfectly as a perimeter circle. Not feeling the blue color? Play around with some outdoor paint and see what works for you!

Artsy Fence

Artsy Fence

This artistic fence and gate combo should be in front of a public school since it’s so adorable. Considering the theme, you could easily personalize a fence and gate setup like this one depending on what you like. For a home, you could use the shape and color schemes to match an already existing décor or get funky with it and let your kids help you draw all kinds of funny characters. Own a bistro? Add some splashes of color with a variety of painted fruits and veggies. The possibilities are endless!

Vintage Vale

Vintage Vale

Cut-outs in fencing were a major deal in vintage garden settings. Bring that concept to your modern outdoor area by simply adding some interesting cut-out shapes. Spades, keyholes, and hearts – you can really add whatever you like to either an existing fence, or you can easily find new fencing that already has cut-outs in them. The older the wood or metal, the more vintage it will look. If you buy something new and would prefer it to look vintage, there is always paint and stains to help with that.

Rustic Cottage Gate

cottage gate and fence in front of white houses

If you have a thing for English tea gardens and rustic cottages, this sort of gate might do the trick for you. It’s a simple, wooden cottage gate using new or reclaimed wood – whatever you like. A simple coat of paint or whitewash will freshen the look or you can leave the rustic, aged wood looking like this for a vintage feel.

Covered Wonder

Covered Wonder

This is an adorable idea that gives off that country chic feel. By covering a garden or yard gate, you add so much character to an already cute idea. Although this gate is not actually completely covered, it gives off the illusion that it is completely covered. This would be a useful addition to a garden that has many plants with creeping vines or flowers. The trees in the back of the gate add so much color and texture to the scene. Plant your trees accordingly to give the same effects to your outdoor space.

Rainbow Post Gate

multicolored posts gate

If you’re looking for something bright, colorful, and fun, you can always go rainbow! Who doesn’t love a rainbow? And if you truly love the rainbow, you can paint each panel of the gate a different color, starting with yellow and going to the end of the rainbow. Mixing colors just a hint can give you those in-between shades for the perfect gradient.

Iron Intrigue

Iron Intrigue

Add a decorative iron gate to an existing wooden fence to create an intriguing entrance to your home or garden. There is so much iron décor to choose from, so you can easily find the kinds of decoration that would work perfectly with your fence. The scene in this picture is so great because it involves Halloween trick-or-treaters and the leaves on the iron gate just seem like a perfect decorative addition for the fall season. Although, leaves are generally great for any season.

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Stately Sophisticated

Stately Sophisticated

Make the entrance to your home or property look as impressive as the structure itself. With this impressive security gate, guests will feel as if they’ve entered the home of James Bond himself. Security gates are an important asset to your home or property because they offer that extra level of protection. Most gates come with or can easily be installed with a security camera system that can network out to cameras all throughout the area. You can never be too careful these days.

Red Doors

Red Doors

The color red is always impressive. No matter if it’s a front door or an amazing security gate like the one pictured, red is always an eye-catcher. A security gate doesn’t need to feel like a security gate when it comes to you via this adorable boxed frame gate. This is an artsier version of a standard security gate that won’t look as if you have secrets to hide behind that perimeter. Easily accessible via remote, this security gate also has a keypad that more than likely houses a camera operating system as well.

Green & Artsy

Green and Artsy

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto. A whimsical world of color could be waiting for you just beyond this artistic green gate. Resembling a door more than a gate, this entranceway is a perfect way to incorporate your more artsy side into your outdoor area. The swirls in this door are incredibly unique and offer so much texture to the space, your guests would no doubt be excited to see what awaits them beyond the door.

Wooden Wonder

Wooden Wonder

Leaving natural wood in its original state always gives off a classic look. This gated fence is no different, but it’s apparent the wood has been stained to give it that deep finish. Staining or sealing wood is a great idea for any outdoor wooden furnishings since the weather elements could eventually damage or decay the wood. This gorgeous fence and gate idea leaves these giant natural wood pillars in their natural state with a little added protection.

Wrought Iron Fence Gate Designs

True Blue

True Blue

When you think of a wrought iron fence, your mind will naturally go to that grey or black matte finished fence. Although that style will always be classic, mix up your fence idea by painting the wrought iron. The blue wrought iron fence pictured here is not only interesting to look at, but it also looks worn. The wear and tear from the weather have made this fence look effortlessly vintage. If that’s the look you’re going for, then painting a wrought iron fence would probably be best.

Rustic Garden

Rustic Garden

Give your garden space that extra rustic feel by utilizing an interesting gate concept. This wrought-iron gate features what appears to be a rustic scene all in itself. The metalwork is fashioned to resemble maybe mountains or a desert plain. The cactuses and rocks in the surrounding landscape naturally help all of these concepts to meld together to create a southwestern space that is original and truly rustic. This proves that you can add so much by simply adding a gate to your outdoor area.

Grand Entrance

grand entrance gate with griffins perched on concrete fence

Ready for a grand entrance? You could add a magnificent gate like this one, complete with columns and griffins, or go a little less grand (yet still impressive!) with some lions or other large, imposing animals. Bronze statues like these will run a bit pricey, but some concrete figures could suffice, especially if you use some outdoor spray metallic gold, bronze, or copper to bring out that shine when the sun hits them just so.

Decorative Design

Decorative Design

This gate and fence combination is exquisite in its fine detail. The tiny metalwork winds and twists like an actual vine growing across the façade of this historic building. The fence is short but brings so much to the structure and area by way of its creative make. This is a great example of how you can make even a short fence incredibly detailed and interesting. Working with the space you have has never been easier when it comes to this design in contemporary fencing.

Ornate Masterpiece With Bannister

Ornate Masterpiece with Banister

This gorgeous gate is accompanied by a pretty elegant bannister. The gate and bannister combination is sure to make any home front look impressive. Since the gate is very tall, it’d be best to utilize this type of design on a home or property that is much larger than the standard home. I could see this being the front of a country club or mountain bed and breakfast. It gives off a romantic feel while being impressive as a whole. Consider your property size and work accordingly.

Holiday Entrance

Holiday Entrance

Take a relatively simple wrought iron gate design and customize it to whatever holiday it is you’re celebrating. Have family and friends coming over for the holidays? These massive wreaths are a gorgeous way to lead them into all the holiday fun that awaits them inside. Since the gate is elegant and simple in design, it doesn’t take away from any sort of extra decorations you may want to utilize given the holiday season. I can already imagine a pumpkin patch to the side for autumn.

A Little Yin & Yang

yin and yang symbols and adornments in wrought iron gate

If you’re all about the decorations, consider a gate with some Eastern design, like this yin and yang gate. You can find some pretty impressive gate designs available pre-made, or you can custom order your ideal design, complete with the Eastern symbols you appreciate the most.

The Fence & All!

The Fence and All!

This interesting gate and fence combination features a dark wooden fence with an intricate wrought iron gate. The heavy bolts on the wood give this design an industrial, contemporary and modern feel. The spikes and design in the wrought iron gate give subtle accentuations without adding too much chaos to the already impressive fence structure. This would look great in front of a very modern home or even a museum entrance that features rock gardens.

Strawberry Field

Strawberry Fields Red Metal Gate

The signs on each side of this gate read “Strawberry Field,” but that much could have easily been determined by the gorgeous red gate. Using color is a fantastic way to play with an outdoor fence scene without taking anything away from the structure. Under the paint, the wrought iron fence still looks great and remains intact, the only change here is the color. Using color keeps the texture of the wrought iron intact while adding a modern, funkier feel to the scene.

Bike Door

Bike Door

This great gate features tiny metal motorcycles. This would be a great design idea for anyone who is a motorcycle enthusiast or maybe even an actual motorcycle dealership. Adding little elements like these to this gate makes the property fun and unusual. It’s a great way to add some intrigue without having to go all out on landscape or yard structures. Depending on the size of the property you could even line the whole fence with decorative elements like these.

Black & Green

Black and Green, Green Fence With Detailed Metal Gate

This gorgeous black garden gate stands out against all the lush green from the surrounding landscape. The color play is so important when adding a decorative gate such as the one depicted. Black is a classic wrought iron look, so you could easily incorporate a black gate to almost any type of outdoor scene imaginable. It will always be in style and it will always look great.

Maison Magnifique

Maison Magnifique

This gorgeous mansion looks that much more impressive due to this fantastic wrought iron gate. The wonderfully intricate design at the top of the gate is a work of art all in itself, yet it seems minimalistic at the same time. The gate is simple yet elegant, which is the perfect setting for an already impressive household beyond the gate. When it comes to estate gates or fencing, delicate detail and subtle hints go so much farther than over-the-top glamour.

Stone Giant

Stone Giant

This impressive stone and iron gate appears that it can easily slide into place. This would be a great gate to have at the entrance to an ornate garden or museum area where the contents beyond the wall should be kept hidden and safe. Using the brick and stone in this setup is a great way to incorporate all those earthy elements with an interesting spin to it. The slabs of iron on this fence make this gate look impressive just in the fact it’s a massive iron wall.


Peek-a-boo Giant Shrub Fence With Metal Gate

This classic wrought iron gate peeks out of its lush fence as if you’ve just stumbled upon the entrance to a secret garden. This is a great idea for a garden courtyard or covered patio area that you want to house guests in. The wonderful green of the vines or shrubs around the gate gives this scene a mysterious feel, all while incorporating the beautiful elements of nature. Imagine getting invited to brunch at an establishment like this? It’s a truly elegant setup.

Metal Gate

Metal Gate

These ornate metal gates are impressive all on their own. Just look at all that artistic detail! The forged metal in these gates depict intricate designs and fabulous colors that would be the perfect addition to an outdoor café or restaurant courtyard. The navy or darker blue color paired with the alabaster white trim makes this gate one of the most unique fences you can probably ever see out there. The green plants peeking along the sides give it that playful natural element, too.

Ornamental Tree

Ornamental Tree Gate

This impressive ornamental wrought iron gate features a massive tree overseeing the hillside. I’d half expect to see this kind of structure at the entrance of a safari park or outdoor range. Whatever lies beyond that gate, its guests will certainly be delighted by this beautiful structure. That classic wrought ironwork is twisted into this tree so perfectly that even the tiny little leaves are in detail. Sunsets must look gorgeous at the top of this hill through this wrought iron design.

Garden Fence Gate Ideas

Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden Gate and Fence

Reminiscent of a scene from an English countryside, this delightful garden is encircled by an equally delightful gate. Using various implements in raw wood, stone, and wrought iron, this fence is the perfect match to the quaint little garden inside of it. The gate opens up to a stone pathway that leads you through this lush garden that cuts right through some of the most beautiful blooming flowers you can see. Imagine what this scene must smell like?

Garden Fence

Metal Garden Fence

This garden fence has more of that perimeter fence feel but isn’t lacking in style. The classic iron, wide-spaced fence gives the impression that the property owners don’t want trespassers, but they aren’t afraid to show off their beautiful landscape either. The sleek black poles in this fence are cut square-shaped and feature a ball embellishment at the top. The fence is elegant, but most certainly serves a very important purpose, as well.

Gated Archway

Gated Archway

This gorgeous stone and iron gated archway looks like something you’d find off one of the hills in northern California. I can see plenty of wineries using entranceways such as this one depicted because they are beautiful, stylish, and classic in design. The bolt on this iron gate almost seems vintage as well, just adding to that classic feel. The aged brick about the fence brings that great natural feel to the scene, as well.

Between the Greens

metal gate between two ivy colored posts of large fence

Another pillared option is one like this gate, poised between two elegant, concrete pillars, covered in vines. The vines add some natural beauty in spring through early autumn, while the spiney vines add some intrigue in winter and late autumn. If you’re feeling colorful, plant some flowering vines among your ivy for some color pops all season long.

Complete With Flowers

Tall White Fence and Gate Complete with Flowers

This colorful scene depicts a gorgeous white gate with adjoining fencing perfect for creeping vines and flowering bushes. All the colors in the scene make this look elegant and absolutely breathtaking. Using the fencing and gate as a planter at the top just makes the scene more unique. Being able to house so many flowers must make this outdoor area smell fantastic! Imagine sipping tea for a mid-morning breakfast picnic with all these beautiful flowers in plain sight.

Entrance To Beauty

Entrance to Beauty

This old, gorgeous gate gives way to a twisting path that more than likely leads to an equally gorgeous home or estate. The brick, stone, and iron elements within this gate scene blend together to give off such an elegant feel to the scene. This gate was obviously very well made to be able to withstand years of weather and facing the elements. Moss is even growing on the stone parts of this gate, giving it a truly vintage feel.

Small Garden Fence

Small Garden Fence

Just because your garden area might be a bit on the small side, doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome fence around it! Encircle your garden area with this cute wooden fence and gate design. Keep it simple with that natural wood, but spruce it up with great design work such as that lattice-style wall and slatted walls. You can do so much when using wood as a fencing material and this tiny garden scene is the perfect example of that versatility.

Charming Garden

Charming Garden with Mysterious Gate, Framed in Greenery and Flowers

This charming garden scene features an abundance of beautiful flowers, plenty of lush greenery, and a great garden gate. Incredibly unique in design, this quaint garden gate features a flower hold right on the actual gate. This would be perfect for adding a smaller flowering plant or a tiny floral push so that fresh flowers spill out from it. The holder on this gate appears to be tin or metal, while the actual gate itself could be made of iron or wood.

White Garden Entrance

White Garden Entrance

It’d be hard to miss this elegant garden gate shining so alabaster white in the sun. Paired right next to a seemingly old stone wall, this scene is elegant and mysterious. If you have a larger home that has some historical elements to it, like this stone fence, for example, this would be a great way to add a modern spin to the space without destroying or taking away any of those historical elements. This is also a great way to preserve that natural feeling to the scene while adding some more modern fixtures.

Low & Lovely

Low and Lovely Brown Wooden Fence With White Gate

This cute white gate is the perfect partner to this lower black iron fence. This would be the perfect kind of gate and fence combination for a small garden or outdoor courtyard area. Imagine rows of tiny vegetables silently growing inside a fenced-in area like this? A smaller fence would be a good addition for separating garden beds or just for adding some character and design to an existing garden with flowering bushes and trees.

Front Garden

Front Garden Gate

This impressive gate brings so many elements to the garden area, it’s almost stately. The ironwork within the gate is both intricate and impressive, while the adjoining walls offer a great subdued background so this gate can shine all on its own. The lamps on either side of the gate and the covered overhead area make this scene incredibly unique and the design meshes well with the rest of the property.

Eclectic Garden Door

Eclectic Garden Door and Fence, a minimalist design with wood and mesh wire

This adorable little garden is encircled by a fence that is eclectic in design and useful in purpose. Using a garden fence is sometimes an absolute need if you have little pests like rabbits or possums trying to break in and score some free vegetables. This doesn’t mean you need to add something harsh or unflattering to your garden area. This fence is a perfect depiction of simplicity and class. The wide frame and the large, flat stones at the base of the fence give this scene an eclectic feel, all while serving a great purpose.

Sliding Fence Gate Designs

Red Slider

Red Slider Gate Framed by a Stone Fence

This sliding gate has been painted a gorgeous, bold color. Again, using color in a fencing idea is a great way to add so much character to the simplest designs. The rock walls parallel to the gate bring in the texture and natural element to the scene since this gate seems to be predominantly made of steel or metal. Most sliding gates do have to be metal since they typically slide into an adjoining metal sheath.

Slatted Sliding Fence

Slatted Sliding Fence With Gates

This sliding fence gets the point across while looking great doing it. It’s obvious the owners of this home enjoy their privacy but that doesn’t mean they are tasteless. The slats in this sliding fence still allow a tiny peek of the property inside the fence, but effectively keeps the property private. The matching gate with slats makes this fencing concept look incredibly polished and sophisticated. This would be a great idea for a home in the mountains or a country home.

Lacquered Up With Wood

Slatted Sliding Fence and Gates

This lacquered wooden sliding gate is truly elegant in design. The gate is made of wood, yet has been properly fitted to enable the gate to slide open or closed with the ease of a remote. Outside of that standard iron sliding gate you’re probably used to seeing, this design is incredibly unique in keeping it a wooden structure instead of that classic metal one. The natural wood color has been emboldened by a great stain to bring out that deep wood color.

Split Rail Fence Gate Designs

Park Precious

Park Precious Gate

This gorgeous gate is obviously the entrance to a park or museum. The simple, natural wood structure should make anyone who visits the area feel at one with nature. Very simple in design, this gate remains effective and even quaint in design. With so much gorgeous landscape surrounding it, having a huge, wide gate would cover up too much of the scene and give the impression of keeping people out. With an open gate like this one, people are obviously encouraged to look upon the splendor of nature.

Country Split-Rail

Country Split-Rail Fence and Gate

This country chic split rail gate and fence idea brings the best of country décor to any home or property. The great crisscrossed wooden gate makes you feel like you need to go saddle up your horses and mosey on over to the local watering hole for a spell. In front of a beautiful lodge, this is the perfect fencing for the area. The natural wood used in the fence and gate goes perfectly with the natural décor and elements of this area.

Contemporary Split-Rail Design

Contemporary Split-Rail Design Fence and Gate

This great split-rail fence design features some of the best materials you can work with in any fencing project. The raw wood has been stained to give the area that elegant look without taking away from the natural feel of the wood while the pitch-black iron gate cuts against the scene with bold, dark color. The wire in between the wooden slats must be to keep animals inside or prevent predators from coming inside. It’s a classic gate that would look great in any ranch setting.

Which Fence Will You Choose?

As you can see, there are so many incredible designs you can choose from when planning your next DIY fence and gate project. See something you like? Try it out or just mix and match various elements you’ve seen throughout the article and come up with something completely unique.

Once you have an idea in mind, you can easily adjust it to fit any size property or homestead. Make sure to scale your area accordingly so you don’t buy too much of one material or end up with not enough. In the end, the more you plan the better your fencing project will look.