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74 Amazing Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit is a great way to promote family time and conversation, extending your parties deep into the cool fall evenings. Even in the spring and summer, they add interest and class to many backyard designs. Plus, who doesn’t love s’mores? It’s a win/win for family members of all ages!

Here is a selection of great fire pit design ideas, typically integrated with inviting seating areas, that you can use for some outdoor makeover inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a DIY fire pit, an ultra-modern fire pit, or a small portable fire pit, you’re in the right place.

Brick Fire Pit

brick fire pit in the middle of a brick patio and seating area
Image Credit: oneillbro on Canva

This great brick fire ring stands as the focal point of this backyard scene. For those with bricklaying skills, it’s a fairly simple DIY project that can become the focal point of your yard. You can purchase large or small bricks and match them accordingly to your outdoor décor. If you’re not comfortable taking on the DIY project, reach out to a local contractor to find out the pricing.

It’s an investment that will stand tall for years to come! It can be built as a standalone feature or choose bricks that match the patio floor, as seen here. Absolutely gorgeous! You could also make this out of concrete pavers.

Backyard Fire Pit and Seating Area

brick fire pit surrounded by lawn chairs on a cement patio
Image Credit: Brandon Ruckman on Canva

Here is a classic version of a backyard fire pit, creating an entertaining area for friends and family. The brick fire pit, like the one shared above, will last for a long, long time. The pit itself adds a coziness, but what makes this whole setup incredibly relaxing is the use of patio furniture surrounding it. 

You can easily give the ambiance a more relaxing feel or a modern setup by adding some interesting patio furniture and decoration. A pit like this makes the scene open for versatility.

In-Ground Fire Pit

fire pit dug into the ground, surrounded with stones
Image Credit: jatrax on Canva

Rather than building a firepit that extends up above the ground, this style of the pit is dug down into the ground to create a minimalistic appearance. You’d almost overlook this style of firepit when it’s not in use, allowing you to enjoy full sightlines in your yard or outdoor space.

To build an in-ground fire pit, start by digging out the area that you plan on using, making the hole slightly deeper than your desired finished pit. Cover the bottom of the pit with stones or gravel to create a reliable surface to build your fire on, and add a ring of larger stones or bricks to define the area.

Embrace the Scenic View

fireplace with fire burning surrounded by chairs next to a lake
Image Credit: Christopher Hamilton on Canva

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view from your backyard, why not embrace it? You would definitely be happy to be left alone in this setup – free to take in the sights and sounds of nature. Consider setting up your fire pit at an outer edge facing trees, woods, or a body of water for an additional fun element without much effort. The fire pit does all the work for you with its soothing, crackling flames and gorgeous surroundings!

Backyard Fire Pit Table

young boy sitting by a fire table warming his hands
Image Credit: Gemütlichkeit on Canva

Recently growing in popularity, fire pit tables allow homeowners and renters to enjoy the comfort of a fire pit without needing to install anything into the ground. They are also often permitted in areas that otherwise limit or ban the use of outdoor burning. The pit is powered by propane or natural gas, offering a strong, reliable, and controlled fire that can be set up on your porch or patio space with limited effort.

Many fire tables also double as a tablespace with not in use, even offering a cover to place over the pit, creating a solid surface.

Domed Fire Pit

metal fire pit with spark guard containing an active fire
Image Credit: Erin Foley on Canva

This eye-catching fire pit comes to a dome peak at the top, adding intrigue to any garden or outdoor space. The dome on the top is made from a metal mesh and is known as a spark guard, helping to reduce the risk of your relaxing backyard fire sparking an uncontrolled fire. Even if you have minimal decoration or a theme, this fire pit is classy enough to stand on its own or can easily be integrated into almost any setting.

The appearance of an open latticework around the base of this pit offers a beautiful display when the first is burning, while the metal construction should be able to stand up to the elements given its thick, sturdy structure.

Charcoal Pit

fire pit table with hot coals in the middle fire pit location
Image Credit: Backyard Productions on Canva

Here’s a gorgeous fire pit idea that is designed to utilize charcoal instead of wood. Although some may prefer the smell and pops of a crackling wood-burning fire pit, this fire pit is a cleaner version of a fire pit. The flame may even be automatic in this fire pit, easily switched on by a button or remote control.

It is a great setup for a patio area or outdoor garden patio. Just add some interesting and comfortable chairs to surround the fire pit for a more inviting look and a comfortable place to hang out.

Best of Both Worlds

a person placing a log of wood in a kettle grill
Image Credit: OneWellStudio on Canva

Rather than focusing solely on a fire or charcoal fire pit, some patio options can be used either with charcoal or wood. It gives you the ability to choose whichever you desire at that moment. Better still, many of these fire pits include a cooking grill that will allow you to cook outdoors over either fire or wood, options that any grilling lover can attest to the fact that each option offers its unique flavors.

Convenient Walkout Patio Firepit

fire pit built into a cement patio off a house
Image Credit: irina88w on Canva

While the privacy associated with setting up your firepit on the far edge of your property close to nature is appealing for some homeowners the best location is as close to the home and convenient as possible. There are some additional safety factors to consider if you go with this route, the most important being to ensure that you aren’t creating a fire hazard with the installation of your firepit.

However, as long as you have proper clearance and ventilation, why not build your pit into a walkout patio space where you can access it quickly and easily throughout the year (including in the cold winter weather)?

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

stacked stone firepit with a fire burning in the winter surrounded by chairs
Image Credit: lauraag on Canva

The look of brick isn’t necessarily right for every style. If you prefer a more rustic or natural appearance to your outdoor decor, another popular option is to build a stacked stone fire pit. These pits can be built low to the ground with just a couple of rows of stone in place or tall enough to be used as a bbq with a grill on top and one side of the pit left open for adequate airflow. For grilling lovers that want to try this approach, you can easily build your fire pit for BBQing by repurposing an old barbeque grate for the grill on top.

Homeowners who prefer a more polished and professional look can accomplish this by installing a metal fire ring and building the stone fire pit around it. The ring will act as a solid frame to the pit, helping you create a perfectly round structure that will look like it was professionally installed. Your friends and family will be surprised to hear that you tackled the project on your own with such great results!

Small Fire Pit

small metal firepit bowl
Image Credit: InkkStudios on Canva

Are you working with a limited backyard space? If so, this small fire pit may be the perfect solution. The subtle design may just blend into the scenery during the daytime, but come nightfall this little fire pit will be the start of the show.

The shallow bowl may not hold a lot of wood, but it allows a beautiful view of the fire as well as the hot coals, which will glow into the night long after all the wood has burned down. It shows that you don’t necessarily need a huge fire pit to enjoy one.

Cozy Country Pattern Fire Ring

metal firepit ring with woodsy scene cut-out
Image Credit: triciamacd on Canva

The scene on this metal fire pit looks like a scene straight out of the woods. Not only will this add a picturesque scene to your yard throughout the day, but it will come to life when you light your fire, illuminating the view for all to see. It’s a beautiful fire pit, perfect for use at any time, day or not.

The open design not only allows for a full view of the fire contained within, but it also allows everyone around the fire to enjoy the heat, making it a great choice for those that enjoy a toasty winter fire.

Sheltered Gazebo Firepit

stone firepit under a gazebo with vent
Image Credit: gmc3101 on Canva

Are you looking for the opportunity to enjoy a warm, cozy fire without worrying about the elements? While the idea of enjoying a fire within a shelter may sound like a fire hazard, this sheltered gazebo firepit proves that it can be done safely.

The seating around the pit is comfortably beneath the roof of the gazebo, safe from the rain or snow, while a chimney in the middle allows your fire to burn without any concerns about fire safety. Is it too large for your space? This same design can easily be created on a smaller scale.

Modern Firetable Setup

couple sitting on patio furniture on porch by a long rectangular fire table
Image Credit: Robert Ingelhart on Canva

Another example of a fire table being used in place of a standard fire pit. However, this one is significantly larger. The long rectangular shape suits their chosen patio space and makes this look like a peaceful, yet interesting escape from the outside world. The fire table has a small framing of stone around the fire pit portion, but it is significantly smaller than the previous example.

It is a great way to enjoy your fire table and the nature that surrounds you by staying close to your home for easy access to anything you may need and benefiting from the shelter of the covered patio. It is truly a gorgeous setup that will have guests talking about it for days.

Basket-Style Fire Pit

metal basket style firepit with a wood fire burning outside in the winter
Image Credit: Lars Forsstedt on Canva

Perfect for use all year long, offering warmth in the winter and a beautiful display in the summer, this basket-style fire pit is a great investment for any space. The open design of the basket sides allows for a clear view of the fire from all sides. A metal tray beneath the basket serves as a fire shield to protect the surface below as well as to catch any charred wood or coals that fall from the fire.

Fire Bowl

metal fire bowl on legs sitting outdoors next to a table with two glasses of wine
Image Credit: altmodern on Canva

It is such a fun and interesting design! This fire pit looks more like a large, wide fire bowl. With a fire bowl like this one, you can easily find any color you’d prefer or an assortment of colors in the bowl that would match your outdoor décor. It could easily be set up with some interesting outdoor chairs or loungers, allowing you to enjoy the fire in comfort and style.

Flagstone Fire Pit

outdoor fire pit made from flagstone on a stone patio space
Image Credit: tammykayphoto on Canva

This flagstone fire pit is not only sturdily constructed but also looks fabulous. Flagstone naturally gives off that rough and cut feeling while adding a generous layer of class. This shorter fire pit would be a great addition to an outdoor patio area or a corner garden. It would stand up to the elements – including rain and snow – since it is all made of flagstone and not a material that easily rusts like aluminum or metal.

Fixed Fire Bowl

concrete fire bowl built into stone patio with fire burning
Image Credit: smodj on Canva

The last fire bowl sat on top of short legs, allowing it to easily be moved and set up on any surface from your back deck to an outdoor seating area. This fire bowl offers a similar shape and design with one major difference – it is a fixed bowl designed to be set up and installed in a permanent location in your yard.

While this limits your ability to change your location easily, it provides you with the opportunity to set up an outdoor entertaining space that will impress your friends and family.

Gas Fire Pit

natural gas fire pit outdoors surrounded by wooden patio chairs
Image Credit: Wanda Jewell on Canva

Here is a clean-burning fire pit that utilizes natural gas instead of the old-fashioned wood or coal-burning fire pit. It is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with excess smoke or wood. This fire pit is simple to operate and looks incredibly modern.

The slate mantel around the fire pit gives it a classic look while adding some interesting texture to the setup, while the brick pit provides you with the classic firepit experience.

Mosaic Tile Fire Pit

fire pit stand with a tile mosaic border
Image Credit: Justin Smith on Canva

Make a statement by choosing a backyard fire pit that doubles as an art piece, featuring a decorative tile mosaic around the surface. Not only does the tile look sharp, elevating the aesthetic of your outdoor space, but it also provides a reliable source of heat during the cooler months.

You can purchase a pre-made tile fire pit, or create your beautiful mosaic by adding tile to the surface of your existing fire pit or fire table. To make the project budget-friendly, contact your local hardware store to inquire into any broken tile they may have. You’re breaking them anyway!

Contemporary Colored Fire Pit

man lighting outdoor copper fire pit with royal blue stones
Image Credit: JMP Traveler on Canva

This contemporary fire pit will add a pop of color to any space by trading in the traditional stones on the surface of the pit for brightly colored alternatives. The hammered copper designs on the pit and its cover are interesting to look at and would look great in any backyard or outdoor setting.

The pit is supported on copper legs, allowing you to move it around as needed without worrying about installation or damage to the surface it’s on. It would look great on a deck area or balcony area that has enough ventilation to air out the smoke.

Sunken Fire Box

sunken conversation pit with a concrete fire table
Image Credit: smodj on Canva

This unique fire pit and seating area look like the perfect entertaining space. The box is actually made of stone, so the polished look remains safe from the flames spurting out the middle of it. This interesting fire pit goes great with those equally unique and modern benches surrounding the pit

This would be a perfect scene for a weekend getaway with old friends or a mountain retreat for a family barbeque. Whatever the gathering, this would be a perfect setup for a relaxing time.

Stone Pit

fire pit area at the end of a stone pathway
Image Credit: fallbrook on Canva

The gorgeous stone pit matches the paved floor beneath it with the great neutral grey shades. Set a ways away from the house, this fire pit is easily found via the path of stones leading up to it.

This is a great scene for someone who doesn’t want to have to worry about the smoke smell filling the house or worry about a family member that has an issue with smelling smoke. It is a gorgeous setup that invites anyone to wander down the path and see the pit for themselves.

Large Concrete Fire Pit

large, round concrete fire pit surrounded by wooden chairs
Image Credit: phillyskater on Canva

This fire pit, shrouded in concrete, is a gorgeous way to add some style to a modern atmosphere. Featuring a smooth, circular design, it allows for the feel of a traditional wood fire pit while elevating it with a stunning and modern spin.

It is a safer option for those that prefer the wood-burning option, keeping the fire itself safely contained. It is also large enough to allow for plenty of seating around the exterior, making it a great option for large families.

Platform Fire Pit

concrete fire pit on a platform surrounded by a brick wall
Image Credit: Alphotographic on Canva

It is an interesting and unique setup – the fire pit is situated atop a smooth concrete platform surrounded by a brick wall to create a designated fire pit hang-out area. It is a great way of adding décor to an area specifically for a fire pit.

With so much texture in this area, it’s hard to imagine needing anything else for an area as stylish as this one. It’s also a great way to keep the mess of a wood-burning fire contained in one area of your yard.