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74 Amazing Fire Pit Ideas

Integrated Deck Fire Pit

brick fire pit installed on a wooden deck
Image Credit: oneillbro on Canva

This fire pit is integrated into a wooden deck for a clean and professional finished look. It is a great way to add that extra element of style and décor to an elevated deck space without worrying about the safety of a smaller portable fire pit (especially with a wooden deck like the one pictured here). You can enjoy your fire pit and enjoy the views from your back deck area.

It would be the perfect scene for backyard barbecues with family and friends. I can also imagine this would be a lot of fun for those long summer nights toasting marshmallows or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in front of it around wintertime.

Multi-Functional Fire Table

fire table on a cement patio surrounded by green patio cushion patio chairs
Image Credit: irina88w on Canva

This design is exquisite and entirely elegant on its own. This is a fire pit that doubles as a table – hence the name fire table. It features a beautiful geometric or modular design to the table portion, surrounding the flames so guests can rest their cocktails or beverages around the fire.

This kind of setting just promotes conversation and good time among friends. It’s an elegant scene that does not require too much-added decoration if it’s not wanted.

Unique Hanging Fire Pit Design

metal fire bowl suspended from a tripod with a kettle above
Image Credit: NataliaCatalina on Canva

This design is something truly unique that is sure to catch the attention of your family and friends. It’s a simple yet versatile option that also provides a convenient cooking opportunity. The fire pit itself is suspended from a tripod stand, making it easy to set up this fire pit wherever the party happens to be. Above it, suspend your kettle for hot chocolate or a grilling rack to make a delicious meal

It would be a perfect addition to the home that likes to enjoy a lot of outdoor cookouts or enjoys entertaining outdoors. You don’t have to use this fire pit as a grill, as it would better fare as décor only, but it gets bonus points for offering the option.

Retaining Wall Fire Pit

stone fireplace alongside stone and garden retaining wall
Image Credit: oneillbro on Canva

It is a beautiful way to have a retaining wall with an added fire pit. So many levels of décor here and so many opportunities to decorate the space however you’d like. This arrangement could be set up on the edge of a cliff or hill for a breathtaking view or use the wall itself to add some dimension to your outdoor space.

 Pair your fire pit with colorful chairs to add a level of contemporary style that is posh and stylish. It would be the ideal setup for having a small, classy gathering.

Poolside Fire Pit

fire pit built into the all of a waterfall poolside
Image Credit: PC Photography on Canva

Here’s an interesting concept – a fire pit virtually in a pool feature. It even has a waterfall! This unique design is an awesome way to integrate summer fun splashing in the pool with the added class of a roaring fire pit.

If you wanted to stand out from the rest of your friends’ homes, this is the way to go. It’s a great concept that is so wonderful to look at, I can only imagine how great it looks in person. The sound of rushing water and blazing fire would entrance the sense while enthralling the mind.

Dome Pit

stone fire pit with a circular dome windblock
Image Credit: Louis DiBenedetto on Canva

This is a fire pit that is inset to the floor but utilizes a brick half-dome to surround it. It is a great way to prevent the wind from snuffing out the fire or causing more smoke to snake into the patio area. It is probably an added precaution for the fire, but it looks stylish too.

A fire pit like this would be easy to maintain and can withstand even the harshest weather. If you live somewhere that is known for its windy forecast, this is an option to consider.

Go Mini for Small Spaces

small tabletop fire pit with glass enclosure burning
Image Credit: goceris on Canva

Are you working with a small yard or apartment balcony? Don’t allow limited space to prevent you from enjoying the relaxing impact of an outdoor fire. While you may not have the space for a large outdoor fire, a miniature tabletop fire pit display like this one could be a total game-changer.

The glass sides of this fire pit will keep the flames safely contained, easing any concerns you may have about the risk of fire, while the compact size is suitable for nearly any space.

Garden Fire Pit

fire bowl in a garden area surrounded by benches
Image Credit: martinwimmer on Canva

It is a gorgeous idea for an outdoor garden pit. Rather than trying to establish a separate garden space and fire pit seating area, why not combine the two for an incredible outdoor hang-out. Include plenty of seating for all of your friends and family to gather.

You can also take your new entertainment area to the next level by installing additional perks such as a grill, outdoor refrigerator, outdoor television, Bluetooth speakers, or an outdoor bar.

Summer Backyard

outdoor seating area with built-in fireplace and barbeque
Image Credit: AndyG on Canva

The perfect summer backyard setup is obvious in this picture. You have your glorious fireplace and a matching barbecue for added enjoyment. This setup is relaxing and lets you ease into the dog days of summer with style and grace. The plant life, bricks, and furniture in this photo all seem to mesh effortlessly and would be the perfect layout for any backyard patio area.

Statuesque Fireplace

outdoor seating area with a gazebo and tall stone fireplace
Image Credit: AlbertPego on Canva

This massive stone fireplace is stately in this scene. It’s huge, glorious, and stunning. The stones used in this structure look old, which gives this fireplace an antique look. It also proves that structures like these can withstand the elements and the test of time.

Adding modern furniture to the scene will mix up the feel of the décor if having an antique-themed backyard area isn’t your immediate goal.

Outdoor Living Room

seating area with black wicker furniture next to a glass front outdoor fireplace
Image Credit: KatSnowden on Canva

This picture pretty much resembles an outdoor living room. The fireplace itself resembles a fireplace that you’d find inside a home. Bring that family room outside for added fun with this amazing fire pit and décor setup. Everything in this photo looks so sleek and stylish, yet adds a level of comfort thanks to tiny attributes such as the striped cushions and plants.

Luxury Fireplace

wicker seating area with tan and teal pillows next to a large luxury outdoor fireplace
Image Credit: PC Photography on Canva

This luxury outdoor fireplace stands as a grand fixture in this patio seating area. All the brickwork in this photoplay on each other to create an elegant scene. The modern wicker furniture next to the aged light stones that make up the fireplace all adds so much texture and intrigue. You could expect to see a scene like this outside a country club or outdoor wedding venue.

Summer Barbecue

built-in outdoor fireplace with barbeque tools and a pile of firewood
Image Credit: sylv1rob1 on Canva

It would be the perfect summer barbecue area! The fireplace itself could be used as a barbecue pit, I believe. So many of these fireplaces can double as a cooktop, but always be sure that your fireplace can be used as such before actually cooking on it. 

This scene is the perfect area for a picnic area. Add some tables and chairs, and you have a family outdoor dining room. Don’t forget the meats and pickles for a perfect picnic.

Social Setting

outdoor living room area under a pergola with wicker furniture and a fireplace
Image Credit: irina88w on Canva

This patio area is the perfect setting for a social scene. The fireplace almost acts as an afterthought to the scene since it’s so far in the background, but the point is that this fireplace will still be crackling and burning through some pretty fun gatherings.

The sounds of fire in this fireplace are almost as soothing as gazing upon the flames themselves and can act as entertainment on their own.

High Structured Fireplace

tall stone outdoor fireplace with fire burning
Image Credit: holub3dmax on Canva

This modern fireplace features a long backboard that extends well beyond the fireplace itself. It adds a level of intrigue and a contemporary feel to the area. The dark gray polished stones in the scene also add a posh look that would require minimal extra décor.

The groomed bushes in the planters on either side of this fire pit bring color into the scene without taking too much away.

Backyard Kitchen

outdoor kitchen with sink, cupboards, and fireplace
Image Credit: Andrii Shablovskyi on Canva

This backyard kitchen is a great way to hold outdoor cookouts to cater to large groups of people. The brick fireplace blazes quietly in the corner adding so much character to the whole scene, while also doubling as a grilling solution.

I can imagine plenty of family gatherings out here with loads of conversation and laughter. The more detailed you get with the fireplace, the more interesting it can be.

Contemporary Deck

small outdoor seating area with fireplace and potted plants
Image Credit: Morgan270 on Canva

This outdoor fireplace almost resembles an oven with its wide glass door at the front and stainless steel, polished look. It makes it an interesting fireplace that looks as if it could easily be maintained. This deck scene is very cozy with comfortable seating, cute throw pillows, and a couple of potted plants.

This proves you don’t need too much decoration when incorporating a fireplace into your outdoor space as it already adds so much to the aesthetic on its own.

Traditional Garden Patio

garden dining space with barbeque and outdoor fireplace
Image Credit: PolarLights on Canva

Here is a traditional garden patio setup, complete with colorful garden flowers surrounding the fire pit and seating areas. This looks like something you’d stumble upon in the middle of the woods.

The quaint garden setup is also a perfect example of how versatile the addition of a fireplace can be. With minimal decor and furniture brought into the space, it embraces the beauty of the surrounding nature to create a simple but lovely entertaining area.

Corner Fireplace

two-level outdoor seating area with dining table and comfortable fire pit seating
Image Credit: TimAbramowitz on Canva

This beautiful patio features not only one but two fire pit opportunities – a fireplace built into the corner of the upper deck and a fire pit below. Despite covering such a large area, the setup is cozy, with a decorative outdoor dining table set for the company and comfortable Adirondack chairs to relax at the pit.

In the distance, a waterway adds to the overall feel of the space. The use of both potted plants and the small garden by the fire pit make the area feel very well in touch with nature. It would be a perfect outdoor area for a family gathering or dinner party.

Romantic Garden Getaway

outdoor fire pit seating area with a fire burning and a greenhouse in the background
Image Credit: Jennifer Blount on Canva

Have a romantic getaway as close as your backyard with a beautiful patio area like this one. The comfortable Adirondack chairs coupled with cozy blankets and throw pillows create a welcoming place to relax next to the stone fire pit. It is a scene that feels as cozy as an indoor living room could be.

Garden spaces can be seen around the exterior, bringing the beauty of nature in close and personal, while the greenhouse in the distance appears to be set up as a sheltered place to relax should the weather call for it.

Stone Arch Fireplace

large stone fireplace with arched opening and firewood storage
Image Credit: illionaire on Canva

This patio fireplace features a glorious stone arch that fits into this scene perfectly. This same type of stone is used in other parts of the patio area, which allows the eye to move effortlessly from the fireplace to the surrounding patio space and back.

Being a rather large fireplace area, you’d need to be sure to have enough space to accommodate such a stately outdoor structure. However, the open wood-burning area provides plenty of room for a large, impressive fire to burn safely.

Outdoor Den

patio den seating area with furniture, fireplace, and television
Image Credit: hikesterson on Canva

This is an amazing setup that almost looks like a den – just outdoors (or at least partially). The fireplace, the TV, and the furniture all suggest this would be inside a home. Combine that with the covered nature of the patio, and you would have no idea that you’ve technically stepped outside.

The outdoor living room space is made cozier by the fireplace, and the fact that it allows for the perks of being outdoors including fresh air and all the sounds of nature. A family could easily enjoy the great outdoors with all the added comforts of home through this amazing living space.

Small Inset Fireplace

loveseat and table with gas fire pit insert
Image Credit: daisy1344 on Canva

Make the most out of even the smallest outdoor space by utilizing a fireplace as a centerpiece. Since fire pits and fireplaces come in so many different sizes, it’d be easy to add one to an outdoor area without much of a hassle. Rather than adding a large fire table to this patio space, a small inset fire pit is featured in the very center of the table.

The size of the fire pit is reminiscent of a traditional centerpiece, making it feel less like it’s about the fire itself and more like the fire is part of the bigger picture. This photo demonstrates that you don’t need a very large area to entertain. You just need the right accents.

Wooden Furniture and A Wood-Burning Pit

outdoor seating area with wood furniture and a large fire pit
Image Credit: iShootPhotosLLC on Canva

Do you prefer a traditional wood-burning fireplace to the newer gas models? In this setup, the love for wood doesn’t end there. The wooden furniture coupled with orange fire-toned cushions and accent pillows ties the entire seating area together beautifully. 

You could easily recreate an area like this in your outdoor area by adding an outdoor fireplace and appropriately themed furniture. Although the fireplace in this scene is gigantic, you could easily scale it down to fit your tastes and needs.