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74 Amazing Fire Pit Ideas

Clay Fire Pit

small clay fire pot on black metal stand
Image Credit: kstphotography on Canva

If you are looking for a unique way to incorporate a fire pit into your space without the commitment of a large installation, this clay fire pit is a great option. The terra cotta-style pot is highly decorative with a flower pattern around the outside.

It includes a small black metal frame to hold the pot up slightly off the surface of the ground allowing it to be used easily on any porch, deck, or other outdoor space. You can guarantee that this unique fire pit will elevate any space and attract plenty of compliments from your friends and family.

Gas Fire Panel

wooden fire pit panel with glass sides sitting on patio table
Image Credit: Marina_Skoropadskaya on Canva

This gas fire panel is a contemporary way to add a fireplace into your décor without taking up too much space. The panel can be displayed on a table to create a fire table appearance or inset within a brick fireplace or wall area to give the illusion of an installed gas fireplace.

It is a modern look that would be a perfect setup for sipping cocktails on this patio area or enjoying some intimate conversation around the fire feature. If any repairs are needed to the fire panel, it’s easily removed for full access.

Fire and Water

brick fire pit installed in patio alongside inground pool
Image Credit: apixel on Canva

The incorporation of fire and water results in a truly enigmatic scene that is sure to captivate anyone who has the pleasure of being immersed in these two elements.

This outdoor fire pit is a great opportunity for those interested in relaxing comfortably by the poolside in the cooler evenings, with the still waters of the pool smoothly flowing alongside. The sound of the crackling wood and calm, flowing waters is sure to delight all your guests and create an intimate setting.


large brick fireplace with two smokestacks on top
Image Credit: thyegn on Canva

This grandiose outdoor fireplace has it all. Not only is the design gorgeous and unique, but it is conveniently set up within a sheltered area, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor fire at any time without concern for the weather.

The two large smokestacks combined with the exposed beams and hardware add an industrial feel to the whole area and are sure to create some interesting conversation when hosting a party or gathering. Meanwhile, the large shelf-style front on the fireplace can be used to incorporate some fun decorations.

Traditional Spanish Chiminea

clay chiminea in metal stand surrounded by plants
Image Credit: MarkPiovesan on Canva

A type of fireplace with a built-in chimney, the chiminea originated in Spain where it was used both as a source of heat, as well as an outdoor cooking appliance. You can embrace this beautiful and unique look in your own outdoor space with a clay chiminea similar to the one pictured. 

They are a great option for those that love a wood-burning fireplace but are seeking the option to set up their entertaining space on a deck or porch area where they prefer not to install a standard pit.

Porch Chimney

outdoor seating area with built in fireplace featuring tall chimney
Image Credit: IPGGutenbergUKLtd on Canva

This outdoor fireplace is more like a porch chimney with that massive smokestack funneling the smoke away. The chimney offers a smooth, clean, modern appearance with a functional mantle to display your chosen decorations.

The chimney matches the exterior of the home, making it look like an extension of your indoor living space from any other angle until you come around the side and see the outdoor fireplace and comfortable seating area. Enjoy your fire without worrying about dodging smoke.

Southwestern Patio

fire pit and seating area with brick patio area
Image Credit: Jupiterimages on Canva

This patio looks as if the entire thing is made from adobe. Rustic and purely created with the heart of the southwest in mind, this fireplace is delightful. The textured build of the stove and surrounding walls, coupled with some potted plants provides a clean yet welcoming appearance.

The bumps and grooves of the bricks on the ground bring authenticity to the patio area that would be perfect for a home in the desert or for someone who wants to bring the desert to their home.

Tall Stone Fireplace

large stone fireplace with chimney and picnic tables
Image Credit: BullpenAl on Canva

You can’t miss this tall fireplace. This guy is huge! These massive bricks that created this tall chimney are gorgeous in themselves with all that natural color and texture. To see them create this giant, the impressive chimney is spectacular.

It is the perfect type of outdoor fireplace for a home in the mountains or a home that endures some pretty chilly weather. You’d stay warm for days with this awesome fireplace!

Outdoor Pizza Oven

brick pizza oven and fountain with shelves and seating
Image Credit: HopeMcManus on Canva

The only thing you need to know about this idea is the pizza oven. That’s right. There is a pizza oven included in this massive fireplace. Amazing! Think of all the great parties you could host with your very own outdoor pizza oven. Plus, think of all the money you’d save on delivery! Pretty sweet!

If the pizza oven aspect wasn’t enough incentive to get on the ball and start building, just look at the structure and the fountain! Everything about this scene is gorgeous.

Modern Chiminea-Style Fireplace

white metal fire place with chimney and padded outdoor seating on patio area
Image Credit: chuckcollier on Canva

This sleek and modern fireplace is a great addition to any outdoor space. The shape is similar to the chiminea we shared above, with an enclosed fire pit space topped by a chimney to direct the smoke away from you and your guests. 

The pit itself is a unique shape, adding a fun touch to your patio while offering a large front opening to easily feed and enjoy your wood-burning fire pit from even more angles. It allows you to gather around the fire with larger groups, making it perfect for entertaining.

Vintage Patio

vintage stone fire pit surrounded by tiered stone seating and a view of the lake
Image Credit: Armin Parachoniak on Canva

What makes this patio vintage? Just look at all this picturesque, old stonework. The textured stones look weathered and can add that vintage feel to any patio area. By incorporating a tiered design, it creates seating for a large group, if needed.

The waterfront view adds a stunning touch to the space, creating an outdoor area that any guest will quickly fall in love with. If you are looking to make a statement with your fire pit and you have the space for it, this is a great option.

Garden Beds with Fire Pit

fire pit seating area with wooden Adirondack chairs and surrounded by gardens
Image Credit: chuckcollier on Canva

Another great way to use extra bricks or stones from an outdoor fire pit, make some matching garden beds. Even if you don’t have leftover stone and have to buy more of the same – this is never a bad idea since it looks great and timeless.

Or, you could easily mix the whole scene up by mixing and matching bricks to your liking. The possibilities are endless with this idea!

Circles Upon Circles

rustic stone fireplace with circular stone retaining wall
Image Credit: ShootingRichard on Canva

Do you want your fire pit to be the center of attention in your landscaping design? By surrounding this pit not only with a circular patio area but also the small circular retaining wall, your eyes are instantly drawn to the focal point of the design – your fire.

This is a great play with shapes and can make your entertaining area look that much more polished and professional, even with the rustic look of the stones that have been used in this design. While this space is surrounded by mulch, you could also use the area to build out a circular garden extending the idea of circles upon circles even further.

Fully Enclosed Patio Fire Pit

outdoor patio space with vine-covered pergolas, padded lounge chairs, and an enclosed metal fire pit
Image Credit: CapturedNuance on Canva

Are you concerned about the risks of burning wood on your patio or close to your home, but still long for the comfort of a wood-burning fire? This fully enclosed fire pit features a spark guard around the exterior, which is a metal mesh-like surface that allows you to view the fire inside while keeping everything safely contained.

It has been paired with a variety of different potted plants and vines, as well as comfortable furniture for a comfortable seating area that you’re sure to love.

Retaining Wall with Chairs

stone fire pit with retaining wall, patio chairs, and small side tables, surrounded by fields
Image Credit: EpicStockMedia on Canva

This delightful little stone fire pit is adorably concealed by this matching stone retaining wall. Adding lounge chairs on the opposite side of the pi with a clear view of the fire is a great way to add an interesting element to the whole scene without taking anything away from the actual fire pit.

The retaining wall could also double as a great footrest for chairs set up on the far side of the pit on those colder winter nights by the fire.

Outdoor Pyramid Heater Fire

pyramid style heater in a patio seating area, lit and burning
Image Credit: ronstik on Canva

This outdoor pyramid-shaped heater may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering adding a fireplace to your outdoor space, but it’s an effective choice for those searching for a way to enjoy the flame of a burning fire without the need for firewood.

It’s gas-powered, making it clean to operate with minimal maintenance and clean-up. The flame is safely contained inside the frame but can be seen from all sides. Stay warm and toasty while also enjoying the view during the colder months!

Camping Aesthetic at Home

metal circular fire pit on legs surrounded by picnic tables and wooden benches
Image Credit: dbvirago on Canva

Do you want to feel like you are camping without necessarily committing to heading out to a campground or sleeping in a tent? This fire pit setup is the perfect solution! The large round fire pit makes it easy for everyone to see the fire blazing, while the metal ring around the exterior offers a comfortable place to rest your feet while soaking in the heat.

In this setup, they have further added to the camping feel by including a picnic table and wooden benches for sitting. All you need are marshmallows to toast!

Include Shelf Space with a Retaining Wall

outdoor seating area with two loveseats, tables, a fireplace and a retaining wall
Image Credit: slobo on Canva

We’ve looked at multiple firepits at this point with retaining walls, but this one stands out due to the way that they have incorporated it into the design.

The retaining wall in front of this firepit serves as a convenient shelf, allowing you to display potted plants, decorations, or even just set your drink down while hanging out with your guests. Combine that with comfortable seating, and there’s no reason not to love this space.

Smooth and Sleek

outdoor seating area on stone patio space with built-in benches, couch and fire table
Image Credit: PC Photography on Canva

This sleek stone garden patio holds a swanky patio couch, extra seating with built-in patio benches, and a beautiful fire table as a centerpiece to it all. With all this eye-catching design, your outdoor area will look perfectly posh and modern.

You could expect to find a scene like this outside a jungle hotel resort or somewhere deep into a tropical forest. I can almost hear all those tropical birds calling out to me.

Decorative Fire Pit Artwork

gas fireplace with stone surface, glass wall surrounding the burning area and a decorative metal panel on top with 4-season cut outs
Image Credit: Justin Smith on Canva

Make a statement with this unique fire pit artwork. Rather than just installing a standard fire pit, the top of this fire pit is decorated with a cut-out image representing each of the four seasons.

The fact that it’s a cut-out with plenty of open space allows for the heat of the fire to escape, while the glass edging around the outside ensures that it’s fully visible, allowing you to enjoy it. However, by getting decorative with the top, you can also enjoy the artwork that it brings even when you don’t have fire lit!

Create a Multi-Colored Seating Area

circular stone fire pit surrounded by gravel patio area with colorful Adirondack chairs
Image Credit: Reptile8488 on Canva

One way to add a little fun to your fire pit area, creating a whimsical space that everyone can enjoy, is to experiment with the colors that you use in your backyard furniture. In this setup, the simple stone fireplace is surrounded by gravel, creating a designated area for sitting around the pit.

However, the pit itself isn’t what catches your attention. The furniture chosen for this arrangement is a mix of different colors, offering a fun spin to the more ‘adult’ and polished outdoor areas.

Statement Bench Seating

round metal fire pit ring with complementary wooden circular bench
Image Credit: ChrisBoswell on Canva

Many fire pit lovers focus their attention on the appearance of the pit itself, but that’s not the only element that creates a beautiful fireside seating area. Pair a traditional fire pit with a large, decorative bench seat like the beautiful wooden seat in this outdoor seating area.

It’s the perfect example of how you can set up an eye-catching and cozy fire pit area without all the fancy decorations and additions.

Courtyard Fire Pit

courtyard space outdoors with couch and rectangular fire table
Image Credit: IPGGutenbergUKLtd on Canva

It is a great outdoor design for incorporating a fire pit patio in your courtyard space, whether it’s in the middle of an urban city or out in the country. The cozy couch and rectangular fire table create the perfect nook to spend your time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air.

To the side of the space is a wall of windows, allowing for a full view of your roaring fire from the warmth and comfort inside. It is a great way to bring the whole family together, even if you’re moving inside occasionally to cook your meal or prepare drinks.

Embrace Modern Straight Edges

square stone fire pit in the middle of a stone patio with a stone retaining wall
Image Credit: irina88w on Canva

Fire pits have long been associated with the traditional round design, inspiring rounded seating, round benches, and even round retaining walls to accent the focal point of it all – the fire. However, modern style has been encouraging us to move away from this circular focus for crisp, clean, straight edges.

Not only is this stylish fire pit squared off, centered in a square patio area, but it’s also framed with a simple square retaining wall. Together, it creates a polished appearance that is perfect for entertaining.

Wrought Iron Fire Pit

wrought iron fire pit table with matching seating and lounge chairs on a concrete patio space
Image Credit: Thomas Bullock on Canva

This industrial design features a fire pit on a stand with matching seating, all made from wrought iron. The all-black set instantly draws the eyes of any guest with its polished, modern aesthetic. To change up the space, add some varying colors in your choice of cushions and accenting throw pillows so that you can get extra cuddly around this great fire pit.

This decorative ironwork is then carried further into the space with the matching lounge chairs in the distance.

Create the Perfect Entertaining Space with a Cozy Fire Pit

As you can see, there are so many great ideas for incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor area. Whether you have an existing fire pit area that you want to spruce up or are looking to create a whole new scene, the possibilities are truly endless.

Feeling more modern or more vintage? Prefer a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace? Whatever you prefer is entirely possible, especially when looking at great ideas like these. Some of these are simple enough to do on your own, but for the bigger jobs, it’s best to hire someone who can safely construct all these elements for you.

So, what do you think? Which of these ideas do you love? Did you have a recent fire feature project you’ve worked on already? Let us know! Share with us in the comments your ideas or experience, and be sure to add some photos!