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Our 15 Clever Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Who wants a fire pit with uncomfortable seating? No one! When building your firepit, always include seating in your plans. Your seat choice has a huge impact on how people will enjoy your pit. The right seats can also give this it a stylish finished look that helps it look inviting. If you need some help, here are 15 fire pit seating ideas that could help!

1. Custom Flagstone Seating

Custom Flagstone Seating
Image Credit: Caviness Landscape Design via Creative Commons

This fire pit uses flagstone consistently throughout the space, wrapping the pit in warm-toned masonry. It is a luxurious design that not only adds value to your house, but it’s also a painless way to create a cohesive outdoor entertaining area.

Flagstone is a very durable material that can add dimension and texture. It is also a natural stone great for distributing your fire’s heat throughout the space. It’s a terrific custom-made kind of investment that’ll be perfect for your forever home.

2. Candy-Colored Patio Chairs

Candy-Colored Patio Chairs
Image Credit: BrentOzar via Creative Commons

Imagine sitting in one of these on a nice cool evening? Outdoor fireplaces can transform your outdoor living space if done right. On the opposite side of the spectrum, this cozy fire pit is adorned with candy-colored patio chairs. These patio chairs are made of wood and painted in an array of vibrant shades that lends charm to your pit.

These colors are adorable and look best when purposefully chosen to match your landscape. It is a great choice for those who want something quick and easy yet still impactful and full of personality. They’re also handy for those who’re looking to arrange additional seating for their guests. These patio chairs also give you freedom in your seating arrangement since they can be easily moved around.

3. Chic Wood Toppers

Chic Wood Toppers
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

For sophisticated firepit seating, one underappreciated method is to use a mix of concrete and wood materials. All you need is to cleverly install simple wooden planks on top of a plain concrete bench.

The wooden topper gives your firepit more style, color, and texture. It’s a creative design that’ll give you a unique edge. Although it looks expensive, it only needs some work to have this without breaking the bank, especially if you already have a boring firepit bench that you want to vamp up.

4. Comfortable Wrap-Around Sofa

Comfortable Wrap-Around Sofa
Image Credit: Nick Bastian Tempe, AZ via Creative Commons

One no-brainer seating idea for your fire pit that many don’t consider is to use a spacious wrap-around outdoor sofa for ample seating space. This sofa is incredibly convenient to install and will be a huge help for entertaining large groups.

If comfortable seating is your objective, these outdoor sofas near fire pits will help maximize everyone’s comfort and are a more reasonable alternative if you’re not yet interested in a permanent seating project. With this, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of sofa designs, sizes, colors, and styles to fit your home best.

5. Carved Wood Details

Carved Wood Details
Image Credit: cogdogblog via Creative Commons

Are you looking for creative fire pit seating? The seating style that this fire pit uses is a combination of integrated stone benches with uniquely carved wood chairs scattered about.

If you’re aiming for that natural touch, using wood is always a great idea! To help your fire pit stand out and give it more character, try filling the space with carved wooden outdoor chairs. These chairs could be as simple or as intricate as you want, and they all add character. These are sure to differentiate you from others and helps provide dimension to your outdoors.

6. Modern Linear Benches

Modern Linear Benches
Image Credit: ChipsWoodShop via Instructables

If you’re interested in cozy seating options, this is one of the best seating area ideas. Some fire pits have a modern geometric or linear design that looks best when matched with similar-style seating.

For backyard spaces full of hard lines, straight-backed benches made of the same material as your firepit will be a perfect pair. Doing this ties the entire design together and makes it look uniform and professionally styled. You could then soften them up with a wide variety of plush bench cushions, outdoor floor cushions, and complementary accent color details.

7. Half-Moon Stone Benches

Half-Moon Stone Benches
Image Credit: glennmaggard via Instructables

This fire pit has opted for a large curving stone bench built in a half-moon shape. This circular fire pit seating is closed on one side and completely open on the other, giving you a spacious seating area and making room for additional outdoor furnishings.

This semi-circle design is a classic bench style that helps define a clear border for the pit and creates a good flow for the outdoor area. With this, you’re sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.

8. Split-Circle Pit

Split-Circle Pit
Image Credit: travel4foodfun via Pixabay

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space, this outdoor fire pit seating idea will blow your mind. Unlike the half-moon stone benches that are completely open on one side, this seating style encloses your fire pit within two half-moons. At first glance, it’s almost circular if not for the large gaps that separate each semi-circle bench.

It creates a defined fire pit entertaining space and helps create an intimate and warm setting for everyone sitting around the fire. Since this is split in the middle, you’re still given easy access in and out of the pit without bothering the easy atmosphere that this design will undoubtedly foster.

9. Staggered Seating

Staggered Seating
Image Credit: quinn.anya via Creative Commons

Looking for a less traditional stone look? These benches use textured stone pavers and install them in a rough staggered pattern, sometimes also leaving intentional gaps between the stones.

It gives it an interesting finish that subtly calls your attention and adds loads of dimension. It’s a small adjustment to how stone seating is usually made but will understandably leave a memorable impression. The roughness also makes your fire pit look well-loved, which is always more appealing when you’re looking for warmth on a cold night.

10. Cushioned Hardscape

Cushioned Hardscape
Image Credit: sarahgardenvisit via Creative Commons

Some people who consider hardscaped benches tend to hold back because they don’t want to risk discomfort around their firepit.

Luckily, that’s an easy and affordable fix! Simply add cushions to help make these benches more appealing and comfortable. You could also use your cushion choice to add color to the design and make it more attractive. If you want, you could even play with different cushion covers to help your circular fire pit seating match the different seasons and holidays!

11. Stumped Seating

Stumped Seating
Image Credit: DIY for Homeowners via Instructables

The seats around this fire pit are made with logs and concrete. Believe it or not, this is a low-cost DIY fire pit seating idea that you can do yourself!

All you need is to debark and sand down a tree log before staining it and securing it on top of an ordinary cement block. It’s surprisingly simple, and using this helps organically integrate nature into your design.

If you love bonfires, these stumps also give your pit that cozy campfire vibe even if you’re just in the comforts of your home.

12. Classic White Accents

Classic White Accents
Image Credit: winecountrymedia via Creative Commons

Maybe you’re looking for a more elegant seating choice for your shake firepit. If so, the least complicated way to achieve that is to use a neutral color palette with bright white outdoor wicker chairs and tables.

Despite being so straightforward to execute, these chairs and tables can look stunning if done correctly. By sticking to white seating, your firepit will stand out from the landscape and give it an attractive crisp look. If you’re worried about nature staining it, just cover the chairs and tables up when no one’s using the pit!

13. Classic Concrete Garden Bench

Classic Concrete Garden Bench
Image Credit: Kaibab National Forest Photography via Creative Commons

Garden benches look lovely together with fire pits, especially when surrounded by rich greenery and woodsy areas.

Concrete garden benches are an amazingly durable outdoor seating choice that could last you years. These are best for areas often hit by harsh weather thanks to their weight and sturdiness, making them great backyard furniture. You could also have a little fun with this and paint them in fun patterns and colors!

14. Swinging Fire Pit

Swinging Fire Pit
Image Credit: hodgepodgerama via Instructables

It’s not often that you’ll see swinging fire pit seating. Unlike traditional seating, the swing seating design creatively blends the joy of porch swings with the pleasure of fire pits. The best part is that you can even DIY this with the right equipment.

With this, you’ll have patio swings attached to a tall wood frame built around your fire pit. These seats encourage people to enjoy the area even without a fire burning. Most, maybe even all, of your friends and family will enjoy this, so don’t be surprised if your home suddenly becomes the go-to for parties and reunions!

15. Integrated Wood Patio Bench

Integrated Wood Patio Bench
Image Credit: PurelyNicole via Creative Commons

This fire pit has the same concept as the well-loved stone fire pit but uses wood throughout the space instead.

Even if the fire pit is made in a different material, using complementary wood-like flooring and seating adds a rustic-chic style to the space. It gives your patio a neat custom look without all the pricey masonry. People with industrial or farmhouse-style homes might benefit the most from this idea!

In Summary

Those were 15 awesome fire pit seating ideas for your home! With the wide range of styles here, we’re confident that there are already some fantastic ideas brewing in your mind.

Before you go, we want to leave you with this tip: beauty is in the small stuff.

Keep an eye out for small yet important details while assembling your seating. When it comes to outdoor fire pits, every little stain shade and stone spacing comes together to form a bigger picture. If your details are on track, you’ll have your dream fire pit in no time!