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17 Best Firewood Storage Ideas

Storing enough firewood to make it through the winter, let alone the whole year long, can be a hassle if you’re using make-shift storage (rather than a store-bought firewood rack) for your wood. With one of the best firewood storage ideas, you’ll save space and money, and create a convenient place for your wood. Here are 17 of the best firewood storage ideas for both outdoors and indoors.

Best Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas

Firewood storage is often located outdoors for obvious reasons: your fire pits, BBQs, and woodpiles are outside. Outdoor firewood storage may also require a roof, whereas indoor racks don’t. If you’re looking for one of the best firewood storage ideas for outside, check out these picks.

Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas to DIY

We’re big believers in DIY here at BYB. We have a number of firewood racks you can build in a day, but we’ve rounded up a few more here to make sure there’s a tutorial or set of plans that fits your needs. Happy building!

Simple Backyard DIY Firewood Rack (with No Tools Required)

firewood storage ideas diy outdoor no tool tutorial
Credit: Instructables

If you happen to live off-grid or don’t have access to any tools, this simple backyard DIY firewood rack is an excellent choice for you. The rack is designed for off-gridders as power sources are precious commodities, making wood stoves pretty much a no-brainer. Not requiring a single tool and very little time, there aren’t many firewood rack ideas so simple but effective. Plus, adding a roof only takes a couple of extra minutes.

DIY Backyard Firewood Shed

DIY backyard woodshed tutorial firewood storage ideas tutorial
Credit: My Outdoor Plans

You don’t have to have a giant fireplace or have constant BBQs in your backyard fire pit to get some significant use out of the backyard firewood shed. This mini-shed plan from My Outdoors Plans is a perfect solution for those who wish to keep their outside firewood well organized, stacked, and dry. Everything you need to know about materials, tools, and instructions are provided in the plan.

Key Klamp Outdoor Firewood Rack

firewood storage ideas diy outdoor klean klamp rack
Credit: Simplified Building

The Key Klamp Firewood Rack from Simplified Building is one of the easiest ideas on this list to put together. Simply follow the instructions, attach metal poles and fittings, and adjust the rack to your preferred size. Rack sizes range from small to large. This rack is not fancy, but it is stable and possibly longer lasting than cheap wood alternatives (like racks made from plywood or pallets).

Outdoor Pallet Firewood Shed

DIY pallet firewood shed project outdoor firewood storage idea tutorial DIY
Credit: Easy Pallet Ideas

Speaking of pallets, some firewood rack designs made of are better than others. This plan for pallet firewood shed from Easy Pallet Idea, for example, is one we find very practical.

All you need to do to get started right away is to gather up a handful of pallets. Once you’ve gotten that far, you’ll be able to slap up the walls and roof in no time. The plan includes lots of details, so it’ll be a breeze to take on this project for anyone that genuinely wants to get it done. Pictures are included with each step in the instructions. One of the most significant benefits of this idea is that you can practically build it for free (if you can find free pallets, which isn’t necessarily all that hard these days).

Straightforward Woodshed Plans

wooden woodshed plans tutorial outdoor firewood storage idea
Credit: DIY Specialists

A straightforward woodshed design that we found via the How to Specialists is another potential firewood storage idea worth looking into. This could be ideal for you if you’re looking for an easy firewood storage project with a low budget (or no budget, depending on what you have lying around already materialwise).

This shed is just as its name suggests; straightforward, meaning it’s plain and simple. There isn’t much difference between it and any other very basic woodshed except that it comes with a handy tutorial, including detailed instructions for its construction.

Backyard Log Rack

backyard log holder tutorial
Credit: Homeroad

The most significant difference between Homeroad’s Log Rack and many of the other firewood ideas listed here is that its design is centered around holding larger than average wood pieces. If you’re a woodworker with a stove in your workshop or someone who heats their home with a wood stove, this log rack is extra ideal for you. It has plenty of room for smaller pieces of wood and kindling but has the space and strength to hold enormous wood pieces. The plan is well laid out and includes an easy to follow tutorial.

Outdoor Firewood Storage to Buy

If you’ve recently invested in a log splitter, it naturally follows that you’re in need of some outdoor firewood storage. We’ve rounded up some  suggestions to cover every type of storage to fit every space. Check them out!

Woodhaven Covered Outdoor Firewood Rack

This 8-foot behemoth will hold anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 cord of firewood (depending on the length of your logs), and weighs just under 50 pounds, thanks to its heavy alloy framing. The cover is adjustable and removable and helps ensure even, timely seasoning of greenwood as well as low moisture of seasoned wood in wet months.

    The Woodhaven 8 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Buy at Amazon
    Simple assembly! Black, baked on powder coat finish, the best finish and environmentally friendly. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Our own cover design, covers the top 12 of the wood, and automatically adjusts for the amount of wood in the rack.

Covered 12-Foot Outdoor Rack

If you need a lot of wood to get through the cold months, it makes sense to keep a large outdoor rack with a cover. This 12-foot ShelterLogic rack is adjustable and comes with a cover that self-adjusts for the length of your split wood.

    ShelterLogic Adjustable Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack

Buy at Amazon
    The ShelterLogic firewood rack is tested to hold up to 1100 pounds it features a DuPont PremiumPowder Coat Finish and provides 4 season protection against chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion.

Small Outdoor Firewood Rack

If you’re using your fireplace now and then for ambiance, or occasionally gathering a few friends around the fire pit, then there’s no real need to keep a ton of wood on hand. This 36-inch model is as heavy-duty as any other, but at a compact size more suitable for apartment balconies, low-use households, or for storing near the smoker in BBQ season.

    Pilgrim Home and Hearth Pro Outdoor Firewood Rack

Buy at Amazon
    Outdoor firewood rack - heavy duty firewood holder with cover. 36 x 14 x 30 inches (5 sizes available). All stainless steel hardware wiith ultra-tough powder coat finish.

Best Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

For those of us who heat our homes with a wood-burning furnace, as well as those of us who heat our workshops, studios, or garages with wood stoves, proper firewood storage is crucial. Without well organized (and dry) wood, running a furnace or stove with wood becomes a messy pain in the butt.

Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas to DIY

Copper Pipe Log Cart

copper pipe log cart diy indoor firewood storage tutorial

Credit: This Old House/John GruenFor a few hours an about a hundred dollars’ worth of materials (if you have to buy them all new), you can make a cool industrial-style copper pipe log cart. It’s as simple as securing a plywood base to a frame made of pipes and elbows, then attaching casters. As a bonus, you’ll save time and effort refilling it because it can be pushed to your outdoor storage to reload. What’s not to love? Check out the video and full cut list with tutorial on This Old House.

DIY Indoor Log Tower

DIY log tower tutorial indoor firewood storage
Credit: Domestically Speaking

A quick and inexpensive indoor DIY storage option is this firewood tower made from basic lumber, a few tools, and a coat of paint. If you like the look but would prefer an outdoor-suited firewood storage instead, simply treat the wood with all-weather stain. Get the free tutorial and diagrams on Domestically Speaking.

Plumbing Pipe Indoor Log Holder

plumbing pipe tutorial diy indoor firewood storage
Credit: The Cavender Diary

Plumbing again comes to the DIY rescue with this quick-and-easy indoor storage cart. So easy, in fact, that it takes longer to load with wood than it did to make, according to the author. That’s our kind of project! If you’d like a Plumbing Pipe Log Holder for your home, check out the tutorial on The Cavender Diary.

DIY Wall-Mounted Indoor Firewood Rack

wall mounted indoor firewood storage idea DIY free tutorial
Credit: Creative Pink Butterfly

This indoor firewood storage solution is exactly as simple as it looks: Cut some lumber at 45-degree angles, screw the pieces together, paint it all black and mount them to the wall. We love the clean minimalist appearance of this project, but do wonder about the integrity of the painted wall behind it. You might consider installing a clear or metal plate behind the rack to prevent surface damage when the rack is loaded or unloaded.

Indoor Firewood Storage to Buy

Metal Bucket Firewood Storage

A simple but elegant firewood storage idea that we love is vintage-style galvanized buckets. The Amazon Brand Metal Bucket, for example, is a great choice. The bucket features traditional groove patterns and includes old-fashioned rope handles. The buckets have a classic rustic style. If you’re going for a farmhouse type decor theme, there are few better options. This set of galvanized buckets consists of two 100-percent galvanized iron buckets—the largest bucket measures 10.8in in diameter and 9.5in in height. The second bucket measures 9.3in in diameter and 8.99in in height.

    Stone & Beam Vintage Metal Buckets, Set of 2

Buy at Amazon
    These vintage galvanized buckets come in a traditional grooved pattern with thick rope handles, giving each a rustic style that adds to the farmhouse decor of any room. Add a plant or store other items, such as towels, in a creative way. The set contains 2 different size buckets.

Fire-Safe Can

A fire-safe trash can is a lovely firewood storage idea that works extremely well. These cans are available in metal and steel variations. The Genuine Joe is our pick for this project. The can—which provides 6 gallons of space—is made of steel and with a baked enamel finish. The most important feature of the can is that it is genuinely fire-safe and will not heat the floor where it is standing. The cans also do not put off any sort of fumes when overheated. The Genuine Joe meets OSHA qualifications and is NFPA Life Safety Codes certified as well.

    Genuine Joe Steel 6 Gallon Fire-Safe Trash Can

Buy at Amazon
    Made with sturdy steel construction and polyester baked enamel finish Fire-safe: features a raised bottom to prevent heat transfer to the floor in case of a fire Ideal for office, educational and all-purpose use Will not melt or emit toxic fumes in case of fire

Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Rack with Tools

For those who prefer decorative firewood storage, this Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Rack is a real eye-catcher. It also includes four fire-tending tools. The rack consists of high-quality square steel tubing, has hooks for hanging tools, and provides enough storage room for a night’s worth of burning (around a bundle of firewood, to be more precise). The rack has an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design to attract plenty of attention wherever you install it. The manufacturer provides customer service with this firewood rack as well, if you have any issues setting it up.

    Amagabeli Firewood Rack

Buy at Amazon
    This space saving vertical firewood log rack with tool holders is perfect for your home's fireplace or your outdoor fire pit, can be well stocked with a bundle of firewood, hooks for all your fireside tools, and a steel shelf below the wood rack for fire starters, kindling or more firewood. Fireplace Tool Set keeps your firewood and tools in one convenient, lovely spot. This package offers all you need for an organized and attractive hearth.

Canvas Firewood Tote

One easy firewood storage idea that we fancy is using a canvas firewood tote or bag. This firewood tote we picked out is a perfect example. The bag is 39in long and 18in wide, which fits quite a bit of wood. It has room for kindling and paper as well. That said, the tote can easily transport more massive logs and chunks of wood from outside to your wood stove indoors.

The tote itself is lightweight, water-resistant (thanks to its waxed canvas materials), has easy to grip carrying handles, and is super versatile. Also, it looks good just about anywhere you set it down.

    Amagabeli Waxed Canvas Log Tote

Buy at Amazon
    Constructed from premium waxed canvas. 39 x 18, excellent size for carrying a few logs, firewood, kindling and twigs. Perfect for transporting big chunks of oak and maple logs from your woodpile to your fireplace. No-end walls design works great to carry a fair amount of firewood with any sizes. because it doesn’t limit the length of wood pieces you can carry.

What Firewood Storage Idea Do You Love?

Coming up with the best firewood storage idea for your home can be challenging. We hope that our list of the 21 best firewood storage ideas helps inspire you to select and create a firewood storage system of your own. If you have it in mind to create your firewood, our recent reviews on the best log splitters may be of interest to you as well.

What is your favorite firewood storage idea? Let us know in the comments section below. Good luck with your firewood storage ideas!