21 Eye-Catching Flagstone Patio Design Ideas
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21 Eye-Catching Flagstone Patio Designs

The time for sprucing up your backyard or garden area is here! Summer is the time where friends and family all gather to hang out outdoors for barbecues, pool parties and other outdoor events. The best patio heaters help extend the usage of your outdoor space into colder months.

One of the most interesting ways to change up an outdoor area is by using flagstone to pave an area. Flagstone is flat stone slab typically used for paving and comes in rectangular and square shapes. The stone is a great way to add some class and style to an outdoor area which can be easily customizable depending on your preferences.

We’ve rounded up some great ideas to help spark some creativity and get you into that summer spruce up mode! Check out the list and tell us what you think!



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This is one of the most beautiful flagstone patio pictures we’ve seen! This picturesque patio is set right above the coastline of a gorgeous beach. With so much tropical foliage, the scene creates the feeling of escape to a faraway land – the perfect feeling for summer! Add a patio set with an umbrella, a tropical drink and you’re all set for your next outdoor shindig. Another Mai Tai, please.


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This is one of the best flagstone patio design ideas for sprucing up a wooded area. The scene looks as if it is in a forest, with the woody foliage and cozy fire pit. There’s a hot tub in the back in a fenced in area that adds a feeling of warmth and comfort. The flagstone cuts beautifully across the woodsy scene as gorgeous flowers and plants peer out from their perfectly groomed beds. You can see how versatile flagstone is by comparing this picture to the last.


This gorgeous fire pit is constructed with flagstone. Adding a fire pit to a patio is one of the best ways to get people to gather around and enjoy a conversation. Typically used in cooler weather, a fire pit can be used during those long, summer nights to get kids gathered around and make s’ mores. Summer just wouldn’t be summer without those sticky treats! Plus, once winter starts to kick in, you’d have a cozy fire pit to sip hot chocolate around. You just can’t lose with this gorgeous flagstone fire pit!


One of the most versatile flagstone patio pics, this scene uses flagstone in the actual wall surrounding the outdoor space. The furniture in the photo looks almost rustic against this beautifully constructed flagstone area. The deep and neutral colors of the stone create an interesting feel to the space that is amplified by the unique texture of flagstone. No matter what kind of décor you’re going for, adding flagstone adds major character and personality.


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This Flagstone patio with fire pit is a gorgeous and elegant way to accommodate many people at one time! The circular stone fencing doubles as a fun outdoor bench complete with fluffy garden pillows. Imagine cuddling up with loved ones to enjoy a great outdoor fire? The flagstone circles around the pit, adding interesting direction and texture to the entire scene. I can already imagine the great Fourth of July party that would take place in this area.


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One of the best flagstone and brick pavers patio designs features the iconic backyard summer scene. A great patio set complete with an umbrella is set upon a gorgeous flagstone patio that holds a barbecue pit, sun loungers and great patio décor while flourishing plant life encompasses the whole scene. With ideas like these, even the most complicated designs can be made super easy. All you need is time, a creative idea and maybe a little help! It will certainly pay off in the long run.


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This gorgeous outdoor patio design features a unique flagstone patio shape. Sort of an oblong and winding design, the patio features a fire pit area and a social area. This kind of layout would be perfect for a larger outdoor space that needs to sit several people. I could see an outdoor cocktail party happening in a scene like this or even a children’s birthday party. The forest green plush chairs really add a comforting feeling to the area.


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A great example for small flagstone patio designs, this scene features interestingly placed stones to create a unique outdoor patio area perfect for smaller parties. The stones are cut in opposing patterns that naturally draw the eye to the interesting shapes. A great patio set could be set up in the corner of this area to prevent the interesting design to be covered up. This would be the perfect scene for a smaller backyard party.


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Using both irregular and patterned flagstone layouts, this patio design is intricate in its simplicity. If you have a smaller patio area with not a whole lot of room to work with, simple design like this could significantly add to space. With a smaller patio set added to the area, space becomes unique in itself. Potted flowering plants or hanging vines could also add a nice touch of life to space – it all just depends on the look you’re going for.


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This backyard setup is absolutely gorgeous and almost hidden amongst the trees. Also adhering to a smaller space, the area is paved with deep dark flagstone that cuts across the green grass. This would be the perfect space to have an early lunch or afternoon picnic. The matching flagstone fireplace adds elegance to the area while not being overbearing. There are so many tiny details in this scene that make it so elegant and unique.


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Straight out of a southwest travel ad, this scene uses the rustic background to its advantage. This patio design utilizes sun-bleached flagstone to bring out the intricate colors of the bar area and fountain. This almost looks as if it would be setup from a fancy resort with so much interesting design. The rock garden and cactus accents invite you to sit at the bar and enjoy a cool drink to escape the warm weather.


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This patio is comprised completely of flagstone. The stone makes the area look effortlessly elegant and bold. The stone stairway that leads down to another lower level adds distinction to the darker stone color motif. With almost no other décor in this scene, space looks wide open and ready to accommodate a large party. By adding some interesting lights and a few tables or chairs, space could easily be made into the perfect party setting.


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This is a beautifully subdued flagstone patio without too many distracting colors. The pure texture and layout of this design create an interesting pattern that is only amplified by the stone stairway. The greens of the plants peeking out at the sides of the patio seem greener because of the grays in this scene. The cool tones of the stone in the scene give it a more natural look without taking too much away from the rest of the layout.


Completely opposite of the more “natural” look, this creative concept mixes the use of textured flagstone and creative design to make a patio area completely unique. In this scene, lightly colored flagstone is twisted into shapes that resemble hands. I could see this being the perfect layout for a child’s playground or outdoor recreational area. The flagstone raised flowerbeds also offer a unique idea for anyone wanting to start an herb or vegetable garden.


This is a completely unique idea that lets nature take its course. By placing large, flat flagstones in this outdoor area, the space between the stones naturally becomes filled with growing grass. The color pop and design are interesting and perfect for the family that doesn’t want to interfere too much with the natural landscape. The best part about this scene is the use of so many outdoor plants to help create that natural feel. The creeping vine along the tall pillar on the patio is my favorite.


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This raised flagstone patio is the perfect setting for an afternoon with friends. Whether you’re enjoying lunch or getting ready to play some competitive sport, this patio area is ideal for all types of settings. This is the kind of scene you’d expect to see at a fancy country club or resort in the hills of a wooded area. Bring this contemporary style and layout to your own backyard area by using flagstone to create your own relaxing scene.


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All ready for a birthday party, this patio uses deep brown and wide flagstone to create a neutral-toned patio. Since flagstone comes in so many colors and textures, you can easily customize your own patio area depending on what tones you’d prefer to go with. Whether you’re looking for earthen tones, cool or warmer tones, flagstone can be easily laid out to create your own perfect patio area. By adding the perfect patio set or furniture, you can create your own party space that will be inviting for years to come.


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This rustic scene uses very large pieces of flat flagstone to create a woodsy feel. By adding wooden furniture like the wooden benches used in these photos, the outdoor space stays true to its surroundings. The fire pit in the middle is an interesting accessory that won’t cost too much money but adds a lot more character to the scene. You can almost smell the wood burning and hear the chatter of guests surrounding the fire while toasting marshmallows. This is a perfect summer night scene.


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Is this not one of the most serene outdoor areas you’ve ever seen? Everything about this setup invokes peace and tranquility. The dark flagstone looks great paired with the burnt orange patio furniture. There is also an interesting texture pairing between the flagstone and natural wood. Even the table seems to be made of flagstone. This picture is proof that you can get as creative as you’d like with flagstone, no matter space. The great water feature in the back is an added bonus, but even if you didn’t have a water feature, the color scheme to this setup is great.


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Here is a more polished look to the flagstone patio. The stones seem to be brushed and lacquered to give a shining gleam to the stones. This would be a great addition to any type of modern backyard or side garden. The flagstone is also neatly cut instead of the rougher, more natural cut stones we’ve seen in previous photos. The texture of the stone is still apparent, but the shine adds a posh feel to the patio. The matching bench with the flagstone top is a great addition to space.


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This interesting setup mixes the rough texture of flagstone with a more polished version of it. The diversity between the rough cut and uniform cut gives the patio so much character. The natural flagstone around the fire pit area is absolutely stunning when surrounded by the uniform cut stone on the patio. With a patio area like this, it will most certainly look as if you spent weeks trying to come up with the perfect setup. Everything about the area is absolutely gorgeous because of all the well planned out, tiny details.


As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to using flagstone in your outdoor area! We hope you’ve been inspired by some of these ideas and start to plan out your own impressive patio.
Whether you’re going to try one of these ideas specifically or using concepts from varying photos to come up with your own, you just can’t go wrong by using this great, versatile stone. You can easily plan out the perfect patio area for large or small areas.
Good luck with the planning and let us know how it turns out! Take photos and post in the comments so we can all see your handy work!

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