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7 Beautiful Flowers That Bloom in Spring

Lovely daffodils, pretty pansies, and tulips in all their glory; after the bleak days of winter and the shift to warmer weather, the season’s first blooms are a welcome sight. For many, incorporating spring flowers into the landscape is a must. The pop of color and signs of life means it’s time to get outside and garden again!

If you would love to have a stunning springtime show in your home garden, discover these flowers that bloom in spring. Gardening awaits!

Spring Blooms

Assorted planting tools
Image credits: Jill Wellington via Pixabay

While some of the earliest flowers come from bulbs, there are other flowers that you can plant after the frost to enjoy in the spring as well. This list is sure to ignite your spring garden dreams!

1. Daffodils

Bunches of Yellow Daffodils
Image credits: Julian Majer via Pexels

One of the first blooms to appear in spring, Daffodils bring bright pops of yellow, pink, white, or oranges to an emerging landscape. Their trumpet shape and slender foliage create a beautiful spring display.

These flowers need to establish their root system before the cold weather’s arrival to ensure a springtime bloom. Therefore, plant daffodil bulbs 6 to 8 inches deep in well-draining soil in mid-Fall. Another option is to force the bulbs indoors, meaning you provide the cold storage requirement of 12 to 16 weeks indoors before planting outside.

2. Tulips

Tulips in a garden
Image credits: Giu Vicente via Unsplash

Another early spring flower is the tulip!  Tulips come in many colors, such as red, white, pink, salmon, and purple. For this reason, gardeners also enjoy using them as cut flowers in spring bouquets!

Like the daffodil, typical planting occurs in September or October, though it is possible to force these blooms indoors. When planting, use well-draining soil and plant the bulb 5 to 6 inches deep with the narrow side pointing upward. These flowers bloom in late April after the bulbs come out of the necessary cold period of dormancy.

3. Common Primrose

Bunch of Yellow Primrose
Image credits: Ralph via Pixabay

The common primrose (Primula vulgaris) is an herbaceous perennial flower that shows its lovely fragrant flowers in April. This bloom comes in colors from light pale yellow to creamy white and works well as borders or even in pots!

Primrose needs partial shade, well-draining soil, and consistent moisture to thrive. Purchase these perennials in late winter to get a head start on growth, then transplant them into the garden once the threat of frost passes to get spring blooms. Make sure to acclimatize, slowly introduce the plant to its new environment, over the next few days before planting! Do so by leaving it out during the day and bringing it during the night for the first few days.

4. Pansy

Pansy flowers
Image credits: Tahira Arooj via Unsplash

Pansies make a beautiful springtime show with their multi-colored and delicate-looking blooms. From deep hues of reds and purples to lighter pastels, the options for colors are plenty! When designing your garden layout, plant pansies between spring bulbs like tulips. This duo provides a continuous show as pansies bloom after the early spring flowers finish their display.

You can grow pansies overwinter indoors or purchase blooming flowers from the nursery in spring and plant them into well-draining and organic-rich soil. Depending on your location, with winter protection, you may be able to grow from seed in the summer to get early spring blooms.

5. Snapdragon

Pink and Orange Snapdragons
Image credits: Cai via Pixabay

Snapdragon blooms have stunning shapes and colors that appear in the spring. They provide height to gardens and work wonderfully in cut flower bouquets. Cutting the flowers only encourages more growth, a win-win!

If starting from seed indoors, do so about six to eight weeks before the last frost. However, you do not need to wait for the frost before planting them outdoors, as these annuals prefer cooler temperatures and can tolerate light frost.

6. Sweet Pea

Sweet pea in pink close-up
Image credits: Alicja via Pixabay

Sweet peas bloom in late spring and summer with colors like gold, burgundy, and white! The unique petals grow along the vine, making a great border that also attracts pollinators like butterflies!

Grow sweet peas from seed in organic-rich well-draining soil and they do best when given the chance to grow in cool temperatures. Your growing zone determines when you plant these vines as some regions require a fall planting while others require a spring planting. Make sure you check what zone you live in so you can be positive about your flower choice!

After planting the seeds, you can expect to enjoy their blooms for approximately 50 days afterward!

7. Grape Hyacinth

Close up of numerous Grape Hyacinth blooms
Image credits: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) shows off its brilliant blue and purple blooms in mid-spring and will provide another show in the fall. As a perennial bulb, you can expect to continue to enjoy these blooms year after year.

Plant grape hyacinth in well-draining soils and either full sun or partial shade. Full sun will provide intense blooms, though partial shade will allow the flowers to last longer.

Spring Showtime

Nothing is as exciting as witnessing the landscape return to life after the cold winter months, from the first pops of color that the daffodils and tulips provide to the unique blooms of the snapdragons and sweet peas in late spring. Planning your dream spring garden is easy with this list of beautiful spring blooms!

Which spring flowers do you have in your garden? Comment below! Remember to share this list of springtime flowers to inspire other gardeners too!