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    Fresh salsa

    Maybe there is still hope!
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    IRQVET's Black Pepper Beef Jerky

    Wow, thanks for sharing!
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    How often do you mow?

    I try to do that at least once every two weeks.
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    Thrivelot Experiences

    Haven't tried yet, but looking forward to doing this one day!
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    Watching a Bell Pepper Grow

    That's awesome, wow!
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    Thanks a lot for sharing!
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    Lets see those fruit trees . . .

    I wish I had a place to plant fruit trees!
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    Which pellet grill is best under budget of 1000$?

    The Traeger Pro 780 is also my pick!
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    Grilling for one?

    I would recommend getting either a grilled pan, an indoor grill, or an air fryer air grill. You can find the recommendations for all of these products on the backyard boss website!
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    Suggestions on natural gas grills?

    I think that a Napoleon would be a good choice!
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    My Question About Gas Grills

    Thanks for your suggestions!
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    Napoleon Gas Grill Blue Light out

    If you are not sure what the problem is and how to fix it, I would recommend you contact the manufacturer. Have a good day!
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    Quick 1 minute Questionnaire

    Done, thanks for sharing it!
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    FNG here, just checking in . . .

    Hola Amigo! If you love BBQ as much as we do, that's definitely a place for you! You will find plenty of recipes, tips, and great products here!