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    Getting to know my Grill

    Did you by chance leave the tank turned on while not using the grill? I’ve lost more than one tank due to seepage at the tank / regulator junction.
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    Grill pic

    The carts for BGE are how Challenger got in the BBQ game. They build a great product, with working seals around all doors and drawers. I believe their first products were garage storage systems, though I could be full of beans.
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    What kind of desserts compliment the BBQ food?

    My wife makes incredible ice cream and/or sorbet. For me either one is the perfect end to “Big Daddy’s All Damn Day Ribs”.
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    Grill pic

    LP. I live in a small town which is largely retirees. Natural gas isn’t available (yet).
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    Grill pic

    Here’s a pic of my grill. It’s an Artisan Professional in a Challenger Designs cabinet,
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    Can I add a Pro Sear burner to a Lynx (Model L600FR-LP) Sedona?

    I can’t speak to Lynx, but it seems odd there is not an easy path to adding a sear burner. My wife bought me a sear burner for my Artisan Pro as part of Christmas gift giving. It’s specific to Artisan grills however, and comes with a modified ignition lighter for the sear. The Artisan gets...
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    Hello from the Nevada desert

    Retired guy here, living in a largely retirement small town. I got my first taste of a premium gas grill in our last home. Unfortunately it was part of a built in grill station and remained with the house when we sold. Last year my wife gave me the go ahead to create my ideal replacement, which...

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