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  1. jason

    Rear Venting Help Needed

    First I would like to mention I have never used this site linked in this post. That being said, I had a house that had a Jenn Air grill. Between the two sides it had a vent with a blower similar to this...
  2. jason

    Broil King gas to propane conversion?

    I have never used this site, so I'm not sure how they are. But they sell this which is under the Signet & sovereign parts list. The description says it can be used for both. Not sure if this helps you out or not. https://www.grillparts.com/broil-king/signet-sovereign-parts.asp?product_id=PR-4
  3. jason

    Thought I could learn, and just have discussions with others.

    Greetings and salutations. I have seen his shows before, always liked them. Don't think I ever bought that book but had Barbecue Bible from him. How did you like it?
  4. jason

    Just a man and a grill

    Greetings and salutations. How is it going?
  5. jason

    Smoker box or smoker tube for gas grill

    I have never used a smoke tube for pellets, so I cannot answer how well they work. That being said, I have known people who used tin foil with wood chips. They fold the chips in the middle and then poke holes in the foil. They just toss the foil when done. Not sure if that would be an option...
  6. jason

    Which mistakes should a beginner avoid in cooking using a grill?

    My advice would be you are going to mess up. Mistakes happen. Food will sometimes cook quicker then you want, or take longer, much longer. Relax, we all started somewhere. Before putting on party, practice a few times the meat you want to cook. Do not try something like a turkey on the...
  7. jason

    What kind of desserts compliment the BBQ food?

    Never was good at desserts. I would think brownies or maybe a grilled fruit like pineapple. My mother has been experimenting with making a smores cookie/mini-cupcake. Pretty much a piece of gram cracker, a Hersey kiss and then a mini marshmallow toasted in the oven.
  8. jason

    New to grilling, wife is a seasoned professional

    Greetings and salutations. How are things going today?
  9. jason

    What is the best meat to smoke for a first timer at meat smoking?

    Butt is cheap, and fairly easy. To really make it easy, get a dutch oven and do a Dr. Pepper Pulled pork recipe. Could be up for debate if it is BBQ or not though. But it is something I have found people who say they do not like BBQ that enjoy it. I usually toss it on the egg or the UDS.
  10. jason

    For two people, what is the best kind of small outdoor grill to get - charcoal or gas?

    Not an RV'er so maybe Tiewunon could input on this. However, the few I know say that some grounds do not allow charcoal because of ash. Again, not sure how true, just what I've been told. That being said, I agree with the Weber Q series. But I like the brand so that could be it too...
  11. jason

    Thanksgiving cooking?

    Who is cooking up something outdoors for Thanksgiving? My parents still insist on doing the cooking, but we do have a two turkeys out back that are ready.
  12. jason

    Want to buy my first grill, need help deciding

    I think because it is what I grew up with. I am just used to cast iron. I don't find it difficult to maintain. You should be able to find SS grates if you want to switch. Webers are good grills, if taken care of it should last a while.
  13. jason

    Want to buy my first grill, need help deciding

    The only time I have used the side burner on my Weber was to make coffee when the power went out. A friend used to use his when his stove went out for your normal stove top things like mac & cheese, pasta, etc... The grate thing is a personal choice. I like cast iron.
  14. jason

    BBQ Rookie from Boston

    Greetings and salutations. How are things way up there?
  15. jason

    Hoping to buy my first grill. Any advice?

    I like the Weber Genesis for gas grills. That is a bit out of your price range, unless you can find used, but you could look into the Spirit line. https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/gas-grills/spirit-ii-series/ Weber tends to have a really good reputation. In six years you may have to...

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