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    Weber LP question

    Great recommendation! The leak was actually come from the bolt holding the first burner tube. Seemed like an easy fix by just tightening it, but then over tightening actually made it leak again. Should I just replace the bolt?
  2. J

    Weber LP question

    good advice, thanks. I do smell the gas when I’m just using the side burner (and not main burners), but when the main burners are on and the side burner is off I also smell it a bit. I’ll try out the soap/water method and see if I can pinpoint the leak. Thanks!
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    Weber LP question

    Hey guys— new to the forum. Had a quick question re: a Weber genesis 2 (‘07-‘10) that was recently passed down to me. I notice a bit of a gas smell when using the grill, especially on high heat, down near where the hose meets the manifold. I have the vents on each burner mostly open. Is it...

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