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  1. bitpushr

    Watching a Bell Pepper Grow

    I thought this video was really cool! Time lapse video of a bell pepper growing from a seed. https://v.redd.it/b0gynk5faeg71
  2. bitpushr

    Wildflower Lawns - Where to start?

    Like many of you, my lawn is nicely manicured cut grass, mostly Kentucky Bluegrass mix. I would like to transition my yard, at least part of it, to a wildflower meadow. Does anyone have experience with that and the proper process for making the transition? Do I need to kill my existing grass...
  3. bitpushr

    Weber Traveler Grill

    I was able to test out a Weber Traveller grill recently. I really like the compact size and how portable it was. It produced a nice even heat and was quick to warm up. Not much to complain about! Also the grill grease liner is a nice feature. Makes cleanup nice and easy.
  4. bitpushr

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi! My name is Dave's I'm from Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia. I love to bbq, specifically I have a water smoker. Slow and low!

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