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  1. jason

    Thanksgiving cooking?

    Who is cooking up something outdoors for Thanksgiving? My parents still insist on doing the cooking, but we do have a two turkeys out back that are ready.
  2. jason

    Preparations underway for 42nd annual World Championship BBQ Cooking Competition

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Tents are taking over Tom Lee Park for the 42nd annual World Championship Barbecue Cooking Competition. The park is buzzing with energy and construction as 250 teams get their booths assembled. “You’ll see the park is elbow to elbow in here. So there’s a whole lot of teams...
  3. jason

    Barbecue and burgoo: International Bar-B-Q Festival expected to draw crowd of 35,000

    Cooking teams at the 41st annual International Bar-B-Q Festival loved Friday's unseasonably chilly weather. At noon, a group of about 12 men on the Precious Blood team stood elbow-to-elbow peeling 300 pounds of potatoes for burgoo. While many visitors walked around downtown in hooded sweatshirts...
  4. jason

    Pork Ribs and Barbecue Sushi Are Specialties at Rusty Buckle BBQ Company

    The building that houses Rusty Buckle BBQ Company in New Caney, northeast of Houston, was previously a real estate office, a hair salon, and a taxidermy shop. Owner and pitmaster Allen Rhoden ran all but one of those businesses. His father owns the building and the land, so it was the obvious...
  5. jason

    Amateur barbecue competition to benefit history center

    Smokin’ Up the Town is set for today and Saturday near the Jackson County History Center campus at Walnut and Sugar streets in Brownstown. The amateur barbecue competition will be run by Greg Lane with Kentuckiana BBQ Pitmasters and will be the third event in the Kentuckiana Backyard BBQ...
  6. jason

    The 10 Best BBQ Sauces, According To Nutritionists

    There's a reason phrases like "finger-lickin' good" are associated with barbecue—yep, I'm talking about the sauce. The only problem: All those smoky flavors often come with a boatload of added sugars—think: high fructose corn syrup—artificial sweeteners, caramel coloring, and added sodium, says...
  7. jason

    Hot barbecue grill placed on side of house to blame for house fire

    SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio family is counting their Easter blessings this afternoon that they didn’t lose their house. The fire department was called out to the 21,000 block of Rio Colorado for reports of a fire at around 3:45 on Sunday afternoon. According to the fire department spokesman...
  8. jason

    Mops and sauces actually do play a part in Texas barbecue

    Busting Texas barbecue myths is an unenviable task. Last week I discussed the fading tradition of using only salt and pepper to season meats such as brisket and turkey. I described the use of a “spritz” — a small spray bottle of liquid that pitmasters use to moisten and flavor meat on the...
  9. jason

    Sauce Lifestyle Cooking Herb-packed chimichurri sauce complements grilled steak

    A fresh, herb-packed chimichurri sauce complementing rich, smoky grilled steaks is an Argentine favorite. We think it’s a perfect meal for summer evenings outside with friends and family. To translate the Argentine grilling method to our smaller American steaks, we rubbed the boneless strip...
  10. jason

    Houston Barbecue Festival wows smoked meat lovers

    Throughout the grounds of the Humble Civic Center Arena Complex, paper boats flew in the wind, sending precious samples of barbecue to the ground. Persistent puffs of wind wrapped around the 7th annual Houston Barbecue Festival on Sunday in Humble. The casualties were everywhere. But there was...
  11. jason

    One of the World’s Greatest BBQ Pitmasters Has Created the Ultimate Guide to Steak

    In 2015, Aaron Franklin gave us all his brisket secrets. Built around a 15-page treatise of technique, science and art, Franklin BBQ: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, showed us why so many people wait in line at Franklin’s Austin restaurant: because smoking the best beef in Texas is a lot of work...
  12. jason

    Iowa Barbeque Company named one of state's best in BBQ contest

    LE MARS, Iowa -- We love everything about March Madness. You know, the competitive brackets, the breakout combatants and, of course, all that barbecue. Wait, you thought we were talking about the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Basketball Tournament? Nope, the Iowa Pork...
  13. jason

    Ready For BBQ Season? Experts Reveal Their Grill Cleaning Tips For Summer

    WANTAGH N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Grilling season is upon us. Is your backyard barbecue ready for action? CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff got some grilling tips from two names synonymous with barbecue on Long Island you should consider before your first summer cookout. Al Horowitz, better known as “Smokin’...
  14. jason

    BBQ Festival draws 1000s to Humble

    About 2,000 hungry Houstonians showed up at the Humble Civic Center on Sunday with a tray and a mission at hand — to eat as much barbecue as possible. The 7th annual Houston BBQ Festival took place in Humble with 30 barbecue vendors. Full Story...
  15. jason

    BBQ event set for Osage City

    Osage City will be filled with smoke, people, and a barbeque aroma this weekend. Competitive BBQ teams and bunch of activities will be involved in the 16th annual Smoke in the Spring State Barbeque Championship, Friday and Saturday. “At Jones Park, there’ll be a full slate of activities for...
  16. jason

    Having a BBQ? There's a science to tender juicy meat

    Every tong-wielding BBQ chef has techniques they swear by when it comes to cooking mouth-watering meat. But what is the science behind these? To understand the marvel of marinades and the benefits of browning, brining, slow cooking and 'relaxing', you first need to get a handle on the structure...
  17. jason

    Oregon BBQ Company to give away free food on Thursday

    The Oregon BBQ Company is going to be giving free food away at its Albany and Lebanon locations on Thursday, starting at 10 a.m. “It’s going to probably be around 1,000 pounds (of meat). It could even be more than that. Both of our smokers are going to be packed full,” said Tanner Poff...
  18. jason

    Limited Edition Rudy's Brisket Candle

    Need a last minute gift idea for yourself? Love brisket, give this a shot. https://shop.rudysbbq.com/limited-edition-rudys-brisket-candle/
  19. jason

    Grilled breakfast pizza & mountain man breakfast

    Not the best, but first time doing breakfast pizza. Usually the wife handles regular pizzas. Also did a mountain man breakfast the week before. Tomorrow I'm thinking grilled french toast cubes on a kebab.
  20. jason

    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish all those who celebrate a very merry Christmas. If traveling stay safe out there. May your ribs be tender and your briskets be moist.

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