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  1. bitpushr

    Thinking of finally getting a Weber. Is this a good one?

    Isn't that funny about side grills? I always seem to get them, but have only used them once or twice in my life!
  2. bitpushr

    Quick 1 minute Questionnaire

    Done! Curious about your results.
  3. bitpushr

    Halloween is around the corner

    That sounds a lot of fun. Do people get dressed up?
  4. bitpushr

    Propane Regulator Won't Reset

    Curious if it is new or if it has set outside for a long time? I assume you tried to clean it? They are really the most important part on the grill, might make sense to get a new one if it isnt functioning properly.
  5. bitpushr

    New from northern indiana

    Welcome @Johnb46804! I've always been curious about a turkey fryer, but I've seen enough videos to be scared of them ;)
  6. bitpushr

    Barbecue Questionnaire

    @GPR Wondering how your survey turned out?
  7. bitpushr

    Which pellet grill is best under budget of 1000$?

    I would check out the Traeger Pro 780 or Weber Smokerfire EX6. Both are great brands and these two have wifi connectivity.
  8. bitpushr

    Barbecue Questionnaire

    Filled it out!
  9. bitpushr

    Watching a Bell Pepper Grow

    I thought this video was really cool! Time lapse video of a bell pepper growing from a seed. https://v.redd.it/b0gynk5faeg71
  10. bitpushr

    Tending to a Smoker

    Tending to a Smoker
  11. bitpushr

    What’s your ugly midnight snack? I’ll start:

    Cheese is actually a really good option. I like the little snack sizes you can get now.
  12. bitpushr

    Smokeless BBQs

    I'm curious about this would work. The way I see it, there are actually 3 sources of smoke from a typical "smoker" bbq: 1. Smoke from the burnoff of the fuel source, 2. Smoke from the wood chips or other source of "smoke" 3. Smoke from the juices of the meat dripping onto the fuel source, or...
  13. bitpushr

    Casseroles that freeze well

    I don't know if it counts as a Casserole but I like to make Baked Ziti - it freezes very well. You pop it back into the oven and it makes a nice easy meal.
  14. bitpushr

    BBQ Terms

  15. bitpushr

    Wildflower Lawns - Where to start?

    Like many of you, my lawn is nicely manicured cut grass, mostly Kentucky Bluegrass mix. I would like to transition my yard, at least part of it, to a wildflower meadow. Does anyone have experience with that and the proper process for making the transition? Do I need to kill my existing grass...
  16. bitpushr

    Do you get good flavor out of your tomatoes?

    Great response! What are some other varieties other than Heirloom that you would recommend? Also, does this advice apply to peppers?
  17. bitpushr

    Welcome to the BackyardBoss Forums!

    Welcome to the BackyardBoss Forums!
  18. bitpushr

    How often do you mow?

    During the summer, if it's been raining, I can't even get by a week without mowing. But, once it's dry, or in the summer and fall, I can get by a week and a half or even 2 weeks if it's dry. My wife calls the lawn "my girlfriend" because I spend so much time with her.
  19. bitpushr

    Weber Traveler Grill

    I was able to test out a Weber Traveller grill recently. I really like the compact size and how portable it was. It produced a nice even heat and was quick to warm up. Not much to complain about! Also the grill grease liner is a nice feature. Makes cleanup nice and easy.
  20. bitpushr

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Nice to meet you!

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