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  1. Cappy

    Fourth of July BBQ

    I know I am a lil late in sharing but a hurricane got in my way. AT any way we threw a couple slabs of ribs and our first attempt at armadillo eggs on the grill to celebrate The greatest country the world has ever known's birthday. Here is a picture filled post of our Birthday party. I have a...
  2. Cappy

    Mops and sauces actually do play a part in Texas barbecue

    Down here in Louisiana we have always coked with 2 sauces the mop sauce and te bbq sauce. meat is mopped or basted as cooked, then sauced at the finish of wanted.
  3. Cappy

    Converting LP Broil King to Natural Gas

    The problem is not the burners or the hoses but the regulator. The apeture or jet is different. Most all hardware stores sell the converters. and like others said consult the maker they usually sell both model grills.
  4. Cappy

    Houston Barbecue Festival wows smoked meat lovers

    I have a cousin that has a team that competes there every year. I think his team is more into the drinking and family type event but they have placed a few times in the competition. I thought of competing when I was younger but BBQ for me is more of a laid back social event I never thought I...
  5. Cappy

    We barbecue because we love it

    I live in the deep south and for me its always cook out side weather we BBQ, smoke, grill almost year around. Cooking out side is alot of what we do. This time of year is wonderful cause every one is boiling crawfish and seafood out side. On weekends te whole neighborhood smells good. It's...
  6. Cappy

    Desperately need help

    All that ya mentioned are easy to grill in 3 hours but as Jason mentioned there are a great many different ways to do them what do you like? sweet? sticky? smoke? spicy? etc. How are ya planning to do ti. Memphis style KC style Texas style or my favorite Cajun style? Good luck ad take...
  7. Cappy

    This BBQ gloves works great really

    I have some nice big quilter pot holders the wife sewed for me dedicated for black iron and bbq. They are blue jean on the out side thick with some kind of filler quilted and work great. For chicken flipping though I need something that the hot chicken dripping cant eventually penetrate. Last...
  8. Cappy

    This BBQ gloves works great really

    The big problem I have with BBQ gloves is eventually the grease gets in them and then ya hafta hurry and snatch them off. I have tried several types over the year but when flipping chicken for example the grease always finds a way in them. If these work I cant wait to try them. When doing Big...
  9. Cappy

    Merry Christmas Yall!

    As I sit tending my smokey pit smokin some baking hens for gumbo I thought I'd give yall a cyber Christmas card. Here is the fromt of our card: And here is a link to the rest of it. Merry Christmas: http://cappyandpegody.blogspot.com/2018/12/merry-christmas-2018.html
  10. Cappy

    First BBQ of theFall

    Howdy yall!! Aint posted here in a while cause it aint been BBQ season. Now that the oppressive heat and humidity of summer is over It's fire up da pit time. Sunday the whole neighbor hood smelled smokey and I did my country style pork ribs. Folks of ten ask e how I do them and this is my...
  11. Cappy

    Spring back yard BBQ

    The weather has been so nice lately we have been spending lots of time in our yard gardening etc. Last week I fired up my rusty ole pit and qued up some goodies. Here are the pictures and results I even fixed a plate for you:yo:
  12. Cappy

    I'm the new guy - hello all!

    Welcome!! Things have been a lil slow here of late but as summer approaches it picks up. air flow trouble? take pictures and we will try to help most all grills have some kind of manual control slide type vent it just takes practice to set it right. Good rule is to pinch the vents down by...
  13. Cappy

    What's Your Favorite Condiment?

    Cajun hot sauce!! most any flavor including home made. We seldom eat with out it on the table and when we travel or eat out we bring it with us. I have a bottle of crystal hot sauce in my messenger bag and one in the glove box of the suv.
  14. Cappy

    Outdoor Kitchen BBQ (featuring gas grill) just finished this weekend

    Truly a wonderful job Congratulations. Now show us a pic of it, full of beer cans red solo cups and paper plates with a bunch of happy people enjoying it.
  15. Cappy

    New built in question. Help the noob

    I would recommend the second hand market good old fashioned grills are built to last look at craigs list, ebay etc check flea markets yard sales sale adds etc. You will find what ya want at a fraction of the cost sine ya prolly wont sue it half a dozen times a year that should do the job fine...
  16. Cappy

    help getting a grill working

    Start at the tank and kind of check ya way through it logically. With nothing hooked to the tank is it heavy? Are ya sure it has gas in it?? Take the hose ya bought is it just a hose or does it have a regulator on it?? blow through the hose see if air goes through it etc etc. As stated with...
  17. Cappy

    Showing off my homemade digital controller :)

    Congratulations on geeking up ya egg. Looks like the sorta thing egg worshipers would line up to pay for. They already paid up for their obnoxous green flower pit gookers so why not a robot heat control. I am sire it will catch on but just not with my kinda country boy. Watching a open fire...
  18. Cappy

    Another meal RUINED!!!

    If you want a long lasting sturdy pit ya gonna hafta kick it old school. Get a heavy ole charcoal pit. If you look around yard sales, flea markets, etc ya can find them from free to cheap. Look for a heavy thick metal pit, stainless steal grill and on heavy old pits a counter weight to help...
  19. Cappy

    Another meal RUINED!!!

    If ya want durability ya gonna hafta kick it old school. A old fashioned charcoal pit. You can find them in yard sales and flea markets for very cheap. Look for thick metalpit, stainless grill, and on the old heavy ones a counter balance to raise the lid The pit in my avatar was made from a...
  20. Cappy

    Barbecue is Barbecue, Grilling is Grilling,

    There is an equally confused bunch that dont get the difference tween a smoke house and a bbq pit and smoking and bbbqin. The rusty ole pit in my avatar may be smoking away but it is a bbq pit

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