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    Just because it's winter doesn't mean the growing has to stop! For example, you can grow microgreens (from pea, brocolli, spinach, and other leefy green seeds) in just a few days. And since you harvest the plant when they are just a few inches tall, you need minimal nutrients. Here is a great...
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    How often do you mow?

    What do you use to fertilize?
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    Lets see those fruit trees . . .

    Remember that fruit trees need to be grown from grafts which you can get from local orchards or farms. If you try to grow from seed, the tree might never fruit. Versus a graft from a fruiting tree, which is essentially a clone.
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    New from northern indiana

    dave don't try to fry a turkey. you'll probably burn your house down.
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    Watching a Bell Pepper Grow

    Yah that's cool. It's important to note that because grocery store peppers are hybrids, you won't actually know what the seed will grow. Once I tried this with a bell pepper and I got a mini bell. The only way to assure you're growing what you think you are is by using Heirloom seeds.
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    Buying groceries online?

    I know people that use InstaCart and it's great. Sometimes the shopper are lazy and will, for example, pick fruit that is over-ripe. But overall great experience.
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    Hello. I love to garden

    I've had the most success growing tomatoes, beans and peas. You?
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    Hello from the Nevada desert

    Is it hot in the Nevada desert?
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

  11. bminiman

    Hello. I love to garden

    I'm just a guy from the Philadelphia suburbs that likes to grow food. I grow hydroponically in the cold months and in the warm months I grow in raised planters. I actually have a small YouTube channel that showcases some of the stuff I grow: https://www.youtube.com/c/RobertJAlbright
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    My favorite source of seeds

    Check out RareSeeds.com, they are mostly heirloom and with every order you get a free mystery seed pack which is super fun. Also their customer service is great...if you get a pack with a low germination rate, they'll send you a replacement, no questions asked. What is your favorite seed source?
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    Do you get good flavor out of your tomatoes?

    The non-heirloom varieties don't taste as rich but they have disease resistance and other benefits, such as faster ripening. I would recommend Early Girl or Better Boy. About peppers: yes the same applies. Except you can harvest peppers when they are green but they'll be less sweet, so you can...
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    The Best Gardening Book

    This book makes gardening incredibly simple (hint: it's all about the soil!) and also teaches you how to grow high-density and get more produce from the space you have. Oh, and it's the best-selling gardening book of all time...
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    How often do you mow?

    Let the grass clippings fall into the lawn, don't collect them separately. The grass clippings have these benefits when you let them fall: 1. Moisture retention---the clippings shade the soil and act as mulch 2. Fertilization--as the clipping decompose, they add nutrients to the soil and it...
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    Do you get good flavor out of your tomatoes?

    Ok, here's the key. The tomatoes you buy from the grocery store are harvested before they are fully ripe. This is because they ripen on the truck on the way to your market. The problem with tomatoes harvested this way is that they lack the full sugar and flavor that can develop when tomatoes are...