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  1. JoeBBQ

    Grilled lettuce for salad

    I saw that on a Kitchen Nightmares episode and did not go good for the chef.
  2. JoeBBQ

    Working from home

    For this situation the best choice is to also build an extra place for you too work, so, when you need to work you can go there to work and she wont get offended.
  3. JoeBBQ

    Pellet Smoker, Charcoal Grill or both?

    Hard to choose but, maybe a charcoal and smoker combo?
  4. JoeBBQ


    Hi nice to meet you Susan and welcome to the forum
  5. JoeBBQ

    New from northern indiana

    Welcome to the forum John!
  6. JoeBBQ

    Hello. I love to garden

    Awesome channel is bookmarked and welcome to the forum :)
  7. JoeBBQ

    Best smoker/Charcoal combo grill

    I am using a Cosmogrill Outdoor XL which offers you the Smoker Charcoal Combo Grill you are looking for and it is a lot bigger than the Weber Kettle Grill. I had to say that I bought it a few months back and I very happy with it, never tried this CosmoGrill brand before since, I always used...
  8. JoeBBQ

    New from Manchester

    Hello everyone, I’m Joe and I am a british that lives in Manchester. I always love cooking barbecues for friends and family and right now I am using a CosmoGrill Outdoor XL which I bought a few months back because I wanted to start to learn to Smoke. I had join this forum so, I can learn from...