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  1. bminiman


    Just because it's winter doesn't mean the growing has to stop! For example, you can grow microgreens (from pea, brocolli, spinach, and other leefy green seeds) in just a few days. And since you harvest the plant when they are just a few inches tall, you need minimal nutrients. Here is a great...
  2. bminiman

    Hello. I love to garden

    I'm just a guy from the Philadelphia suburbs that likes to grow food. I grow hydroponically in the cold months and in the warm months I grow in raised planters. I actually have a small YouTube channel that showcases some of the stuff I grow: https://www.youtube.com/c/RobertJAlbright
  3. bminiman

    My favorite source of seeds

    Check out RareSeeds.com, they are mostly heirloom and with every order you get a free mystery seed pack which is super fun. Also their customer service is great...if you get a pack with a low germination rate, they'll send you a replacement, no questions asked. What is your favorite seed source?
  4. bminiman

    The Best Gardening Book

    This book makes gardening incredibly simple (hint: it's all about the soil!) and also teaches you how to grow high-density and get more produce from the space you have. Oh, and it's the best-selling gardening book of all time...