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    BBQ for School Project

    Hi, I'm doing a project for school in which I have to create a barbecue that stops the smoke from being inhaled so much by the people around the barbecue. And it would be extremely helpful if you could fill out this <survey>, Thanks so much. What the barbecue idea is...
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    Barbecue Questionnaire

    https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8WYTLS2 I am trying to collect people's views for a project that I am doing and it would be so helpful if you could fill out the survey in the the link above. Thanks so much
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    BBQ price

    I just wanted to get some knowledge on what kind of price a relatively good barbeque is. Thanks
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    Smokeless BBQs

    I was wondering what people thought about a barbeque that tries to limit the amount of smoke produced by allowing more oxygen to get to the charcoal so it can burn more cleanly . I would love any feedback on this idea and it would be amazing if people could contribute thoughts on what to...