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Baked Eggplant Parmesan Crisps


Diane Lane

I was looking for another recipe, and stumbled upon this nice recipe for baked eggplant parmesan crisps. Eggplant parmesan (or parmigiana) is typically a main course, but these are a little lighter, and are baked, rather than initially being fried. Also, the recipe calls for baby or japanese eggplants, although a conversion for full sized eggplants is at the bottom of the recipe.

These crisps only have to be baked for 18-20 minutes, and a portion of them, the slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, can be made in advance in the oven, or even on the grill. These would make a nice appetizer to serve family or guests while you're grilling up the main course. https://www.pamperedchef.com/recipe/Appetizers+&+Snacks/Italian/Baked+Eggplant+Parmesan+Crisps/55400


This is one good way to prepare great meals and to learn, we look online and find these beauties. Thanks for sharing. ;)

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