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BBQ Rotisserie and Smoked Duck??


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Hello all,

I have a question. I recently got myself a nice new Napoleon P500 grill complete with rotisserie and smoke tray. Basically, put coals in tray, add wood chips put tray over gas burner, ignite coals. turn off gas.

So, what i want to do is smoke a duck and rotisserie it. My question is...how? Do i just smoke it and let it rotate? Do i do a little smoke for like 30mins then finish the duck rotisserie (the grill has an infra red rear rotisserie burner). Both at the same time? If anyone has any insight or advice please let me know.



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Not familiar the Napoleon smoke tray, main burner configuration to really help you. I do know that IR rotis burner will help you crisp up the skin.
However I am familiar with smoking chicken and turkey. Have not smoked a duck but do not think it will be any different. GO EASY on the amount smoke utilized. Fowl seems to suck the smoke right in. A little bit of smoke will go along way.


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I will have to let you know. We just processed 7 ducks yesterday, plus some chickens. I have not cooked duck in at least 15 years. I know it can be greasy as the fat from the skin melts different or something along those lines. I would be interested to hear how it turned out for you.