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Beans baked in pit fire



Has anyone made baked beans in a pit fire? When I was younger there was a place we'd stop and buy beans cooked in a fire pit. I'd love to know how they did it and if it's possible to make at home? I'm guessing you'd need a special type of pot that wouldn't ruin on the coals.


I don't know about the special type of pot requirement...I mean, all pots should be able to take the heat, right? After that, it's just the convenience of putting it in and pulling it out of the fire without burning yourself...and, maybe just being able to easily brush off or wipe off the char and ash?


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I've cooked beans in a dutch oven and skillet over an open fire before. Not sure how other pots will hold up to the open flames. Just make sure you have no wooden or plastic handles.


I would think a cast iron pan would work just fine. It actually sounds like a good idea. You would have to be sure you were constantly stirring it though. I'm sure the beans would stick like crazy!


My dad used to do beans in a fire pit all the time and they were so yummy. He actually did them without a lid so they got that nice, smokey taste. He did keep a close watch on them so he could stir them and add more liquid when needed. He love any kind of outdoor cooking and was really good at it. We did a lot of camping when I was growing up and he was always in charge of the camp fire cooking.


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I have done many a pan of beans on the pit. They take up the smokey flavor and thicken up to be delicious

on a cooking grate I most often use my little black iron deep skillet.


We actually cooked beans in the fire pit last weekend and they turned out great. We had to keep a close watch on them but they had this really nice smokey flavour. We just used a pot we had. Just a regular cooking pot, nothing cast iron or fancy and put it right in the fire while we were preparing the rest of the food on the grill. We will definitely be doing this again.


I have never cooked beans in a pit but if you can get a smokey flavor from the coal or wood you use it sounds like a great idea. I'm definitely going to try this soon.