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Best Fire Pit Cooker I have used yet.


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Came across a fire pit cooker I haven't seen before but it looked really well made and thought through. Ordered myself one and have had it a few weeks now and I love it. Its called an Original Sherman Cooker. The fire ring is solid cast iron thats enamel coated. It is on the heavy side but it is so solid i think it will last forever. I love how much heat it throws compared to the other pits that are double walled where you cannot feel any heat. It came with a cast iron insert for charcoal use and more airflow which works great and creates a hot fire. The cooking surface is cast iron as well and is independent of the clamp for adjusting the height so you can swing the cooking grate away from the flames to load/ serve food it is a really great design. I'm super happy with it cannot wait to have some cookouts and show it off!

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