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Black Pot



I have two large black "wash" pots that I tried to make planters from in my yard. There are no holes drilled in the bottom and the planters just didn't work out the way I wanted. What would it take to refurbish these and use them on a tripod with a gas burner to cook with?


When I was growing up, my father would kill hogs in the winter, and I remember him using those big pots to make Brunswick stew. He just built a fire under them, but I would think you could certain clean them up to use on a gas burner. His was pretty big though, so I guess it depends on the size.


My folks did the same thing piggypie. We didn't make Brunswick stew but we did render the lard and make cracklings in a big black pot over a fire in the back yard. I say go for it dipsydo. Just clean them up and use 'em!